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the United States and Britain in Bible prphecy

the United States and Britain in Bible prphecy

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Published by Paul

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Published by: Paul on Feb 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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t’s an amazing story
the unprecedented rise of the English-speaking peoples to their dominantpositions of power and influence overthe modern world.History shows that their rise to great-ness began in the turmoil of the ProtestantReformation. Having broken from Romeand faced with the combinedhostility of both the continentalchurch and imperial Spain,then the most powerful nationin the world,England beganto look beyond the seas for hersecurity and trade.Explorers were sentthroughout the world duringthe reign of Queen Elizabeth I(1558-1603). This led to theestablishment of coloniesthat later developed into theUnited States of America andthe nations of the BritishCommonwealth.Historians have calledthese countries “revolutionaryempires.They were notdespotic tyrannies as wereother countries or earlierempires in which everyonewas subject to domineering autocrats.Each colony had its own parliamentor house of assembly to which voterssent elected representatives. Peoplecould own land,practice their religionand even take their government to court,while newspapers were free to criticizethe authorities. Books were freely pub-lished. Innovative ideas flourished inwhat became the most politically stablenations in modern history.These new ideas led to the gradual for-mation of a great company of nations,theBritish Empire and Commonwealth,andthe world’s most successful republic,theUnited States of America.Why has history been so benevolentand economically generous to Britain andthe United States? Why have they beenblessed so favorably over the nations thatpreceded them in history? The answer liesin the understanding and fulfillment of biblical prophecy.Surprising as it may sound,both weredestined according to Bible prophecy tobecome superpowers. One was to precedethe other to world-power status. Bothwould dominate international affairs intheir own time. They would even be calledupon to save other nations from the forcesof despotism. Above all,they would makepossible democratic and religious free-doms for the English-speaking nations.In two world wars the British Com-monwealth and the United States savedvirtually the entire civilized world frompowers intent on world domination.Without them our world would be entirelydifferent in many ways.The climate that encouraged freedomof expression led to the Industrial Revolu-tion,which changed the world. In the cen-tury between the end of the NapoleonicWars and the beginning of World War I(1815-1914),British capital and expertisedeveloped the economies of her colonies(one quarter of the world’s peoples) andcontributed to the development of thefledgling United States and the newlyindependent nations of South America.After World War II America’s economicprosperity and generosity—through theMarshall Plan—got Europeand Japan moving again.Today the decline of Britainand America is leaving avacuum around the globe.Already the dissolution of theBritish Empire has broughtto the surface ethnic conflictslong held in check under colo-nialism. Wars in the MiddleEast,Africa,South Asia andthe Pacific are the direct resultof decolonization and havemade the world more complexand unstable.American power may seemto be successfully dealingwith these problems. Butthe international standing of the United States itself is indecline. Long in the vanguardof progress,Britain and theUnited States are increasingly faced withcomplex and seemingly insoluble dilem-mas at home and abroad. Meanwhile,other powers,in the East and West,flextheir muscles,preparing to challengeAmerica’s superpower status.For more than 400 years England andthe nations spawned by her have played acrucial role in the world. Together,Britainand the United States have dominatedthe world scene for two centuries duringa time when crucial biblical propheciesconcerning the time of the end are beingfulfilled before our eyes.Now we come to some vital questions.Why are economic blessings—and demo-cratic ideals—so evident in the English-speaking nations? Who are the British and
2The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy
London’s famous Big Ben
and New York’s Statue of Liberty areapt symbols of the power of Britain and the United States and their great contributions to civilization.
Two Nations ThatChanged the World
“Behold, the nations are as a drop in a bucket, and are counted as the small dust on the scales; look, He lifts up the isles as a very little thing ... To whom thenwill you liken God? Or what likeness will you compare to Him?” (Isaiah 40:15, 18).
Photos: © 2000 PhotoDisc, Inc.
