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Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes

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Published by Aniket Pande

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Published by: Aniket Pande on Mar 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SAP Customer Success Story
Cs Pdcs
SAP® CuStom DeveloPment HelPSSPeeD InormAtIon exCHAnge orgreAter CuStomer SAtISACtIon
“The SAP Custom Developmentteam in Bangalore helped ensure thisproject was a critical success.”
 Adi Shro,
CIo ad Si vP CpaHa rscs, ea bs liid
Pis sccss wih SAP swapjcs
ec app wih SAP pp
risd 95% cs saisacia si 
Accad daa cha wih pas,ipi sic  d css
gaid accss  p--h-isic-ca iai  b aapas ad d-cs saisaci
Ipd pas aa, dciiy css
rdcd bsiss pa It , ad-i  s cs  cs sic
Ipd cpa ac by pacidaa  ia SAP swa adscap ss ci dsps
Existing Environment
SAP erP appicai
SAP Cs raiship maaappicai
SAP nWa® Bsiss Iiccp, ciaiy ha is ww as h SAP nWa BsissWahs cp
SAP nWa Pa cp
 Third-Party Integration
Daabas: oac
Hadwa: IBm
opai sys: IBm AIx
na: ea bs liid
Hadqas: mbai, Idia
Idsy: Cs pdcs
Pdcs ad sics: Wa ad ai piicai syss, ac cas,ad sciy syss
r: uS$263 ii
epys: 8,000
Wb si: www.abs.c
Pa: SAP® Cs Dpaizai
Challenges and Opportunities
Spd iai cha wih1,067 bsiss pas
Sh sic w  cs saisaci
gai b ac  daa
Ca cs si  iq d
Say cpaib wih sadad SAPswa
SAP Solutions and Services
SAP Cs Dp sics
Implementation Highlights
Cad si i 3 hs – 10 daysahad  schd
rd  si 1 h ahad  iab
Dpd si -si
Had cs cabai bw bsissss ad dps
rcid s ci spsship
Did hads- aii  wsi
lad cs spp
SAP Cs Dp sd hSAP nWa® Pa cp ca h Wb-basd si i jsh hs – 10 days ahad schd. I as d  h si ha  h  qicy hapisd  a  ea bs’s1,067 bsiss pas acss Idia. nw, a h sic ca is cid h cs a h ca c,h sic qs is idiay aaiab  h bsiss pa  acp. this dasicay ips sicsps  h cs. I h isi, h sic pa ca aspda a aciiis ad iaiad waais, pas sd, iy ds, ad iic ad ba pays.updas a aaicay id ih SAP erP ad SAP Cs raiship maa (SAP Crm)appicais a ea bs, sia daa ais c.“W had a bach sys hadi p 400,000 sic cas p day,” says Adi Sh, CIo ad si vP cp-a ha scs a ea bs.“Bsiss pas aay sych-izd hi daa wih  syss; daa was  ippy haizd  s. SAP Cs Dp bi asi ha hps s ha daaws bac ad h bw s i aiy, qaiy a. W ha ci-s, p--da iai  ca -cs, pas qis, iaciaasacis, ad pa pac.W w acy wha is happiy i  h day. W ipdcpa ac, aii c ccia bsiss pa, cs,ad sic ca daa by i i  bsiss pas’ dsps.” Shh adds, “th SAP Cs Dp- a i Baa hpd shis pjc was a ciica sccss.”th id  sccss ha ads  ashap cpii d. “Cpaisha idiy ad sabish ccia aci-ca adaas ahad  hs, sichy as a , wi psii h-ss a ahad  hi ias,” Shsays. “ma ads ca ai hi psiis by sabishi a chi-ca adaa. this is wha w wad d, ad w achid i sccssy.”
Great Experience with SAP
ea bs had ca ais  ha. Says Sh, “W wcsd; w wad h w swasys  ip bsiss icicy ad hac cs sic. W wad i  hp s ap w bsissppiis, wid  cs ad aphic ach, ad d as. W as wad achi cs dcis ad ipspsiss.”Sh said h dcisi  aSAP Cs Dp was asy.“my pic wih SAP pp iIdia s bac 13 yas; I jy a y d app wih h h. As,a a pis cpay, SAP Csisaw w pjcs  ; bh w cpd  i ad d y  w. S I cad    y y d ids a SAP ad d hi I hada aj pb ad dd s hp.”th id d Sh ha SAP CsDp had js sad p iIdia ad was i  is is cs-. Sh did’ hsia. “I saidih away ha I’d b h is , ad Iiid y id  y ic h day  discssis,” h says.
