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15. Educating the Masses

15. Educating the Masses

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Published by murtazee

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Published by: murtazee on Feb 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EDUCATING THE MASSES1 he Topic "educating the masses" does not mean that the public should be educated in aschool or college. It aims at finding out some important spheres in which the publicshould be able to work in a suitable manner.In Western countries, the Government and the social organizations arrange short coursesfor the people so that they may be able to conduct the affairs in their civil life in a proper manner. For instance, a short course in Traffic rules trains them in road sense. Again afire-fighting course trains them how to extinguish fire if it breaks out in their home or inthe neighbourhood. A course in first aid is equally useful for the public. It teaches a person how to apply first aid when some accident takes place.We should follow the examples of the West. It is high time that out social organizationsmay come forward to advise the people from time to time. We may refer to the need of  preserving the public properties. Generally, the government properties are handled in acareless manner with the idea that they belong to the government. This false idea must beremoved from the mind of the people. It may be brought home to them that they arenational properties.*We may refer to the books in a public library, the furniture in a public hall, the publicgardens and the public institutions. We may also refer to the need of observing of Trafficrules etc. So that there may be common good for all.It is a common sight that while buying tickets at the cinema hall or a Railway Station, the people don't stand in queue. This is a bad habit and must be curbed. Proper training to the people is desirable to avoid confusion.General^, the people do not act with a team spirit. It there is a sigh board with the requestto move to the left on the road, the people neglect it. The result is confusion, accident anddelay to obstacles. •'Supposing a request is made not to walk over a green lawn. But few of us take the troubleto go round the corner. The green lawn is spoiled. It is often seen that flowers from the public gardens are plucked for personal satisfaction. Books borrowed from a publiclibrary are handled most carelessly. This is equally bad. We should try to learn that booksare a great treasure, which will go down to the coming generations.The propaganda machinery should be such that it is able to educate the people in aneffective manner. In the present world life, whether individual or national struggle isneeded, only educated one can succeed in struggle for existence.AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF
ADULT EDUCATIONThe problem of Adult Education has become very significant and the educationists of different countries of the world recognize its importance. However, it aims is not theencroachment upon the leisure of the adults as was done in the Fascist regime of Germany and Italy. There, adultk408 for Prospective Headmasterseducation was popularised for political reasons and through it the people were madewarlike. UNESCO, through adult education aims to create sense of responsibility and livefor mankind in the adult.The possibilities of war create hatred. The need for peace has been generally recognized both issues are simultaneously present in our minds, hence the anxiety. In the age of material progress, if moral obligations disappear, man is liable to believe that theoutbreak of war is easier than the maintenance of peace. However, this day wartime co-operation has reappeared for nobler reasons. The nations are wondering how they can livetogether. But peace requires more skill, imagination and also more heroism than battlesdo. Moreover, everybody in peacetime must realize his responsibilities and duties, as peace requires unity of mankind.Adult Education should be based upon the international brotherhood. It must enable theadults to understand other people and appreciate culture. It must create in them thecivilization can only be ensured if adult education is directed towards creating a sense of responsibility in all aspects of human life and to bringing about reconciliation of man andhumanity.Man is a social being, his community is worldwide and his duties are on the increase.Under these circumstances, adult education should-lead individual to a living culturewhere the rights of individuals are regarded, selfishness is discarded and the moralsolidarity of mankind is maintained. Adult education is yet in the beginning and nodecisive programme has been chalked out for it. However, it must be stressed that adultsshould not be denied training in the art of reading and writing, though the ultimate aim of education consists in training individuals for the progress of civilization can definitelysing or enjoy409The Study of Educationmusic all alone but you have no right to play a musical instrument when other enjoy sleepat night.Gardiner has quoted another instance of a person who behaved like the Russian lady whotravelled with him in a railway train and dwelt upon miscellaneous topics, his son's

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