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Alien Digest Vol 3 of 4

Alien Digest Vol 3 of 4

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Published by SAHWIN
Rare issues of AlienDigest. Phil Schneider, along with friend Ron Rummel, published these periodicals until Rummel was murdered on August 6, 1993.
Phil Schneider was found dead in his home after 2yr on a lecture tour tring to reveal these secrets.
Rare issues of AlienDigest. Phil Schneider, along with friend Ron Rummel, published these periodicals until Rummel was murdered on August 6, 1993.
Phil Schneider was found dead in his home after 2yr on a lecture tour tring to reveal these secrets.

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Published by: SAHWIN on Feb 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume No. 3
The Alien Crash at Roswell 7/2/1947 
Current Abductions and Genetic ExperimentsOrion and the Unholy Six Richard Shaver's View of the Grays MJ12 Wars and Military Preparedness
What Aliens Don't Want You to Know
 Invisible UFOs More on the Reptoids Dr. Edward Teller's Anti Gravity Research Hitler's Fourth ReichThe Dragon People Bigfoot The Greata 1954 Alien /Human War at Tucson ArizonaSpace Settlement Project  Radio Electronic Combat 
And more...
THE LAW OF LOVE The Law of Love is that Law which places the welfare, concern and feeling for others above self The Law of Love is that close affinity with all forces that youassociate with as good. The Law of Love is that force which denies the existenceof evil in the world, that resists not. Love makes the path of least resistance.THE LAW OF GRATITUDE The Law of Gratitude is that sense of satisfaction where energy which has beengiven receives a certain reward. Energy that is given moves out on that curved and unequal line, and when extended far enough, can only return to its sourcebearing gifts.
THE ALIEN DIGEST IS PART OF THE COSMIC VOYAGE©Aquarian Church 1990. All rights Reserved. Permission to reprint may be granted onrequest. A Publication of The Aquarian Church of Universal Service P.O. Box 1116 Mc-Minnville, OR. 97128
The Aquarian Church of Universal Service was founded and organized as a 501 (c)3Non-Profit, tax exempt organization, whose stated purpose is to serve as a religious,research, philanthropic and educational organization. Subscribers to the Cosmic Voyageneed not be members. Members are encouraged to study all philosophies and importantreligious and secular teachings to draw from them the "highest and best" in search ofHigher Truths and deeper understanding.Associates need not agree, but our religious, scientific, philosophic and metaphysicalresearch suggests a model of the Universe as a living Being, encompassing a hierarchyof consciousness forming vibrations and frequencies, which hold "realms" or multi-dimensions inhabited by various types of beings.These realms are made from octaves of frequencies and may be the "many mansions" inBiblical terms. The Biblical "Word" which was "in the beginning" with God, as God (John1:1-4) refers to these Universal vibrations or frequencies - the Universal Consciousnessor "Divine Mind". These Higher frequencies are the Life Force and emanations of theDivine Mind of the Creator. It is conceivable that all physical matter is but vibration andis the dream stuff of a Divine Mind, even as one's human dreams appear to be materialand real while caught in the dream state. Life as commonly known, may well be a cosmicdream, and each individual in it, but a thought-forms living within the image of TheUniversal Consciousness or Divine Mind.This philosophy would explain mysteries of psychic and supernatural phenomenon. Itsuggests the Macrocosmic Being parallels and has a likeness to the microcosmic being.ft presumes we, as individual souls, are as cells in the body of God, and reflect (like theDNA coded cells in the human body) the whole, the "image of God".Created in an "image of God" our frequencies reflect and pattern on Universal frequencies. If God is Universal Consciousness, then God is a personal God, for what can bemore personal than a Union of Divine and Private Consciousness.Christianity's secret esoteric (hidden/inner) teachings are embraced by the church andform a base for its deeper doctrines, interpretations, teachings and purpose.Science and Religion must eventually unite as they approach the Absolute Truth. Weseek to speed the merging of the two.Greater Truths can only be discovered when we are free to question, doubt, and criticallyexamine our own most cherished beliefs and to listen objectively to the beliefs of others.This way we open ourselves to accelerated learning and believe God would have it noother way. Our practice asks us to teach those who wish to know, heal the sick, reducethe sorrow, suffering and tragedy in the world, and show, by example, the Force whichis Creative Love.
