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Carry your cross, he who saves his life shall lose it, 01 01 2013. -.docx

Carry your cross, he who saves his life shall lose it, 01 01 2013. -.docx

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Published by Fernandes Martinho

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Published by: Fernandes Martinho on Mar 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(J.A -.01/ 01/ 2013.)
CARRY YOUR CROSS. HE WHO WILL SAVE HIS LIFE SHALLLOSE IT.(1)Source: the Gospel according to Spiritism, XXIV: 17 a 19.CARRY YOUR CROSS. HE WHO WILL SAVE HIS LIFE SHALL LOSE IT17. Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shallreproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of Man's sake. Rejoice ye in that day, and leap for joy: for,behold, your reward is great in heaven: for in the like manner did their fathers unto the Prophets
(Luke, 6: 22 & 23).
18. And when He had called the people unto Him with His disciples also, He said unto them, Whosoever will comeafter me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; butwhosoever shall lose his life for My sake and the Gospel's, the same shall save it For what shall it profit a man, if heshall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?
(Mark, 8: 34-36. Also Luke, 9: 23-25; Matthew, 10: 39; John 12: 24 & 25).
19. Jesus said: "Rejoice when men hate and persecute you for My sake, seeing that you will be recompensed inHeaven." These words should be understood in the following manner: Consider yourself blessed when there arefellow creatures who, by their ill-will towards you, give you the opportunity to prove the sincerity of your faith, seeingthat the evil they do to you will only result in your benefit. Lament their blindness; however, do not curse them.Then He added: "Take up your cross, all those who wish to follow Me," by which He meant that you mustcourageously support the trials and tribulations which your faith may bring about, since the one who wishes to savetheir life and their property by renouncing Christ will lose all the advantages of Heaven; while those who loseeverything here in this world, even to their life, for the sake of truth, will receive a prize for courage, perseveranceand abnegation in the future life. But to those who have sacrificed the heavenly benefits for earthly pleasures Godwill say: "You have already received your recompense."* * * * * * * * *
 The man has in himself two natures, the spiritual and the natural, that is, the one of his soul which isimmortal and the one of his carnal body, due to the influences from the necessities of the body the man is attractedvery much towards the material, that is, the physical world, where reigns selfishness, pride, vanity, the superiority of some to others, the preconcepteousness, evilness, ignorance, the dominant superstition, the intolerance, ambition,covetousness, the struggle for Earth conquests, the dominating avarice of wanting everything for oneself, the politicalpower, the religious power, the monetary power, the struggles for survival, the lack of faith in God by conditioning inthe habitat which one may live influenced or not by the conduct of the society accordingly the country or culture inwhich co-lives, privileges for some and not for others, hence, the choice of life that a person demands from the inner self of how to live:
 A youngster in dialogue with himself in an analogical conflict:
 I do know, I am going to reflect: whether to live in anything goes, whether I am to conquest the world for myself and whoever be before me I am to throw down, pass over, push down, smash down and push aside all frommy way, because I have in me a winning strength and ahead of me is the world awaiting for me to conquest it, getout of the way for I am here, yes, I shall be rich and powerful and the world shall be at my feet, here what I will wantshall be what will be prevailing?However I have a question which is: whether I am to carry my cross and follow Jesus or not?Here it is the law of the strongest which is valid, it is the law of the most clever which is valid, if I follow Jesuswho is justice and love, I will have to have tolerance to the next, my neighbor, I have to love my neighbor as myself 
2, and what is going to happen to my ambitions and conquests?What is going to happen to my future, will it be that I am going to live of the left overs of the world or will takefrom the world what I should want, need and so should think, and hence be rich and in me it will be only me whoorders myself? I shall study all methods which may help myself in the ambitions of my conquests, because the world
is already in my plans and dreams of mine, it is in my wanting, but Jesus spoke:
that man does not live by breadalone
3, therewith, I shall study religions also.
