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Published by austinseminary

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Published by: austinseminary on Feb 28, 2009
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Walls are a peculiar thing. Throughout his-tory humankind has built physical walls and meta-phorical walls. We saw both on the January travelseminar to the Holy Land.I have a history with walls though, so I shouldstart first in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Many of youmay know that I lived and worked as a Young AdultVolunteer (YAV) through the Presbyterian Church(U.S.A.) in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the 2004-2005 school year. I served at a local communitycentre in a predominantly Loyalist/Protestant town.My job was to be present to marginalized youngpeople. But to know the context of their marginalityyou must look at the bigger picture. Northern Irelandis known for “The Troubles,” a period of time whensectarian violence between Republicans (closely as-sociated to Catholics) and Loyalist (closely associ-ated with Protestants) erupted and the country livedin the midst of sectarian violence for several dec-ades. There is relative peace in Northern Irelandright now. Sinn Fein and the DUP (Democratic Un-ionist Party) have signed peace agreements to en-courage disarmament amongst associated paramili-taries, and the two political parties are attempting toshare power in the government. However, there arestill splinter organizations that have not agreed tosuch agreements, which makes peace at times pre-carious. Thus the remnants of this violence anddeep-seated separation are seen in the walls andmurals around the country and in particular Belfast.I speak to you about walls in Northern Irelandfor three reasons. First, it was my first real encoun-ter of identity as a cultural and religious force in soci-ety, second because I am leading a group over thereon March 6, and third because the walls I saw in Is-rael/Palestine reminded me of the walls in NorthernIreland.There were six YAV’s from the United Statesthe year I served. Our in-country orientation duringthe first few days consisted of learning the context of where we were living and working. We were drivenaround the city and through neighborhoods to seethe blatant declaration of identity on the walls. Themurals and walls in Northern Ireland are used pri-marily as propaganda, but are also a forced expres-sion of the identity of the neighborhood. You knowvery well what type of neighborhood you are enter-ing and who is “in control” of the neighborhood.I got used to seeing the murals. But one dayI was on foot and walked up the incline of a hill, andas I reached the top of the hill I was greeted with amural proclaiming “YOU ARE NOW ENTERINGSANDY ROW.” I knew that I was entering a Loyal-ist/Protestant area, but this mural was surprisinglyloud and included a figure in a balaclava holding amachine gun. I had seen murals like this before, butthis time it was different. Maybe it was because Iwas on foot, but I felt like the mural screamed “YOUare NOT welcome,” rather than stating who was incharge. These types of murals were prevalent dur-ing The Troubles. Slowly they are transitioning intomore peaceful signs of identity, but there are stillmore balaclavas than I would like to see.Belfast also has a wall. The “Peace Line”
A Publication of the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Community
February 27, 2009 Issue #172
© 2009 Austin PresbyterianTheological Seminary
Inside This Issue
Chapel ScheduleAnnouncements and EventsWhat I Learned in Seminary Today23-46Weekly Calendar Dear Daughter 78
A Miniseries of Reflections from Travels Abroad
By Mary Elizabeth Prentice, MDiv Middler 
Part Four 
Continued on page 5 
www.austinseminary.typepad.com/portal/kairos.htmlIssue 172 Page 2
APTS Crop Hunger Walk Team
 Austin Area Interreligious Ministries (AAIM) inpartnership with Church World Services (CWS) is hostingtheir 30th Annual Crop Hunger Walk on March 7th and8th. If you are not already participating with a local con-gregation or another organization, please consider joiningthe APTS team.If you are interested in walking, packets can beobtained from Nikki Stahl (nikstahl@gmail.com) or youcan join the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminaryteam online (www.churchworldservice.org). Donationscan also be made at this website. Specific informationabout the Austin walk can be found atwww.aaimaustin.org/cropwalk.html.
Chapel ScheduleMarch 2—March 6Monday: Morning Prayer Service
Student Led 
 Tuesday: Service of Word andSacrament,
Dr. Michael Jinkins, preacher 
Thursday: Morning Prayer Service
Led by Amber Reber 
 Friday: Service of the Word
Melea White, preacher Senior MDiv students will begin preaching inchapel on Friday, March 6, and will typically  preach on Mondays and Fridays.
Do you have something to say to
?Something to add… Something to refute?
If so, we’d like to hear. We are committed to dialogue.Letters to the editor will be published. See page 7 of thisissue for our editorial guidelines.
Cultural Diversity Student Group
At times in the past Austin Seminary has hadvarious student groups which focused on racial/ethnic andcultural diversity.If you are interested in forming such a group,please respond to Ann Fields(afields@austinseminary.edu).List all days and times which might work for youfor an initial meeting. If there is sufficient interest, an or-ganizational meeting will be set at a time that is conven-ient for most of those who respond.