For further information write the address above.
Notes on the Past
Around the first of June 1983 Charles Berlitz, the author of "The Bermuda Triangle" (Doubleday) Madea startling press release to the public,which stated that "America's Presidents have conducted clandestinemeetings with aliens from outerspace since at least the 1940s". According to Berlitz "Most of thisinformation is still kept in secret filesand in sealed laboratories".Berlitz says these elaborate UFOmeetings first started on July 2,1947,when a UFO crashed near Roswell,New Mexico."There are two reasons why thiscrash has remained a closelyguarded secret," claims Berlitz. "Oneis the obvious military advantage theUnited States has gamed by learningas much as possible aboutaerodynamics and inter-planetarytravel from this craft.""The other is at the time of the crashthere might have been a mass panicif the public had been made officiallyaware that strange beings from otherworlds were visiting us .Berlitz says that President Eisenhower with an appointment to meetwith aliens, managed to elude thepress entourage following him byhaving them told he had gone to visitthe dentist (Feb. 20. 1954, Meetsaliens at Muroc Air base.)"If that were true, the Presidentwould have spent 28 hours in thedentist's chair."One thing he managed to do wastrace the manner in which the bodiesof inter-planetary visitors whocrashed at Roswell were routed andshipped to various scientificlaboratories around the country.The remains were shipped tovarious "Blue Rooms" across theU.S. These Blue Rooms are aboveTop Secret and are guarded by SOFteams. "The only people who haveaccess to these rooms are presidentsand a small number of closely
uarded UFO investigators." saysBerlitz."All presidents since the SecondWorld War have been given athorough briefing on UFOs, andmany have even met these spacetravelers when they come to visit ourplanet."On March 25th 1948 a Flying Saucercrashed about 12 miles east of AztecNew Mexico. It was a 100 feet indiameter. General George C. Marshall, then Secretary of State, wasone of the very first to be told. Marshall immediately called an impromptu meeting with the JointChiefs Of Staff, the NationalSecurity Council, and the President.He then contacted the MJ-12 group,and placed IPU (InterplanetaryPhenomenon Unit) on Red-Alert."IPU was set-up as the recoveryteam. General Marshall then contacted Dr. Vannevar Bush. "He toldDr. Bush to organize an impromptuscientific team to accompany theIPU team to the crash site." (In noother country has a scientist everbeen given the wartime powers orthe funds which were at Dr. Bush'sdisposal.)Up to 12 dead and charred bodieswere found inside the flying disk. Dry
ice and small containers were quickly shipped in for immediate preservation of the bodies. Then they werereplaced a few weeks later with liquid-nitrogen refrigeration containers. Some went intosuper-cryogenic storage, some wentto ordinary cryogenic storage. Theothers went to "be autopsied.Extensive work went into the autopsied aliens, legs were cut in half,skulls were cut open, much information was written down later in"Project Sign Report No. 13"Witnessess later disclosed that U.S.Air Force Officers found dead onboard the Aztec crash were ready tobe taken on board the mothership.Years later "Project Grudge ReportNo. 13" also dealt with dead andmutilated Air Force officers, givingcredibility to the earlier reports.
