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JS 4 Keeping the Relationships Going

JS 4 Keeping the Relationships Going

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Published by mpriceatccusa
Keeping the Relationships Going is a document that helps mentors learn about relating to mentees
Keeping the Relationships Going is a document that helps mentors learn about relating to mentees

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Published by: mpriceatccusa on Mar 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Module 4
Part 2: Training Mentors
Keeping the
 Time: 2 hoursLimit: 20 participants
Relationships Going
 Training Your Mentors
Keeping the Relationship Going
Session Goals
Participants will prepare to deliver a training workshop, called“Respecting Differences,” to their program’s mentors. By the end of the session, participants should have:Identified and talked about some of their own important valuesExamined problems that can arise when they are facilitating atraining session on valuesExplored activities that can help their program’s mentors learn tounderstand and respect their mentee’s culture and valuesDiscussed strategies for providing ongoing training and support fortheir mentors
 The Basics
1.Values can be difficult for people to talk about. Even the word“values” is difficult to define.2.There are often significant differences between a mentor andmentee in socioeconomic status and/or racial and ethnic back-ground. Training mentors in understanding and respectingtheseand other forms of diversity will benefit the mentor-mentee rela-tionship.3.When mentors understand the ways that a mentee’s personal val-ues might manifest themselves in their relationship, they will bemore able to respond nonjudgmentally to their mentee.4.It is important for facilitators to examine their own values andbiases before leading training sessions on these topics.
 Training Your Mentors
Keeping the Relationship Going
1.What’s a Value?
(25 minutes)Participants meet in groups to facilitate an icebreaker activity.
2.Respecting Differences
(15 minutes)Participants review materials for training mentors to benonjudgmental.
3.Values Voting
(20 minutes)Participants take a stand based on their values.
4.What If “Life Happens”?
(15 minutes) The group discusses challenges that can arise for facilitatorsduring training workshops.
5.Helping the Relationships Grow
(30 minutes)Small groups explore ways to help their mentors learn to value dif-ferences.
6.Now What? Providing Ongoing Support and Training
(15 minutes)Participants discuss strategies for providing support groups fortheir program’s mentors.
Connections to Other Training Sessions
 This session is intended as the last of four sessions designed to helpprograms train their mentors. The information and strategies referredto in this session are related to these JUMP trainings:“Preparing to Facilitate”“JUMPstarting Your Mentors”“Connecting and Communicating”If members of your training group have already attended any of thosesessions, you may want to draw on information they have learnedthere. If they have not yet attended those sessions, you will want to,where appropriate, encourage them to attend in order to reinforceand add to the information that is covered during “Keeping the Rela-tionships Going.”

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