UT Recreational Sports
The University of Texas at Austin Division of Rec-reational Sports is allowing all students, faculty, and staff at Austin Seminary to purchase associate level member-ships on a pro-rated semester basis beginning at a cost of $150.00 for the spring semester, February through May,or $320.00 for February through August, 2009.RecSports offers over 20,000 square feet of weight training and conditioning space, an indoor climbingwall, swimming pools, an indoor jogging track, basketballand volleyball courts, racquetball/handball/squash courts,40 acres of outdoor activity space, 52 lighted tenniscourts and much more.If you are interested or have additional questions,contact Rhonda Cox, Assistant Director at 471-6370 or rrcox@mail.utexas.eduto become an associate member.You may also visit their websitewww.utrecsports.org.If you are interested in a one-day free pass, con-tact Deborah Butler atdbutler@austinseminary.edu.
Personal Counseling
Referral for individual counseling is available tostudents and/or their families as needed. If you would liketo talk about the possibility of counseling, contact AnnFields atafields@austinseminary.eduor by phone at 404-4869.
It’s time to get together with your small groupfrom our retreat (during Orientation) to check in with oneanother on your commitments to spiritual disciplines.Contact Ann Fields if you have questions.
Winsome Walkers
Anyone interested in walking during the lunchhour? If so, beginning Monday March 2, meet in front of McCord building on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thurs-days at noon (weather permitting) and we will walk for about 30-40 minutes. If you can’t do all three days, that’sOK, just come and walk when you can. Contact DeborahButler for more information.
It's My Park DayMarch 7, 2009 from 9am to 12pm
 Come one & all (including children & dogs!!!) tothe Adams/Hemphill Park Cleanup!!! We will be doing ageneral park cleanup that will include trash pickup andcleaning out winter growth from the creek bed. Remem-ber last years great breakfast tacos donated byTrudy's??? We are counting on them to come throughagain this year, so come have breakfast with us while do-ing something good for our beloved park! Hope to seeyou there!For more information, check the portal athttp://austinseminary.typepad.com/portal/2009/02/its-my-park-day.html 
www.austinseminary.typepad.com/portal/kairos.htmlIssue 172 Page 3
Austin Seminary Care Team
Care Team
serves as a consulting, advising and facilitating body in support of the work of the Vice Presi-dent for Student Affairs and Vocation (VPSAV) and other administrative offices and committees, concerning the care,support and advocacy for students and their families in difficult situations. The Care Team is not a disciplinary body.The President appoints the Care Team annually. Ordinarily the Care Team is made up of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Vocation, the Vice President for Business Affairs, the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs,and two faculty members.Individuals may be referred to the Care Team by the student him/herself; a faculty member, administrator or staff member; any member of the Care Team, a spouse or other family member; a pastor or denominational body; another student; or the Faculty Committee on Student Life/Student Standing. Referral to the Care Team may be made either inperson or in writing.
Wednesday, March 4, 2009McMillan #210
1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Seminar 5:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. On Your Own Break5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Supper break,Barth & Grill6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Seminar 
Presented by:The Board of Pensions of thePresbyterian Church (U.S.A.)This seminar is required byPC(USA) Presbyteries
Call Sharon Pawlik at 404-4832 for more information.
Mark your calendars!Baccalaureate
Sat., May 236:00 p.m.
Sun., May 242:30 p.m.
Both Events Will Be Held AtUniversity Presbyterian ChurchSee Alison in the dean’s officefor more information.
  C  o  m  m  e  n  c  e  m  e  n  t  N  e  w  s
   C   O   R   R   E   C   T   E   D   T   I   M   E   S
Stockton, CA First Presbyterian Solo Pastor (ordained)Narrows, VA First Presbyterian Pastor/Yoked-multiple (ordained)Tulsa, OK John Knox Presbyterian Associate Pastor for Christian Ed (ordained)Houston, TX Clear Lake Presbyterian Assoc. Pastor for Spiritual Formation (ordained)Chattanooga, TN Presbyterian Campus Ministry Campus Minister (ordained)At UT-ChattanoogaToms River, NJ The Presbyterian Church of Assoc. Pastor for Congregational Care (ordained)Toms River Magnolia, AR First Presbyterian Director of Youth Ministries (non-ordained)Valdese, NC Waldensian Presbyterian Church Educator (non-ordained)Oxford, PA Oxford Presbyterian Christian Ed Director (non-ordained)Tyler, TX First Presbyterian Youth Director (non-ordained)
New Church Information Forms (CIF) are on file in the Vocation & Placement Office.
Other Local Opportunities:
Received regularly; check the Student Employment Bulletin Board outside the Financial AidOffice. Also, check the “other opportunities” binder in the Vocation & Placement Office.

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