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Nibiru the 12th Planet Zecharia Sitchin 1976

Nibiru the 12th Planet Zecharia Sitchin 1976



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Published by anon-132247
This first title of the series, 12° Planet, presents/displays ancient tests of the existence of another planet within the Solar System. One is the native planet of the Anunnaki. In fact, the recent data coming from not piloted spaceships, confirm these tests and it has impelled the astronomers to look for actively what comes denominating itself like “planet X”
This first title of the series, 12° Planet, presents/displays ancient tests of the existence of another planet within the Solar System. One is the native planet of the Anunnaki. In fact, the recent data coming from not piloted spaceships, confirm these tests and it has impelled the astronomers to look for actively what comes denominating itself like “planet X”

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Published by: anon-132247 on Jun 28, 2007
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12º Planet - Indexhttp:// of 36/27/2007 9:59 PM
Zecharia Sitchin
1976Loved reader:The series CHRONIC DE the Earth is based on premises such as: that mythology is not anextravagance, but the depositaria of ancestral memories; that the Bible must literally ***reflx mng like adocument historical-scientist; and which the old civilizations (much more old and esplendorosas ofwhich usually one is believed) were the product of the knowledge which they brought to the Earth theAnunnaki, that is to say, “those that descended from the Sky to the Earth”.This first title of the series,
, presents/displays ancient tests of the existence of another planetwithin the Solar System. One is the native planet of theAnunnaki. In fact, the recent data coming fromnot piloted spaceships, confirm these tests and it has impelled the astronomers to look for actively whatcomes denominating itself like “planet XThe second title of the series, the
Stairs to the Sky 
follows the sign of the unfinished search of theimmortality of the man until arriving at a space port located in the Peninsula of the Sinaí and thepyramids of Gizé that served like beacons as landing refuting itself therefore the theory according towhich the pyramids were work of human Pharaohs. Recently the testimony of that saw a falseinscription of Khufu Pharaoh inside the Great Pyramid corroborates the conclusions of the book.
The War Of the Gods and the Men 
narrate the facts happened in the times nearest the present time andconclude that the space position of the Sinaí was destroyed 4,000 years ago withnuclear missiles. Infact, the taken Earth photographies from the space demonstrate clearly that this explosion took place.This rewarding confirmation of audacious conclusions has been still faster in the fourth title, the
Lost Kingdoms 
. In the short space of time between the conclusion of the manuscript and its publication,archaeologists, linguists and other scientists have replaced the call “Theory of the long walk by the ice”by the “Theory of the Coast” to explain the arrival in boat of the man to the Américas so that all thesescientists have gotten to agree with the same conclusions at which this fourth title arrives from theseries. It seems that the scientists, “have discovered - as he affirms to a doctor of the University of Yalesuddenly 2000 years of lost civilization” so that they have corroborated the conclusions of this book.The scientists, in addition, are beginning to relate the beginnings of those civilizations to the beginningsof the Old World, so and as he comes off sumerios texts and Biblical verses.I trust that modern science will continue confirming the knowledge of the old times.
12º Planet - Indexhttp:// 36/27/2007 9:59 PM
 New York, Julio of 1960“Several factors that remarkably differentiate the good documented works Exist from
of all the others that they treat this subject. One of these factors is the one of itslinguistic abilities, between which not only several modern languages are also included thatallow him to consult the works of other students in their original languages, but the one oftheir knowledge of sumerio, Egyptian and Hebrew the old ones, as well as of otherlanguages of the antiquity.“Their thirty years of dedication to the academic and personal investigation before decidingon the publication have given like result a meticulous work and a little habitual perspective,and they have allowed him to make the opportune modifications, whenever it has beennecessary. The author has looked for the objects and the oldest texts of those than can bearranged, offering in their books a great profusion of photographies and drawings of smallboards, monuments, murals, ceramics, seals, etc. Used generously throughout, provide themost important visual evidence to us… Although it does not try to solve all the mysteriesthat have been coming disturbing to the investigators for more than one hundred years,
Zecharia Sitchin
offers new keys to us for the understanding of our past.”
Rosemary DECKER
Historian and Investigator 
From old texts, archaeology and mythology,
Zecharia Sitchin
entreteje the story of theorigins of the humanity and documents theextraterrestrial intervention in the Earth history.
Being centered in the old Sumeria, the authorreveals with extraordinary precision the completehistory to us of the Solar System according to theversion of the visitors coming from another planetthat turns to short Earth distance every 3600years.
 “12º planet” is, without a doubt, the book of reference forced on the old astronauts since inhim it is narrated to us when and how they arrivedand how the technology and the culura of theseastronauts have been influencing in the humanrace for already hundreds of thousands of years. “Exciting, likely, provocative and convincing inextreme degree. “12º planet” contributesdocuments for a totally new theory that it offersanswers to old questions, simultaneously thatraise other new ones (as it points the author: if the Nefilim [...] created the Earth Man whocreated to the Nefilim)” LIBRARY JOURNAL “One of the most important books never writingson the Earth origins” KIRKUS REVIEWS
waseducated in Palestine where itacquired a deep modern Hebrewknowledge of and the classic one,the semíticas and Europeanlanguages, the Old Testamentand the history and archaeologyof the Near East. And PoliticalScience studied in the LondonSchool of Economics and itreceived the master's degree inthe University of London where itspecialized in economic history.During years he was one of themain journalists and publishers of Israel. At the moment it residesin New York.Sitchin, one of the little scholarswho read and understand
12º Planet - Indexhttp:// of 36/27/2007 9:59 PM
 “The book of Sitchin is all a sensation… a rationaland erudite work, of deep implications and evidentfruit of uan laborious and perspicaz work of oldtext documentation and, this is precisely why, asincere and simultaneously convincing work.LIBRARY JOURNALsumerio, in the series CHRONICDE the Earth approaches thehistory and prehistory of theEarth and the Man being basedon the information and recordedtexts in clay small boards by theold civilizations of the Near East.The works of 
alreadyhave been translated to severallanguages and have beenpublished in editions of pocketand even in version Braille forinvidentes.
Zecharia Sitchin
participates frequently inprograms as much of radio as of television.
INDEX Gratefulness Note of the Author Prologue
 An Interminable Beginning 
 A Sudden Civilization
 Gods of the Sky and the Earth 
 Sumer: The Earth of the Gods
 The Nefilim: The Town of the Igneous Rockets 
 The Twelfth Planet 
 The Epic of the Creation 
 The Kingdom of the Sky
 Landing in the Planet Earth 
 The Cities of the Gods
 The Riot of the Anunnaki
 The Creation of the Man
 The Aim of All Meat 
 When the Gods Fled from the Earth
 The Earth Kingdom Fuentes
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