However, „Jesus
is not of this world‟s kingdoms‟
4, as he himself explains that he is from the spiritual world,which is the true lasting life and real, He says
: “
what profits a man to gain the whole world and lose one
s own soul
 5, and does invite us to follow him, Yes, he is calling me, but the world also attracts me offering everything that mybody may have need, Yes, Jesus says
: “
seek ye out the kingdom of Heaven and everything shall be added unto you
 6. Even so, how am I to understand that? I am Young and it is just that I should seek out to live on the maximum thatthe world can offer, after all, is it not that what everyone does?Nonetheless, if I am an immortal soul who has already made some conquests in the past of my soul, some of the impulses and reflexes which I may have, could be linked with the desires and ideals of that away past withdesires of my realization and to follow Jesus, and why not, to follow on Jesus and learn the mysteries of the spirituallife and get to know my own self, insomuch that I have deep reflexes that I know they are not belonging to the flesh;Yes, there is something in myself that my fleshly body does not know to explain and I ask myself: After all who am I?Should I? shall I seek my origins? As from now, I am in understanding that I am an incarnated spirit, and that I have two natures and that of theflesh nature, the physical nature, the world itself around me does teach me, that is easy to learn paying attention toit, however of the spiritual nature I can only know and learn following Jesus Master and Lord and the
octrine whichhe has left to us which in truth was not his, but of the Father who sent Him
7. Which moral will ever be surpassed?I do know now: I am going to follow Jesus, Yes, I am going to live upon the gifts, vocations and inspirationswhich are imbued in my heart, I am going to analyze all things and retain what is good
8 as suggested St. Paul, I amnot going to steal, I am not going to ill-treat anybody, I am not going to prejudice anyone for conquests of thematerial world, I am going to shorten up ambitions which may be prejudicial to the spiritual life, I am going to pick outfrom my heart the forces of goodness, I shall not want but my merits fruits from the strengthing which God has in me,to overcome my desires and even problems of the world and I shall seek up to develop and progress always in thespiritual resources. I am not to trust in myself at all, but trust in God who is
my Creator 
my Potter 
10, who moldsme accordingly to His will and to the aim of the spiritual finalities and divine, and as He being the Lord
my Pastor mycup fills over 
11, because God is the inexhaustible fountain of the spiritual life and
In Him all life contains
12, He isthe supreme intelligence and principal cause of all the effects
all the worlds 14 are submitted to His will,
In Himwe do live and have our being
15, I am not going to be worried about what to eat, considering that Jesus said: that
even the very birds God does feed
16 and that God has no privileged, but
causes to rain upon the good as well asupon the bad
17. And when I die I am going to evaluate or judge myself of how much was it Worth to have lived honestly, judiciously, dignifyable, lovingly, friendly, charitable, solidarable in good and in peace?Meanwhile, if I do not attain that, I shall incarnate anew with the permition of God willing and shall try againto reach up the upper objective of evolution and progress of my true self 
, „
my own soul
  And with the love of God in me overcoming the obstacles and difficulties of the world, living in harmony withthe Laws of God in love, and deducting that, so as
God is Love
18, I shall be imbued in love, and, therefore I shouldbe able possibly to say
: “
I and the Father are one
19, because I shall be co-living in His divine essence?
(End. of lheanalogy)
* * * * * * * * *Let us learn from the Spirits
Book somewhat that pertains to this study: Questions: 177,178, 179, 180, 192 a 196?
177. In order to arrive at the perfection and the supreme felicity which are the final aim of mankind, is it necessary for a spirit to pass through all the worlds that exist in the universe?
"No; for there are a great number of worlds of the same degree, in which a spirit would learn nothing new."
- How, then, are we to explain the plurality of his existences upon the same globe?
"He may find himself, each time he comes back, in very different situations, which afford him the opportunity of acquiring new experience."
178. Can spirits live corporeally in a world relatively inferior to the one in which they have already lived?
"Yes; when they have to fulfill a mission in aid of progress; and in that case they joyfully accept the tribulations of such an existence, because these will furnish them with the means of advancement."
- May this not occur also as an expiation and may not rebellious spirits be sent by God into worlds' of lower degree?
"Spirits may remain stationary, but they never retrograde; those who are rebellious are punished by not advancing,and by having to recommence their misused existences under the conditions suited to their nature."
- Who are they that are compelled to recommence the same existence?
"They who fail in the fulfilment of their mission, or in the endurance of the trial appointed to them."
179. Have all the human beings who inhabit any given world arrived at the same degree of perfection?
"No; it is in the other worlds as upon the earth; there are some who are more advanced, and others who are less so."
