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13. Environmental Pollution

13. Environmental Pollution

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Published by murtazee

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Published by: murtazee on Feb 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTIONIt is the first and foremost responsibilities of man to protect and preserve the planet uponwhich he lives. Unfortunately his irresponsible activities have polluted it so much thattoday no piece of land offers fresh air to breath. National wealth is carelessly spent to buynominal and temporary luxuries. Perhaps they forget that these luxuries and piles of armsand ammunition are pushing them towards destruction and degradation. In a state of utter intoxication man is turning this flowery land into a thorny wasteland. The cominggeneration will be confronting a threat of extinction. These forests, meadows and beautiful scenes will be a matter of the past.Environmental pollution has gained such a magnitude that each country of the world hasto identity sources and areas of environmental pollution and find out way and means for the protection and preservation of 397The Study of Educationenvironment. Human activities and industrial development are polluting the environmentto a great extent.Rapid pollution growth all over the world has put extra pressure on natural resources. Theresources are depleting at a very fast rate, even the advanced countries are not in the position to cope with the problem. The major factors, which effect our environment, areindustrialization and their injurious chemicals. Besides these factors deforestation,lowering water-bed, ever increasing transport like automobiles railways ship aeroplanesand smoke emitting, vehicles running on the roads, etc are serious threat to theenvironment. Forest are considered the factories which produce oxygen but they are being cut on a large scale.An ordinary adult needs 15 kg air 2.5 kg of water and 1.5 kg of food-stuff every day.Drinking water is transported to the people through pipelines but the oxygen that isneeded in large quantities and air with out which human life is impossible Qannot beartificially transported to human beings. The availability of this indispensable element of life depends on plants. That is why we should grow more and more plants because if thisnatural circle of oxygen production is hampered we will be left with no other means of  producing oxygen.In Pakistan the environment remained a dead issue. However the seriousness of the problem was realized and survey were conducted. It was observed that our air' soil andwater have been awfully polluted by industrial wastes being discharged into them. As aresult we have lost huge coastal water. This has resulted as colossal economic loss to thenation. The intoxicated water has aggravated the health problems various fatal diseaseslike hepatitis, typhoid and cholera are the outcome of using contaminated water for 
drinking purpose. Our big cities like Karachi, Fasalabad Multan, Gujranwala, Silakot andPeshawar need immediate remedial measures against highly toxic398The Study of Educationautomobile emissions polluting badly the air. Similarly, the wastes discharged fromsmall-scale industries with in cities are contaminating underground water and foodcombating industrial pollutants is the dire need of the hour, as it has become a gravethreat to the whole universe.Various gases emitted from automobiles, chimneys of industrial plants, tobacco and bricks kilns in the form of smokes contain carbon monoxide, Nitrous oxide and poisonous lead. Carbon mono oxide damages our lungs and eyes, lead adversely affectsthe mental capability of the children. Similarly noise of vehicles cause many nervousdisease and blood pressure. Further these gases go into the air and form a thick layer upin the sky. It checks the sun rays from reaching the earth and reflects them back intoupper atmosphere resulting in the increase of earth temperature. This process is calledGreen House Effect". The Green House Effect may cause the increase in temperature of ocean which will in turn cause expansion of ocean water. In addition to melting of snowof the Polar Regions there is a great possibility of inundation of coastal cities throughoutthe world. Moreover, increase in the temperature of oceans would also cause abnormalrains which would in turn bring devastating floods.Deforestation is also one of the major causes of air and soil pollution. Trees are not onlythe ornaments of the earth but they are the source of purification of air and production of oxygen. They also consume carbon dioxide from the air. Forests are the sanctuaries for  birds and animal life and a major source of our economic potential. They also help tocheck erosion of soil during flood season. Despite so many advantages forests are beingcut ruthlessly while we should have plant more trees to save the environment from decayand decadence.The acid rain, which is* the result of pollution in the air, destroyed the forests on a largescale. According to an estimate thirty-one hector forests have been destroyed in399The Study of Educationnorthern and Western Europe by these rains. Looking into the scenario- we have to think about and devise strategies to control the menace of pollution.Our policies must be formulated according to our future needs and demands. As it isknown to all of us that seasons and schedule of rains are going to be changed due to risein atmospheric temperature. Accordingly, we must keep ill these factors in view while wedesign dames and our canal system. Our agricultural scientists should produce seeds of such a quality that would face the extreme weather conditions. We must take maximum

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