 A Unique Dierentiator
Bsids h psa cci,Sh id wi dicy wih SAP.“Wih SAP Cs Dp, I a aaid  chas, bcas I wI ca  a h hp I d,” h says.“By ai wih SAP, w ha isihi h d’s  as sa-y, ad I w w ha  spp
ea bs liid had a pb ha did’ d is  a sa-dad si. th cpay – which ss wa ad ai piicaisyss, ac cas, ad sciy syss – wad  spdh w  sic daa bw is ad  ha 1,000 bsisspas wh c sic cacs  is 7 ii css.th SAP® Cs Dp aizai ca p wih hasw: a i si ha accas iai chaad ips cs sic.
 h cs si, paicay  wh w pad  a SAPswa  a w as.”tha’s a iq diia  SAPCs Dp. th aizai y dis SAP-ad qaiy ad spp, b i as hps s cpaibiiy wih h SAP s- wa ad ap ad pad pah. SAPCs Dp bids csswa  p  a cs’s SAPsis, wih  cha  sadadpdc cd. this hps dc dis-pi wh h cs padsa sadad as – shi eabs s is y ipa.Sh cs, “Why s swaha’s  a ad ih   spp a a cai pid  i?Wh y say wih h as swa, y  h bis  ci-dchy ad ca say ahad  hcpii. W wa  b c aa is  say ahad i h ac.”
Strong Sponsorship, Solid Training
SAP Cs Dp cadh si -si a is aciiy iBaa. ea bs s w“chapis”  mbai hadqa-s wh w h bsiss isid .Sh pais, “W ddicad hspp  i  h pjc  wcsy wih SAP Cs Dp-. th SAP dps pydai dp hdis s w cd s dp ss ia iai a  si- a achphas  h pjc. W iwdpss wy i mbai ad a-d  Baa c a h  asi ci i. W hads ci spsship – hhy is w add by  ci ic chaia ad Ceo  sic aizai.ea bs assbd a scda  28 pp,   ach sai Idia, whs jb i wd b   h i si a h bsisspa sis. ths pp ca h bsiss sid ad w chad ac as iaiss bw bsiss adIt. “W s his a  Baa  i days  hads- aii by SAPCs Dp s w cda h dps’ pis   apid adpi  h cssi,” Sh says.
“By engaging with SAP, we have insight into the vendor’s future releasestrategy, and I know we have full support for the custom solution, par-ticularly when we upgrade our overall SAP software to a newer release.”
Larger Scope or CustomSolutions
th si did by SAP CsDp  y hps eabs w b wih is bsisspas, b i abs hs pas s css b. th s-i as as i asi  ay bsiss ics i aas sch asiy ad iacias. “W ca pac  hw ay css d ha waais, as w as waaisha a d  pi, s w ca idach cs  his. As a s, wa aady si a icas i hb  waay was,” Shsays. “W a as capi h bibs  a  css  i-dia idiicai wh hy ca s,spdi ca pcssi ad icas-i cs saisaci.”th It a a ea bs is hihy saisid as w, b Sh ws haIt siy is  h. “I is asy  It  say ha SAP has d a d jb. B i is y diic   ip h ss.” S, a h si w i, ea bs iid a -b  bsiss pas  a scia ad asd hi pii. “o asca  1  100,  bsiss pa-s ad h cs si a 95,”Sh as. “thy sd  ha bipbs i ad sychizihi daa wih  SAP swa ad-scap. nw hy’ yi i dicy i  SAP swa ihh a asy--s bws i-ac. o bsiss pas d shy a dihd wih his si.”
 Adi Shro,
CIo ad Si vP Cpa Ha rscs, ea bs liid
“I was very confident that this project was going to be successful and everythingwould be completed according to schedule. There was no question about it – and we did not have a single day’s delay. SAP Custom Development delivered as promised.”
 Adi Shro,
CIo ad Si vP Cpa Ha rscs, ea bs liid

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