July 18,1990London, England
Aliens are abducting our womenand stealing their babies, accordingto Budd Hopkins a UFO abductionexpert of 15 years.Mr. Hopkins claims to have documented over 300 individual cases, including pregnant women whosebabies "disappeared" after theirUFO abduction, confoundinggynecologists and the fathers-to-be.MR.. Hopkins told of stories of abductees witnessing some strangesights— such as aliens four feet tallwith gray skin and big black eyes,piles of extraterrestrial corpses andeven half- human/half-aliencrossbreed babies.Children and young people seemedto be particular targets for the alienabductions."This phenomenon is very largeworldwide. It is very upsetting. It hasa very ominous quality," said Hopkins.As some of you know, UFOs havebeen abducting men and women forsperm and ovum for many years. Butnow it appears there could be evenmore to it than that. Consider thisfollowing scenerio for example: Aman is abducted as he drives downthe road, once on board he isroutinely electrolocked to the table,and given a needle injection of someunknown serum. He is then turnedloose. Later he is reabducted andmilked for sperm. Could that serumhe was given earlier produce genetically engineered sperm that cansecrete medically useful quantitiesof drugs for the aliens. This type of biotechnological barnyard couldproduce drugs more rapidly, morecheaply and in greater quantitiesthan the standard "bioreactor" ap-
roach, in which vats of gene-alteredbacteria or culture dishes of humancells churn out genetically engineered drugs.Eggs stolen from a human femalecould be implanted in anotherhuman female after the egg had beenfertilized by the sperm from thehuman pharm-animal --all beingdone by the alien Pharmers, suggesting that we are nothing but "animalsdown on the Pharm."This is why some women just gettheir eggs stolen, while others areimplanted with a fertilized egg. Somemen are made to make love withalien crossbreed women, whileothers have their sperm taken.There is a lot of strange genetic testing going on.
To the ancient Egyptians, in the VDynasty the constellation of Orionwas SAHU. hunters, —huntingthrough the heavens for Gods andmen to rip apart and boil for food.The old Empire of Orion has alwaysbeen a highly competitive race. Theirinternal aggression has been veryhard on them and they want to rulethe galaxy as the rightful owners.Orion has had to search for and construct a "Network" after a war wipedout their "DeathStar" called Tyran-tor. This planet sized spacecraft hadbeen the capital of an old and decadent Orion Empire of nearby Starsin the Milky Way galaxy. Tyrantorwas destroyed about a half millionyears ago. (If this sounds familiar,Star Wars, the movie, was based onthis Orion legend.)
 After the Empire was destroyed com pletely only six solar systems with their 
respective star-suns were left, and they
were all in Orion, and became knownas The Unholy Six.
The rulers of the six solar systems inOrion have rebuilt the Old Empireinto a New Galactic Empire with thesix solar systems as the centers of their operations.The New Galactic Empire createdby Orion is about 500,000 years old.Orion is older; the empire hasamassed many riches, and hasclaimed many treasure planets fromwhich to grab riches— including theearth. The Orion Grays have a veryhigh materialistic intellect and areexperts at gaining control overplanetary governments by coercionand controlling economies andpolitical powers. But they have veryreal and serious problems.The natural resources of the UnholySix are almost exhausted; they havelived on borrowed time for 500,000years and their end is near. Whatstarted out as their fight to gain control has now turned into a strugglefor their survival. The situation torthe New Empire becomes more critical every day, and the rulers back home are demanding action. Theymust have resources! These rulersare not tolerant beings by any means.They tried to take over Earth 230,000years ago on Lemuria, and again inAtlantis 50,000 years ago where theywere then known as the "Atlans".War now rages in the Orion systemfor new resources, and theywatch...with greedy eyes.. .planetEarth, which is rich in mineralwealth, animals, and human life. TheNew Galactic Empire of Orion hasone powerful earthly goal: conquest,then enslavement of the earth's masses.They have had bases on Earth sincethe late 1940s and are involved withthe abduction of human beings forartificial insemination and interbreeding with other primativehumanoids to create a genetic subclass of workers and AdvancedBiological Weapons: Super Soldiers.Soviet scientists attending an international conference on UFOs inMunich, West Germany said that in1983 Soviet fighter jets had shotdown a giant UFO which flewstraight at them." "Two MIG 25fighters intercepted the UFO in aremote region of Azarbaijan in 1983.They fired two rockets when theUFO turned onto a collision course.The wreckage was discovered by two

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