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Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-15

Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-15

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Published by Freddy Davis
What is the Real Choice in Abortion?
What is the Real Choice in Abortion?

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Published by: Freddy Davis on Mar 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In everyday life, we may not think much about the topic of worldview because it seems to be more suited for academicstudy than something that has a direct effect on our daily lives. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every worldviewbelief is directly expressed in daily life. In fact, it is not too far fetched to say that every act you do in life is an expressionof your worldview. When you do things that are good and right, it is because you believe that is how you ought to act. Onthe other hand, every time you do something bad or wrong, it is also an expression of what you believe.That last thought may seem strange because it assumes you want to do bad things. Well, in your mind, maybe not, butsomehow you have given yourself permission to override with your actions what you consider wrong in your mind. Your worldview is not what you
you believe, it is what you
believe and is expressed in your life.Today we are looking at an action that our society has allowed to go on – abortion. We may say we don’t personally ap-prove of it, but by not actively working against it we are saying that it is not horrible enough for us to work toward its elimi-nation. Today we are examining just why abortion is so bad.
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There is no question that the topic of abortion is one of thereal hot button issues of our day. And there is a very strongand outspoken lobby which is active and adamant thatabortion should remain the law of the land. When advocat-ing for “abortion rights,” proponents put forth some very in-teresting arguments as to why it should be legal.The first argument asserts a woman’s right to personalchoice and privacy. They say that the whole abortion de-bate revolves around a woman’s right to have control over her own body. They claim that no outside person shouldhave the right to tell a woman what she must do with her body. It is her own business and she should have the rightto make her own choice.Another argument claims that restricting abortions leads toback-alley procedures which put women’s lives at risk. Theyargue that abortion should be affordable, safe and legal inorder for women to be protected.A third argument is that teen pregnancy leads to all kinds of social problems and that most teens are not ready to beparents. They should, therefore, not have to carry a child toterm which they will be unable to properly care for.Another common argument is that women who becomepregnant by rape or incest should not be forced to bear achild created under those circumstances. They claim that itis simply not right.Finally, it is argued that unwanted children are highly sub- ject to abuse by a parent who does not want the child. If achild is unwanted, the mother should not be forced to haveit.
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Volume 3 Number 15 August 13, 2008
What is the Real Choice in Abortion?
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Essentially, pro-abortion advocates defend their position based on issues of personal choice, privacy, rape and incest,convenience, economics, child abuse, and the like.This is not to say that these issues are not significant. But they completely miss the single most important issue of all.They entirely ignore the fact that every abortion kills a completely innocent human being. Not a single one of the pro-abortion arguments above can possibly justify this outcome.Think about each of these issues for a moment. Should a pregnant mother have the power to take the life an unbornchild based simply on a “right to choose?” Should the privacy rights of one individual trump the right of another to live?Should a child be exterminated because the means of conception was bad or even traumatic for the mother? Should ababy be killed because bearing it will be inconvenient for the mother? Should a pre-born child be killed because theparent(s) can’t afford another child? Should a person’s life be snuffed out because it might be brought into the home of someone who may not be a good parent?Looking at it this way, the answers to the questions are obvious. There is no legitimate reason to kill an unborn baby.But if we are going to make an assertion like this, there is one more issue that we must address. In taking this anti-abor-tion stance, we are also making an assumption – an assumption that the pre-born child is fully a human being. Manyabortion advocates assert that the unborn are not yet real human beings, so aborting them is not killing a child.This forces us to answer the deeper question: Is an unborn child an actual human being? Is an unborn baby nothingmore than a non-viable mass of tissue in a woman’s body, or is it something more? Is that tissue simply a “potential” hu-man being, or is it a “real” human being? Let’s look at the facts.First, we know that a fetus is alive from the moment of conception. Science has shown definitively that the cells whichcomprise the fetus are living. There is life there.Secondly, we know that from the moment of conception the fetus forms a distinct human being. It is not simply inert tis-sue in the mother. It is an individual person which is different from the mother’s body. When a sperm and egg come to-gether, they create a new person with distinct characteristics which are not just like either the mother or the father. Thecoming together creates a unique being with its own DNA.
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