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Small World

Small World

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Published by paul228

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Published by: paul228 on Feb 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paul Lang 2/14/07Small World With the advancement of technology the world has in metaphoricalsense shrunk. It is now possible to make a phone call from coast to coast in acouple seconds. It takes milliseconds to send a message that would havetaken weeks to travel the same distance two hundred years ago. Think howmuch the world has changed. Just imagine what it was like living in themedieval ages where you thought the world was flat, the sun revolvedaround you and that the Pope was god. Now in the “silicone circuit board”age, we know that the world is round, that the earth revolves around the sunand that the Pope is just a human being of some sort. The knowledge wenow have comes from decades of mistakes, centuries of teaching andlearning, and from millenniums of technological advancement, from thewheel to the internet.One of the greatest innovations of the ages, the steam engine, has beenone of the most influential inventions in the history of the world. It provideda new way of powering the textile and cotton mills therefore creating a huge boost in the textile business. The steam engine was also used to power boatsand last but not least, it powered the great “iron horseor the steamlocomotive. The train started a revolution of travel that brought us the possibility of traveling from one coast to the other in a matter of only a fewdays. In the U.S. the train opened up a whole new frontier in which to settle.The train made it possible to carry large cargos much faster than any other form of transport. The train was one of the first huge world shrinkinginventions, and it could be used by average Joe because it was relativelycheep.
Paul Lang 2/14/07The telegraph was one of the first and most influential electrical worldshrinking gadgets. It was a very simple device that made it possible to send amessage hundreds of miles in seconds. All that was required was a cable belaid from point A, where the message is being sent to point B, where itwould be received. The person who had to translate the signal into readabletext took up the majority of time in getting the message from point A to point B. The telegraph worked with electrical pulses sent through the wiresfrom the sender. These pulses traveled through the cable and to a device thateither flashed a bulb or set a buzzer off in a series of dots or dashes, whichwould then be translated into the message that would be received. Thetelegraph took on the role of every day communication. It was used insteadof small letters and would be sent and received from the post office.One of the most influential distance busting inventions was thetelephone. Once again it was just a matter how much cable you could lay, because the signal could travel along any length of cable. The invention of the telephone meant that you could talk to someone across the country with just half-a-second of lag. This meant that a person could quickly relayinformation across the country or even the world; one person’s news quickly became everyone’s news. In a metaphorical sense, the world had becomevillage; if one hut catches fire the whole village will go up in flames.It is in this village that we live today; we have all become linked toother huts by the internet, TV and the telephone. Due to the media, we knowwhat goes on in almost every corner of the earth. But the media has becomea major business that mostly focuses on sensational things, and we tend tohear only the bad news because it is what brings us to attention and causesus to buy newspapers, watch TV shows, listen to radio stations etc. Withsuch a big planet and so much corruption, hate, and greed, this all adds up to

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