180. In passing from this world into another one, does a spirit retain the intelligence which he possessed in this one?
"Undoubtedly he does; intelligence is never lost. But he may not have the same means of manifesting it for that depends both onhis degree of advancement and on the quality of the body he will take." (Vide, Influence of Organism.)
192. Is it possible for us, by leading a perfect life in our present existence, to overleap all the intervening steps of the ascent, and thus to arrive at the state of pure spirits, without passing through the intermediate degrees?
"No; for what a man imagines to be perfect is very far from perfection; there are qualities which are entirely unknown to him, andwhich he could not now be made to comprehend. He may be as perfect as it is possible for his terrestrial nature to be; 'but he willstill be very far from the true and absolute perfection. It is just as with the child, who, however precocious he may he, mustnecessarily pass through youth to reach adult life; or as the sick man, who must pass through convalescence before arriving atthe complete recovery of his health. And besides, a spirit mustadvance in knowledge as well as in morality; if he have advanced in only one of these directions, he will have to advance equallyin the other, in order to reach the top of the ladder of perfection. But it is none the less certain that the more a man advances inhis present life the shorter and the less painful will be the trials he will have to undergo in his subsequent existences."
- Can a man, at least, insure' for himself, after his present life, a future existence less full of bitterness than this one?
"Yes, undoubtedly, he can abridge the length and the difficulties of the road. It is only he who does not care to advance thatremains always at the' same point."
-193. Can a man in his new existences descend to a lower point than that which he has already reached?
"As regards his social position, yes; but not as regards his degree of progress as a spirit."
194. Can the soul of a good man, in a new incarnation, animate the body of a scoundrel?
"No; because a spirit cannot degenerate."
- Can the soul of a bad man become tile soul of a good man?
"Yes, if he have repented; and, in that case, his new incarnation inthe reward of his efforts at
The line of march of all spirits is always progressive, never retrograde. They raise themselves gradually In the hierarchy of existence they never descend from the rank at which they have once arrived. In the course of their different corporeal existencesthey may descend In rank as men, but not as spirits. Thus the soul of one who has been at the pinnacle of earthly power may, in asubsequent incarnation, animate the humblest day-laborer, and vice. versa ; for the elevation of ranks among men Is often In theinverse ratio of that of the moral sentiments. Herod was a king, and Jesus, a carpenter.
195. Might not the certainty of being able' to improve oneself in a future' existence' lead some persons to persist in evil courses,through knowing that they will always be' able' to amend at some later period?
"He who could make such a calculation would have no real belief in anything; and such an one would not he any more restrainedby the idea of incurring eternal punishment, because his reason would reject that idea, which leads to every sort of unbelief. Animperfect spirit, it is true, might reason in that way during his corporeal life; but when he is freed from his material body, he thinksvery differently; for he soon perceives that he has made a great mistake in his calculations, and this perception causes him tocarry an opposite sentiment into his next incarnation. It is thus that progress is accomplished; and it is thus also that you haveupon the earth some men who are farther advanced than others, because some possess experience that the others have not yetacquired, but that will be gradually acquired by them. It depends upon each spirit to hasten his own advancement or to retard itindefinitely."The man who has an unsatisfactory position desires to change it as soon as possible. He who is convinced that the tribulations of the present life are the consequences of his own imperfections will seek to insure for himself a new existence of a less painfulcharacter and this conviction will draw him away from the Wrong road much more effectually than the threat of eternal flames,which he does not believe in.
196. As spirits can only be ameliorated by undergoing the tribulations of corporeal existence,
it would seem to follow that thematerial life is a sort of sieve or strainer, by which the beings
of the spirit-world are obliged to pass in order to arrive at perfection?
 "Yes; that is the case. They improve themselves under the trials of corporeal life by avoiding evil, and by practicing what is good.But it is only through many successive incarnations or purifications that they succeed, after a lapse of time which is longer or shorter according to the amount of effort put forth by them, ill reaching the goal towards which they tend."
- Is it the' body that influences the spirit for its amelioration or is it the spirit that influence's the body?
"Your spirit is everything; your body is a garment that rots, and nothing more." A material image of the various degrees of purification of the soul is furnished by the juice of the grape. It contains the liquid calledspirit or alcohol, but weakened by the presence of various foreign elements which change its nature, so that it is only brought to astate of absolute purity after several distillations, at each of which it is cleared of some portion of its impurity. The still represents

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