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The Light English Feb 2013

The Light English Feb 2013

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English organ of Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat islam Lahore (UK)
English organ of Ahmadiyya Anjuman Ishaat islam Lahore (UK)

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Published by: Worldwide Ahmadiyya Anjumans Ishaat Islam on Mar 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shahid AzizMustaq Ali
Call of the Messiah 1The Promised Messiah 3The Creator in Judaism, Christianityand Islam
Dr Mir Faizal 470 or 72?
Maulana AbdulHaq Vidyarthi 7Jesus Was a Muslim
Prof. Robert F. Shedinger 8
Call of the Messiah
Continued from the previous issue
Relation between prayer andits acceptance
Between prayer and its acceptance there is arelation which has come down from ever sinceman came to be created. When the will of theMost High Godfeels inclined to doa thing, His prac-tice is that a sin-cere and loyal slaveof His engages him-self in prayer withutmost restless-ness and disquie-tude of the mind,and employs all hispower and atten-tion to accomplishthe fulfillment of this affair. Then thesupplications of that man who has lost himself in devotion tothe Most High God stimulate and draw fromheaven Divine favour and grace, and He createsnew conditions such as will bring about andaccomplish that object. Although this prayer isexecuted apparently through human hands, yet the reality of the matter is that the man is somuch lost in God, and at the time of prayercrawls into Divine presence with such a step of annihilation that the hand at that time is not hishand, but it is in reality the hand of God. This iswhat we call the prayer by which the Most HighGod is recognized and known and a clue is ob-tained to the existence of that Supreme BeingWho is hidden and concealed behind thou-sands of veils. For the people who pray, the highheaven comes nearer to the earth, and newcauses, their prayer having been answered, arebrought into being for the resolution of theirdifficulties and the knowledge of them isvouchsafed beforehand; and the least of it isthat belief in the acceptance of prayer is fixed inthe mind from the Unseen like an iron nail. Thetruth is that if there had been no prayer, no hu-man being, in the matter of God-realization,could have been able toget to the stage of cer-tainty. It is through prayerthat Divine revelation isconferred upon us and wecan hold communion withthe Most High God. Whena man, in the process of offering prayer with allsincerity of the heart, loveand loyalty, gets into thestage of complete annihi-lation, then the LivingGod, Who is hidden fromthe human eye, manifestsHimself upon him. Prayer
Webcasting on the world’s first real
-time Islamic service at 
 A Lahori-
 Ahmadi’s faith is greater
 than any obstacle!
Tiananmen Square, 1989
is needed not only forthe purpose that wemay be able to achieveour worldly objects, but no human being canfind the True and Great God, from Whom manyhuman hearts havefallen far apart, without the manifestation of those signs which comeinto display and appearafter prayer. The igno-rant person thinks that prayer is an absurd andfoolish thing, but heknows not that it is onlythrough prayer that theSupreme Being mani-fests Himself uponseekers after Him, andputs into their minds
His revelation “I am the
Powerful”. Everyone
who thirsts for God-realization should re-member that, in this life, for a seeker after spiri-tual light, prayer is the only means which in-duces belief in the existence of God and dispelsall doubts and misgivings; for a man who hasachieved his object without prayer knows not how and where from he has got them; and onewho strains every nerve on plan and device, andremains indifferent to prayer cannot feel that it is, of a truth, God's hand which has depositedthose objects in his pocket. And this is the rea-son that a man who, by means of prayer, re-ceives through Divine revelation the glad tidingsof success, advances forward in the knowledgeand love of God when the foretold thing actuallycomes to pass, and looks upon the acceptance of prayer as a great sign in his favour, and likewisehaving been filled with belief from time to time,he abstains from and shuns sensual passionsand sins of all kinds to such an extent that onlythe soul, as it were, is left of him. But the manwho sees not through prayer the gracious andbenevolent signs of the Most High God remainsdeprived of the great wealth of God-realization, in spite of theriches and property and othermeans of opulence that he mayhave acquired during his life-time, nor do his successes pro-duce any good effect upon hismind, and he on the other hand,increases in vanity and conceit as his wealth and prosperitymultiply; and even if he mayhave some faith in the Most HighGod, that faith is so lifeless anddefunct that it cannot deter himfrom sensual passions, neitherbestow upon him real and truepurity.