American peoples? How do these twogreat powers—the United States and thenations comprising most of the formerBritish Empire—fit into Bible prophecy?Are the British and American peoplesignored in the pages of your Bible whileless-powerful nations are mentionedspecifically and often? Is it logical tobelieve that God,in revealing the eventsthat would lead to the return of the Messiahin the last days,would simply overlook theUnited States and British Empire?Or is it possible that most people,including many students of the Bible,havesimply failed to understand the propheciesthat accurately predicted the rise to great-ness of these nations and what will happento them in the end time?Reading through the pages of thispublication will take you on an incredible journey through ancient and modernhistory. You will meet peoples you maynever have heard of and visit lands youhave not seen. This knowledge is a vitalkey to understanding our world and age.This journey will also remind you thatthe great God,to whom “the nations are asa drop in a bucket”and “as the small duston the scales”(Isaiah 40:15),is
faithful to His promises.
God’s Commitment to Abraham and His Descendants
Chapter One:
God’s Commitment toAbraham and His Descendants
... In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).
o understand some of the Bible’smost amazing and inspiringprophecies,we must embark ona study that begins 4,000 years ago—when God began working with a mancalled Abraham. Abraham lived inMesopotamia,the cradle of civilization,in the city of Ur,one of the most ancientcities whose remains archaeologistshave discovered.Abraham was a remarkable figure.God made astounding promises to himthat continue to affect not only hisdescendants but the whole world. Thestory of his offspring is remarkable too.It covers much of what we know as theOld Testament. This is a story filledwith great themes—the rise and fall notonly of great men and women but of kingdoms and empires.The story of Abraham’s descendantshas its share of twists and turns and upsand downs and more than a few mysteries.The books of the Old Testamentdescribe Abraham’s offspring growinginto a mighty nation—the Israelitekingdom—and entering into a specialcovenant relationship with God. Com-prised of 12 tribes,or family groups,thenation gained prominence for a time.Yet before long the Israelites dividedinto two competing kingdoms. Whenthe larger of the two,which retained thename Israel (comprised of 10 of the 12tribes),rejected its partnership with God,it set in motion one of history’s greatestmysteries when its people were forciblyexiled from their ancient homeland.The smaller,southern kingdom of Judah—comprised of the two remainingtribes and remnants of another—failed tolearn the lesson of its northern kinsmen.Its citizens likewise rejected God andwere taken into captivity. For the mostpart,however,they retained their identityand have remained visible through his-tory as a small and often persecuted race,the Jewish people.But what happened to the 10 tribes of Israel whose enemies forcibly removedthem from their land? The AssyrianEmpire captured and exiled them fromtheir Middle Eastern homeland in theeighth century B.C. But standard historybooks make no mention of them today.The world remembers them only as the
lost 10 tribes of Israel.
God,however,had entered into acovenant—
a divine commitment 
all 12
of the tribes. He had promisedthey would
be His people andHe would
be their God. Can wecount on Him to keep His word? How isthat possible if the lost 10 tribes died out,as many assume?To add to the puzzle,Bible prophecyrepeatedly tells us that these supposedly
Israelites are destined to reappearon the world scene in a prominent roleimmediately after Jesus’return—aftertheir rescue from a “time of trouble”that could dwarf their previous suffering.The prophets of old even speak of theirrestoration after that time of trouble
totheir original homeland 
under the ruleof the Messiah.Notice this promise Jesus made to Hisapostles:“I tell you the truth,at the renewalof all things,when the Son of Man sitson his glorious throne,you who have fol-lowed me will also sit on twelve thrones,
 judging the twelve tribes of Israel”
(Mat-thew 19:28,New International Version,emphasis added throughout).Did Jesus mean what He said? If these descendants of Israel are destinedto play a future role that God has proph-esied for the world,where are they now?How can we identify them among thepeoples of the world today? And whyis this knowledge so important to us?As we proceed with this eye-openingstudy,you will learn just how muchGod is involved in shaping crucialaspects of our world. You cannot afford tobe ignorant of this incredible knowledge.If this information about the lost tribeswere simply of historical and archaeolog-ical value,then it might indeed be of interest only to those who are fascinatedwith history. But it is far more importantthan that.It is a
master key
for understandingall biblical prophecy. It explains whyso many prophecies speak of a coming

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