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Published by Dexter Ancheta

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Published by: Dexter Ancheta on Mar 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Match format
Matches are played 5 on 5.
The tournament will be single elimination with a best of 3 per match.
A match consists of two halves of 15 rounds each with each round having a maximum roundtime of 1 minute and 45 seconds (mp_roundtime 1.75).
A half is over when 15 rounds have been played.
The match is over when a team reaches 16 rounds.
A match is a draw if both teams win 15 rounds.
If a match during the qualifier tournament is a draw no overtime will be played.
Any match that reached overtime will be played with a race to 4 match and with a start money10,000 will be played. If the overtime is still a draw, a new overtime will be played until awinner is found.
If teams are tied on points in any group stage the standing between these teams will bedecided firstly by the result of the match between the teams concerned, then by pointsdifferential in the matches between the teams concerned and then by points differential in allmatches concerning the teams in question.
Map List
Deciding maps
Maps in the main tournament will be decided via "veto"
Blind veto will be used as a system for veto-ing
We expect every participant to behave professionally and with a sportsman-like conduct at all times.Matches lost on purpose, illegal use of pause during a match and verbal or any other abuse of anopponent may result in warnings or disqualification from the tournament. Poor behavior during orafter the event may result in a ban from future events. We expect all players to behave in anexemplary manner and show understanding and patience towards their opponents as well as theadministrators.
The player
 - A player may ONLY play matches for ONE team in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament.- A player MUST be signed up for the event and have paid the entrance-fee to play.- A player MUST use the registered nick for the tournament matches.- All players MUST have read and understood the regulations that apply to the tournament.
Before the match
 Through the official results and fixture list it is possible to see when to play. The announced times formatches has to be respected and the administrators maintain the right to forfeit teams that turn uplate. Make sure to always be prepared and ahead of schedule. Warm-up has to be done PRIOR to thescheduled start of the match. If a team fails to join the game after the game was called by 15minutes, the team will be disqualified
 A minimum of 4 players is required to play a match. With 3 players or less a team forfeits the matchin question.
During the matchChoosing sides
 Toss Coin
 It is illegal to defuse the bomb from behind objects like through a wall, under a train wagon etc. Thebomb must be at least partially visible to the defusing player (disregarding smokes and flashes thatmight block the view). For example on dust2 it is illegal to defuse through the wall unless the bomb isactually visible from the defusing position. A fake defuse is just as illegal as a completed defuse.Violation will cost 3 rounds loss (the violating team will lose 3 rounds, the other team will gain those 3rounds).
Bomb-boosting will not be permitted. This is seen as an advantage towards the terrorists. The bombcan only be planted by the bomb carrier without any intervention from team-mates.
 General map boosting with any number of players will be permitted. Any area that can be reached onthe map is considered a valid position as long as the position is not used to exploit the map by seeinginto areas that are not intended.
 It is NOT allowed to buy more than 4 grenades in a round.ammo_grenade_limit_default 1ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang 2ammo_grenade_limit_total 4
It is not allowed to use say during a match, with the exception of ”GL HF” and similar comments at the
start of every half.
Map Exploits
 Taking advantage of new or known map exploits (for example ducking in vents at nuke) will result in apenalty (refer to Penalties and disqualification).
 No cheats are allowed including 3rd party applications and scripts. For example OGC, WH, AIMBOTetc. are illegal (see the sections on scripts).
Graphical settings:
 These settings are allowed to be adjusted on the PLAYERS PC and/or monitor:
Digital Vibrance
3D settings (aliasing, vertical sync, …)
Game scaling
Sound, Mouse settings
Keyboard, headset, mouse driversIt is forbidden to change ingame textures either via console and/or ATI Tray Tools or similarprograms.
 It is illegal to abuse map bugs. Violation will cost 3 rounds loss.
Commands abuse
 All kind of settings abuse are illegal. It's illegal to bind settings and commands.Only allowed binding are:
Normal ingame key (only changeable in options)In doubt: Ask your administrator!
Player substitution
 - All player substitutions must be discussed with the administrator.- The player going out must be completely disconnected before his replacement may join the server.
 Pausing for the purpose of tactical timeouts, cigarette breaks or similar is forbidden
for authorized
pause see “Client breakdown”.
 It is illegal to write kill in the console at any point in time during a match. If a kill happens and theteam in question benefits from it (the player getting more money the next round instead of 0) it willcost 3 rounds.
 It is illegal to use any other sort of script than buy-script. That includes:- AWP fastswitch/zoom scripts are illegal and will result in a forfeit of the match in question.- Bunny-jump scripts are illegal and will result in a forfeit of the match in question.- Turn scripts are illegal and will result in a forfeit of the match in question.- Walk/run/silent scripts are illegal and will result in a forfeit of the match in question.- Recoil scripts are illegal and will result in a forfeit of the match in question.In short, all other scripts than buy-scripts are illegal!
Client breakdown
 If a player disconnects from the server due to technical reasons the match is paused following thecompletion of the round in question. The relevant team-captain pauses the game.Only the team-captain who paused may unpause the game again.

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