It should be remembered that although everything has beenforeordained, still predestina-tion has not destroyed knowl-edge and the sciences; and inspite of believing in the doctrineof predestination, just as everyone has to admit, as the result of scientific ex-periment, that drugs have undoubtedly peculiarproperties hidden in them, and if a medicineshould be administered according to the natureof the disease it will certainly do good to thepatient by the mercy and grace of the Host HighGod; in the same way, every holy man, throughexperiment and experience, has to acknowledgethat prayer has a link and relation with accep-tance. We may or may not be able to impress
this secret reasonably upon other people’s
minds, but the experience of hundreds of thou-sands of righteous men as well as our own per-sonal experience has disclosed to us this hiddenreality, that our offering of prayer has a mag-netic force which attracts and draws the mercyand grace of the Most High God towards itself.Of the Divine service, too, the soul and sub-stance is the prayer which has been taught us inthe Opening Chapter of the Holy Quran. When
we say “Guide us on the right path”, we wish, by
means of this prayer, to draw and pull towards
In 1896, Roentgen made the first X-rayphoto. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (
),residing in Qadian, which did not even haveelectricity, had an amazing grasp of scientificdevelopments round the world and referred
to the “photographing of bones” when
 discussing whether photography is Islamicor not in one of the books he wrotein the early 1900s.
us with extraordinary power to bear its brunt, andmake us rather to take delight therein, and enlargeour mind.It is, therefore, clear from both these ways that Divine help and triumph come, as a matter of truth, from heaven in answer to a humble prayer.
The Promised Messiah
Ebrahim Muhamed
(December 2012)
Scholars, Philosophers, Poets, everywhere abound Too many questions
answers rarely found In our Pride will we ever say? That indeed we have lost the way? Promised by the Praised One A reflection of that dazzling Sun Appears, a Slave of Ahmad, His Holy Book to teach
Enlivening groping souls his ‘breath’ does reach
 Sun and Moon in Holy Nights all doubt dispel  About the One Muhammad did foretell Who, in lonely recesses of the night 
Pleads before Him Mankind’s pitiable plight 
Heavenly pen like Grand General’s scimitar 
 Skilfully wielded by Slave of MustaphaDispelling doubts and darkness all around Faith, lost in Pleiades, on Earth once more found  Antichrist, with deadly arguments, in defeat do fall Enemy bugles a scuttling retreat do call Ignorance, Prejudice, Falsehood 
 demons in his way 
With pledged pens, like David’s decreed 
 stones, did slay 
us the light which descends from the Most HighGod and illuminates human hearts with love andbelief.
Prayer, a magnetic force
Some people say in haste that they forbid not theoffering of prayer, but the meaning of prayer ismerely worship and adoration whereon recom-pense or reward is determined. It is regrettableindeed that these people think not that every wor-ship in which spiritual realization is not created byGod, and every merit or reward for which, in sometime to come, hope is cherished merely on imagi-nation, are all vain and void of foundation. Realworship and real merit are those whose rays of light and blessings are experienced and felt in thisworld also. The signs of the acceptance of our wor-ship are that, just during the time of prayer, we
should see with our mind’s eye that a lenitive light 
has descended from the Most High God and de-stroyed the poisonous matter in our mind; andthat it has fallen upon us like a flame, and filled usimmediately with the pure state of the expansionof the mind, belief, love and delight; and if it shouldnot come to pass, then worship and prayer are nobetter than a mere custom or ceremony. Everyprayer, even though it be for the resolution of ourmundane affairs and difficulties, bounds back andreturns to our state of faith and knowledge of theMost High God; that is to say, it bestows upon us, inthe first instance, advancement and progress in thematter of faith and knowledge of God, and confer-ring upon us pure satisfaction and solace, real de-light and expansion of the mind, proceeds to cast its effect upon our worldly vanities and detestablethings, and removes our sorrow and grief in what-soever way it deems proper. It is thus obviouslyclear from all this discussion that prayer can becalled a prayer only when it has an attractive forceas a matter of fact, and draws down from heaven alight which may dispel all our bewilderment anddisquietude, and open and expand our mind, andgive us peace and contentment. The All-Wise God,forsooth, after prayers, sends down His succourand success in two ways: either (1) He may takeaway and remove the calamity under which we areabout to be crushed to death, or (2) He may endow

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