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Knowledge Sheets on Devotion - By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Knowledge Sheets on Devotion - By Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Published by Art of Living
Knowledge Sheets on Devotion : Get to know what devotion is and the three different types of devotees.
Knowledge Sheets on Devotion : Get to know what devotion is and the three different types of devotees.

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Art of Living on Mar 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Three Kinds of Devotees
The first kind is a devotee who
keeps asking 
, ‘God give me this’, ‘God give me that.’
The second kind is a devotee who is always grateful, ‘Thank you God, you gave me this and yougave me that’; a devotee who is
emotional, prayerful and keeps crying out of gratitude.
The third kind is a devotee who always remains joyful, keeps smiling, dancing and singing;
a joyful devotee
.All three are different kinds of devotees, and yet all three are supreme. It is not that one is greater than another 
that is not so. So there is, a crying devotee, a laughing devotee, and a devoteewho keeps asking
which category are you in, you can see that for yourself.
 It is possible that a little of all three may be there in you. That also is okay. Then that would bethe fourth kind of devotee
one who has a little bit of all the three present.
 Now, one who gets lost in fun only, somewhere or the other, he is not able to attain depth, anddepth is also needed. That is why saint
has said,
‘Kabira hasana door kar, rone se kar 
bin roye kit paaiye, prem piyara meet.’ 
The crying which Kabirdas is talking about is a different kind of crying. It is the crying thatcomes out of praise, out of gratitude and longing. It is not the kind of crying where one feels thatthis is lacking, that is lacking, this did not happen, that did not happen. He is not referring to thattype of crying which is for the worldly matters or 
. He is referring to those who cry out of  bliss and devotion. So that is also needed.But the devotees who are joyful are said to be the knowledgeable ones, because they know thatGod is right here
he is within me, and he is present this very moment 
.Often people think that God is elsewhere; he existed sometime in the past, or will comesometime in the future. They forget that God is right here, right now, present within everyone, present within me
this conviction should be there.It is for this only that you are doing all these gymnastics, all these exercises. Otherwise what isthe point of doing these exercises all day
 pranayama, asana, kirtan, bhajan, seva
whatis the essence of all these? To know that God is inside me, right here and right now.This much for today! Listening to too much knowledge will cause indigestion. It becomesdifficult to digest. Just digest this much, today Gurudev spoke only one line
‘God is right here,right now, within me and within everyone.’
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Devotee Becomes God
When a river meets the ocean, the river no longer remains a river. It becomes the ocean. A dropof the ocean is part of the ocean. In the same way, the moment a devotee meets (surrenders to)the Divine, the devotee becomes GOD. When the river meets the ocean, it recognizes that it isthe ocean from the beginning to the end. Similarly, the individual "IU IU" dissolves in ONEDivinity.Question: What about backwaters?Sri Sri: Sometimes the ocean goes into the river to greet it. Sometimes it seems that the ocean is pushing back the river. Similarly, the Divine puts many questions and doubts in the mind or gives an amazing experience to bring one back home.
Steeped in Mystery Is Devotion
One who is not amazed by the magnificence of this Creation, his eyes are not yet opened. Onceyour eyes are open, they close and this is called meditation. (Laughter)Tell me, what in this Creation? Is not a mystery? Birth is a mystery; death is a mystery. If both birth and death are mysterious, then life is certainly a greater mystery. Isn't it?Being completely immersed in the mystery of Life and this Creation is Samadhi. Your knowingor believing doesn't really matter to what Is. This Creation is an unfathomable secret, and itsmysteries only deepen. Getting steeped in mystery is Devotion. The "Scene" is a mystery; the"Seer" is a mystery. Deepening the mystery of Creation is science. Deepening the mystery of theSelf is spirituality. They are the two sides of the same coin. If neither Science nor Spirituality cancreate wonder and devotion in you, then you are in deep slumber.
Intentions keep the tension in. Being hollow and empty means dropping all intentions. Withintension, rest does not become deep. Devotion dissolves intentions. Intention pushes you to thefuture. Bliss is always present. The one who wakes up to this truth is wise. In a state of bliss,once in a while, if an intention comes up, it manifests effortlessly. The more intentions you have,the more in tension you will be. To minimize your intentions could be your last intention.

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