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Distributed Firewall

Distributed Firewall



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Published by id.arun5260
seminar report on distributed firewall
seminar report on distributed firewall

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Published by: id.arun5260 on Feb 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is system or group of system (router, proxy, gateway…)that implements a set of security rules to enforce access control between twonetworks to protect “inside” network from “outside network. It may be ahardware device or a software program running on a secure host computer.In either case, it must have at least two network interfaces, one for thenetwork it is intended to protect, and one for the network it is exposed to. Afirewall sits at the junction point or gateway between the two networks,usually a private network and a public network such as the Internet.
Hardware Firewall: Computer with Firewall Software:
Hardware firewall providing protection to Computer running firewall software to providea Local Network protection
A Firewall
A physical manifestation of your security policy.
One component of overall security architecture.
A mechanism for limiting access by network elements and protocols.A Firewall is not…
A cure-all for security shortcomings on platforms or in applications.
A complete security architecture.
Something that should be configured “on-the-fly”.
Effective protection against viruses (typically).
Conventional firewalls rely on the notions of restricted topology andcontrol entry points to function. More precisely, they rely on the assumptionthat everyone on one side of the entry point--the firewall--is to be trusted,and that anyone on the other side is, at least potentially, an enemy.Distributed firewalls are host-resident security software applicationsthat protect the enterprise network's servers and end-user machines againstunwanted intrusion. They offer the advantage of filtering traffic from boththe Internet and the internal network. This enables them to prevent hackingattacks that originate from both the Internet and the internal network. This isimportant because the most costly and destructive attacks still originate fromwithin the organization.They are like personal firewalls except they offer several importantadvantages like central management, logging, and in some cases, access-control granularity. These features are necessary to implement corporatesecurity policies in larger enterprises. Policies can be defined and pushed outon an enterprise-wide basis.A feature of distributed firewalls is centralized management. Theability to populate servers and end-users machines, to configure and "pushout" consistent security policies helps to maximize limited resources. Theability to gather reports and maintain updates centrally makes distributedsecurity practical. Distributed firewalls help in two ways. Remote end-user machines can be secured. Secondly, they secure critical servers on thenetwork preventing intrusion by malicious code and "jailing" other suchcode by not letting the protected server be used as a launch pad for expandedattacks.Usually deployed behind the traditional firewall, they provide asecond layer of defense. They work by enabling only essential traffic intothe machine they protect, prohibiting other types of traffic to preventunwanted intrusions. Whereas the perimeter firewall must take a generalist,common denominator approach to protecting servers on the network,distributed firewalls act as specialists.

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