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oracle data migration

oracle data migration

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Published by venkatasatya666
oracle data migration concepts
oracle data migration concepts

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Published by: venkatasatya666 on Mar 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 2007
IBM Global Technology Services
Best practices for data migration.
Methodologies for planning, designing, migrating and validating data migration 
2 Executive summary 4 Introduction 6 Data migration methodology 12 Choosing data migration software 15 Summary 
ContentsExecutive summary
Minimizing the effect of mainframe, UNIX
, Linux
and Microsoft
 data migrations on business operations is a critical part of the data centermanager’s job. In the past, migration projects were scheduled to be performedduring off-hours; however, today’s 24x7 environment has no application down-time window. Rather than delay the purchase or deployment of new storagetechnology because of potential migration problems, IT organizations now canemploy new tools and methodologies that minimize the risk. New softwareallows nondisruptive migration, meaning that applications remain onlineduring data movement without signicant performance delays. And new meth-odologies that help with planning, migrating and validating data migrationsenable organizations to take advantage of customization, speed the processand ensure data integrity.To promote an understanding of what it takes to ensure nondisruptive migra-tion—and how Softek
Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF
) softwarecan help meet this needthis paper identies ve key factors to consider inchoosing data migration software.
Best practices for data migration.
Page 2
Best practices for data migration.
Page 
Key factors DescriptionSoftek TDMF capability
How quickly can data be copiedrom the source to the targetand balanced against systemoverhead?TDMF technology includes athrottling/pacing capability thatcan speed up or slow down datamovement depending on systemdemands in order to easily bal-ance migration with system andnetwork requirements.
Primary volume/ source dataprotection
I something goes wrong, themigration can be terminated andapplication processing restartedor continued on the sourcedata/device.Protection can be easily donewith the TDMF solution throughbackout (IBM z/OS
platorm) orallback (UNIX platorm) com-mands.
Tiered storage
Moving data to dierent array orto dierent storage media to im-prove price/perormance withoutdisruption.TDMF technology allows the mi-gration o data between dierentdisk storage media (e.g., DASDor S/ATA) or optimum price/ perormance.
Many data centers use hardwarerom several vendors, whichcan result in source and targethardware being rom dierentvendors.TDMF technology is completelyhardware independent, support-ing nondisruptive migration inmultivendor environments.
Applications have dierentlevels o business criticality andthereore have varying degreeso acceptable downtime.TDMF technology allows ornondisruptive data migra-tion so applications can stayonline and continue to processdata throughout the migrationprocess.
There are many challenges to con- sider when migrating data—and Softek TDMF software can help handle them.

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