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I Have a Dream READING Worksheet Answer Key

I Have a Dream READING Worksheet Answer Key

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Published by: Angel Angeleri-priftis. on Mar 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Using the words “
l” (line 7), “
” and “
” (line 13) sum up MartinLuther King’sdream.
In this speech MLK dreams that one day black people would be equal to white people inAmerica and ejnoy freedom and justice as all Americans do.
Structure of the text
 The text can be divided into two parts. Complete with theappropriate number line.
Part one up to line22 
: In his dream of America, Martin Luther King denounces the conditions of the blackpeople in the U.Sin the past and at the time of his speech.
From line23to the end :
In this second part he has optimism for their future.
– the past and the present conditions of the Blacksa) Tick the correct answers.1.
 The title alludes
(fait allusion)
tothe American Dream. 
a personal dream Martin Luther King had.
 Justify by quoting from the text
It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream (l.4)
Line 7 is an extract from the American Constitution.
 American Declaration of Independence.
b) Quote the line where the past slavery in America is being alluded to.
“ The sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave-owners” . Justify with one adjective taken from that line
  The adjective
indicates it is a
past event
c) Explain the situation in Mississippi as described in the text.
. In Mississippi, Blacks were particularly submitted to racism and violence.. The speech denounces the pain of “ injustice and oppression” . 
George Wallace, the governor of Alabama, refused to obey the Civil Rights Act of 1964 whichwas voted by the Federal Government.
Quote the passage indicating Martin Luther King’sindignation.
“With its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interpositionand nullification”.
Part e) Indicate the names of the states mentioned so far on the map at the end of the writtencomprehension.
– the futurea) What is the key word in this part?
b) What is the key word from lines 24 to 28 showing that King’s optimism is based on his religiousbeliefs
 The keyword from lines 24 to 28 showing that King’s optimism is based on his religious beliefs is FAITH.
c) Why are King’s images taken from the Bible or from nature?
King takes his images from the Bible because he is a pastor used to religious references. He alsouses images of nature as Blacks who listen to him have traditionally a country background. Natureis also frequent in the Bible, it is the creation of God and somehow noble.
 d) Give the names of the religions alluded to line 48. Why are they all mentioned?
 The names of the religions alluded to are Judaism, Protestantism and Catholicism as they represent themain religions in the US at the time of the speech, black people being predominantly protestants.
 King isinterested in people from all walks of life, from all ethnic origins
e) Tick the correct answer and justify each time with an example from the text.
King wants to give his religious conviction to the whole American people. Yes
“all of God’s children”.
means all of mankind.
He becomes a kind of new prophet preaching from the top of a mountain. Yes
He lists high mountains of the US and says “
from every mountain side let freedom ring
He wants to be heard by the whole human race. Yes
For him, a church minister, “
all of God’s children
” means all of mankind.
f) Why does he quote an old Negro spiritual?
He quotes an old Negro spiritual known to his audience. It moves them and makes them proud.
 g) Put the names of the states mentioned by Martin Luther King on the map.
Georgia MississippiAlabama New Hampshire.New York Pennsylvania Colorado California Tennessee
Task :
Symbolism and imagery
a) Complete the following table with examples from part one and two; choose only someexamples.
Use of repetitionsof sentencesUse of synonymsUse of parallelconstructionsOppositionsand antonymsImages from theBible or fromnatureMetaphors(2 examples)
I have adreamWith thisfaithLet freedomringprodigiousmightyheightening
The sons of formerslaves and thesons of former slaveowners.Not be judged bythecolor of theirskin butby the content of theircharacter.Little black boysandblack girls, littlewhiteboys and whitegirls
To work together, topray together, …From everyvillage…every citySlaves, slaveowners,Injustice andoppression,freedomand justice.The janglingdiscordsand a beautifulsymphony.The table of brotherhood.All of God’schildrenwill be ableto singAll of God’schildren… will be ableto joinhands andsing.Mountain,everyhill andmolehill,mountainsideMississippi iscomparedto a desertstateswelteringwith theheat of oppressionandinjustice, itwill becomean oasis of freedomand justice.We will beable to hewout of themountainof despair astone of hope.

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