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Poem [Tartary]

Poem [Tartary]

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Published by murtazee

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Published by: murtazee on Feb 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Walter De La Mare
(1873-1956)About the Poet:Walter De La Mare was born in 1873 and died in 1956. He worked in a London officeuntil 1906, when a book of his poems won a governmental award of a hundred pounds ayear and this enabled him to devote his time to writing. He wrote a good deal of prose inaddition to poetry. He is one of the 20th century poet.The first collection of his poems appeared in 902 under the title
Song of Childhood.
According to Collins, the poetry of De La Mare is unique, for it even more than that DeLa Mare spoke of the intimate self-communing of the poet with himself. He also spoke of the intimate self-revelation of poets. Fairies, phantoms and mysterious presences haunthis poems. All the time we are conscious that the psychological insight of the poet is of the subtleBy its strangeness of vision it might be thought that De La Mare’s poetry would havefound only a small audience, but it had a supreme power to accommodate its strangenessto many more than could share his inner vision with any intimacy the power of perfectmusic. In that sphere, it is hardly extravagant to claim
that no poet of his half centurycould rival his continuous and varied lyric mastery.Another drawing power in the earlier decades was undoubtedly in his imagery,which had its source in Bible, fair tales and pilgrims progress. In his imagery healso resembles the famous English poet S.T. Coleridge.
Theme or Substance of the Poem
The poem
Walter De La Mare is an earnest desire of the poet to betransported in the world of Tartary. It is an epitome of an escape from harshrealities of life. Sick with day to day problems, the poet desires to go to animaginative world to be relaxed. Normally, the person daydreams, when hisdesires are unfulfilled for a long time and he finds for himself too difficult to facethe stark realities of life. So dejected by this world, he makes an ideal world inTartary to
ideal life. That’s why the poem opens with possibility such as
”If I were....”
The poet imagines himself the Lord of a rich and fertile territory, where his palace is furnished with luxurious items of furniture and his court is decorated withgolden throne. The pomp and show of his court is increased with the presence of  peacocks spreading their wings.The forests of his territory abound with wild animals and tigers are also found there. Inthe clear water of pools the fishes swim freely.In his dominion the trumpeters blow trumpets to announce royal meal times. In theevening multi-coloured lamps are lighted which shine with full splendour.
7. Sweet and soul nourishing music is played with the help of various musicalinstruments.8. The poet imagines to wear the royal robes fitted with diamonds and preciousstones.9. In the morning he equips himself with the arms and travels in a carriage drawn by seven zebras.10. . This is a land of high mountains, dense forests, flowing rivers and fertilevalleys, where all agricultural varieties grow in abundance and also many varietiesof fruit are available to ensure the prosperity of general public.
In this poem the poet imagines himself the sole owner of a rich and fertile territorywhere every desirable item is available. He will live in a palace furnished withluxurious items of furniture like ivory bed and golden throne. Beautiful peacockswill spread their wings and will decorate his court. There will be tigers in theforests of his imaginary land. Fishes would swim in the ponds and their shining bodies will enhance the beauty. He will live like a great king. The announcementof royal meal-times will be made by the trumpeters. In the evening multi-colouredlamps will be lighted to increase the splendour of royal palace. They will shine inyellow and red colours. The music of different instruments like harp, flute andmandolin will be enchanting. He will wear robes of unknown value as they will bedecorated with diamonds and precious stones. Before the appearance of dawn hewill wear his martial dress and equip himself with ”the arms to go out of palace inthe carriage drawn by seven zebras. This territory will be full of natural gifts, i.e.,God’s blessings in the form of high mountains, thick forests and fertile valleysflowing with rivers of fresh water. He will be the owner of all these things. Thevalleys and mountains will produce agricultural and fruit varieties in abundance.The fragrant breeze will make the atmosphere extremely pleasant. The lakes, seasand chirping birds will fly from tree to tree and will increase the charm of the land.
So he will be the sovereign of such land. Thus in this manner the poet associateshimself with great kings and monarchs of the past I through great pomp and show.Resultantly his servants and general public will be overawed with hisextraordinary riches.Explanation with Reference to Context
 Lines 1-8 If l were Lord of Tartary. Myself and me alone, My bed should be of ivory Of beaten gold my throne; And in my court should peacocks flaunt And in my pools great fishes slant Their fins ath wart the sun. Reference:
These lines have been taken from the poem
composed by Walter De LaMare.
These lines have been taken from the poem ”Tartary” by Walter De La Mare. This poem is a clear instance of man’s reluctance and escapism into the world of imagination from the harsh and stark realities of life. It reflects how the poetwishes to become the lord of Tartary an imaginary place and enjoy all the royalfacilities like male and maid servants, unparallel furniture, dress, scenes, music,etc. In short poet longs lor the beauties and charms which are absent in his reallife.
These lines show the poet’s cravings for the luxuries life as a lord of Tartary.Without any partnership he wants to relish all things as he will sleep on ivory bedin place of wood. His royal chair will be made of gold. The atmosphere and scenesof the court will be unmatched as the peacocks will dance and display their beauty.The forests will abound with all kinds of animals including tigers. Fishes willenhance the charm of his pools as they will shine brightly in the sun. So these linesare the reflection of poet’s intense ambition and his disturbance and vexation inreal life. For the sake of comfort and soothing effect he wants to fly in the territoryof unheard and unseen delights. The word picture of poet’s ideal world is veryconvincing.
 Lines 9-16  If I were Lord of Tartary, Trumpeters everyday To every meal would summon me, And inmy courtyard bray • And in the evening lamps would shine, Yellow as honey, red as

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