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Table Of Contents

The importance of distributed computing
IBM Products
Tools of the Trade
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI)
Web Services Communication Models
RPC-Based Communication Model
Messaging-Based Communication Model
Implementing Web Services
Developing Web Services-Enabled Applications
How to Develop Java-Based Web Services
Developing Web Services Using J2EE: An Example
Anatomy of a SOAP Message
SOAP Envelope
SOAP mustUnderstand
SOAP Attachments
SOAP Encoding
Simple Type Values
Polymorphic Accessor
Compound Type Values
Serialization and Deserialization
SOAP Message Exchange Model
SOAP Intermediaries
SOAP Communication
SOAP Messaging
SOAP Bindings for Transport Protocols
Other SOAP Bindings
SOAP Message Exchange Patterns
Axis Infrastructure and Components
Axis Web Services Programming Model
Creating Web Services Using Axis: An Example
Building an Axis-Based Infrastructure
Setting Up the ACME Web Services Environment
Implementing the ACME Web Services
Known Limitations of SOAP
Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
WSDL in the World of Web Services
Anatomy of a WSDL Definition Document
WSDL Bindings
Future of WSDL
Limitations of WSDL
Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI)
UDDI Registries
Programming with UDDI
Inquiry API
Publishing API
Deleting Information from a UDDI Registry
Limitations of UDDI
Creating .NET Interoperability
Means of Ensuring Interoperability
Declaring W3C XML Schemas
Exposing WSDL
Creating SOAP Proxies
Testing Interoperability
Microsoft .NET Framework: An Overview
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
.NET Framework Class Library
Developing Microsoft .NET Client for Web Services
Case Study: Building a .NET Client for Axis Web Services
Challenges in Creating Web Services Interoperability
Common SOAP/HTTP Transport Issues
XML Schema- and XML-Related Issues
SOAP/XML Message Discontinuities
Version and Compatibility
The WS-I Initiative and Its Goals
Public Interoperability Testing Efforts
Java Web Services Developer Pack
Java XML Pack
Java APIs for XML
JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library
Apache Tomcat Container
Java WSDP Registry Server
ANT Build Tool
Downloading the Web Services Pack
Extensible Markup Language (XML) Basics
Java API for XML Processing (JAXP)
Uses for JAXP
JAXP Implementations
Processing XML with SAX
Processing XML with DOM
XSL Stylesheets: An Overview
Transforming with XSLT
Data Binding Generation
Marshalling XML
Unmarshalling Java
Other Callback Methods
Sample Code for XML Binding
The role of JAXM in Web services
The Role of JAXM in Web Services
JAXM Application Architecture
JAXM Messaging: Interaction Patterns
JAXM API Programming Model
javax.xml.soap (SAAJ 1.1 APIs)
Basic Programming Steps for Using JAXM
Using a JAXM Provider
Using JAXM without a Provider (Using SOAPConnection)
JAXM Deployment Model
Deploying JAXM-Based Applications in JWSDP 1.0
Configuring JAXM Applications Using a JAXM Provider
Configuring a Client
Configuring a Provider
Developing JAXM-Based Web Services
Point-to-Point Messaging Using JAXM (SOAPConnection)
Asynchronous Messaging Using the JAXM Provider
JAXM Interoperability
JAXM in J2EE 1.4
The role of JAX-RPC in Web services
The Role of JAX-RPC in Web Services
Comparing JAX-RPC with JAXM
JAX-RPC Application Architecture
JAX-RPC APIs and Implementation Model
JAX-RPC-Based Service Implementation
JAX-RPC-Based Client Implementation
JAX-RPC-Supported Java/XML Mappings
Java/WSDL Definition Mappings
Developing JAX-RPC-Based Web Services
Creating a JAX-RPC-Based Service (BookPriceService)
Developing JAX-RPC Clients (BookPriceServiceClient)
JAX-RPC in J2EE 1.4
JAX-RPC Interoperability
Introduction to JAXR
JAXR Architecture
JAXR Architectural Components
JAXR Capabilities and Capability Profiles
The JAXR Programming Model
JAXR Information Model
Classes and Interfaces
Classification of Registry Objects
Association of Registry Objects
JAXR Registry Services API
Connection Management API
Life-Cycle Management API
Query Management API
JAXR Support in JWSDP 1.0
Registry Server
Registry Browser
Understanding JAXR by Examples
Publishing Using JAXR
Querying Using JAXR
Deleting Information Using JAXR
Case Study Overview
Using the Java Web Services Developer Pack: Case Study
The Roles of Service Provider, Requestor, and Registry
Important Components and Entities
Case Study Architecture
Design of Components
Provider Environment
Designing the Publishing and Discovery Classes
Developing the Service Environment
Developing the Service Requestor Environment
Setting Up the JWSDP Environment
Service Provider Runtime Infrastructure (acmeprovider.com)
Service Registry Infrastructure
Service Requestor Runtime Infrastructure (computerBuy.com)
Executing a Scenario
Challenges of Securing Web Services
Technologies behind Securing Web Services
Rapid-Fire Cryptography
XML Encryption
What XML Encryption Is
Implementations of XML Encryption
Encrypting <Accounts> XML Element
Decrypting the <Accounts> XML Element
Programming Steps for Encryption and Decryption
XML Signatures
Types of XML Signatures
XML Signature Syntax
Implementations of XML Signature
XML Signature: An Example
XML Key Management Specification (XKMS)
XKMS Components
XKMS Implementations
XML Key Information Service Specification (X-KISS)
XML Key Registration Service Specification (X-KRSS)
Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML)
SAML Implementations
SAML Architecture
Authentication Assertion
Attribute Assertion
Authorization (Decision) Assertion
SAML Bindings and Protocols
Model of Producers and Consumers of SAML Assertions
Single Sign-On Using SAML
XML Access Control Markup Language (XACML)
Architecture of an XML Access Control System
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Developing Java Web Services - IsBN 0471236403

Developing Java Web Services - IsBN 0471236403

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