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Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-16

Worldview Made Practical - Issue 3-16

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Published by Freddy Davis
The Gospel According to the California Supreme Court: Postmodernism
The Gospel According to the California Supreme Court: Postmodernism

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Published by: Freddy Davis on Mar 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You no doubt keep hearing of the influence of Postmodernism in modern American society. But do you really know what itis? Postmodernism can be described. That being said, it is one of the more difficult belief systems to get our mindsaround. In many ways it is the ultimate avoidance system – avoiding any responsibility for taking a definitive stand on any-thing. And this avoidance system also makes it difficult to define.Well, today’s article should help you get a bit of a handle on this topic. As you read, you will no doubt see where some of today’s headlines come from, as well as the mentality of some of your friends and colleagues.In this political season, it is so amazing to watch as the political candidates raise millions of dollars to get people electedto office. Wouldn’t it be great if those dollars could be used to build the Kingdom of God rather than someone’s politicalfuture?As I have shared before, MarketFaith Ministries is preparing to hold a Worldview Summit for Ministry Professionals nextJanuary. We believe that this will be a tremendous opportunity to share more about worldview with a key group of people
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Very recently, a lawsuit was brought before the CaliforniaSupreme Court challenging the established law that mar-riage was between one man and one woman. This tradition-al legal interpretation of marriage, of course, has been ineffect from the very beginning of the establishment of gov-ernment in California. Several years ago, as homosexualactivists began agitating for the right to marry, Californiacitizens brought forth a citizen initiated proposition whichexplicitly enshrined this definition in law.The American political and legal system has been estab-lished in such a way as to make a very definite separationbetween the various branches of government. It is the job of the legislative branch to make law, the role of the judiciaryto interpret the law that has been created by the legislativebranch, and it is the executive branch’s job to carry it out.But in the case of the marriage law in California, the courtfound a right for homosexuals to marry in the CaliforniaConstitution, even though it doesn’t actually exist. In other words, they usurped the legislative process and created lawby judicial decree. By the way, this is exactly what also hap-pened when the United States Supreme Court found a con-stitutional right for abortion in the U.S. Constitution whichdid not exist there. So just what was it that made thosecourts believe that it was okay for them to make those kindsof rulings?The root of this kind of judicial activism did not just appear out of nowhere. It is actually the end result of a particular  judicial philosophy which has its roots in Naturalism. It is aphilosophy which asserts that the Constitution is a living,breathing document which must be interpreted based onthe social attitudes of the current day. If the social condi-tions of today are different than those of the time when it
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MarketFaith Ministries is an equipping ministry which is focused on helping Christians become more effectivein living out their faith in the midst of the increasingly diverse worldview environment of modern society.
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Volume 3 Number 14 July 23, 2008
The Gospel According to the California Supreme Court: Postmodernism
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was originally written, it is appropriate to interpret the law based in a different set of assumptions than were originally in-tended. This is an entirely different approach than what has always held before – that the interpretation must be basedon the intent of those who originally wrote the law.Under the traditional approach, if society wanted to change the law, it had to be done through the legislative process.Under this Naturalistic philosophy, if a court becomes dominated by judges who hold this view, they can simply make thechanges themselves.Of course, there are numerous forms of Naturalism and every form lends itself to this kind of relativistic approach to thelaw. But there is a form of Naturalism which is very prominent in our day and which is the primary impetus for the waythese liberal courts are approaching their jobs. This form of Naturalism is called Postmodernism.
Postmodernism is a particularly difficult concept to pin down because, by definition, it denies the very foundations thatmake language comprehendible. The term generally refers to the denial of absolute truth and is a radical denouncementof Western philosophy. It rejects any assertion of universal or transcendent truth and is the underpinning of the conceptof “political correctness.”This philosophy plays out very visibly in daily life, but in a way that makes it difficult for most people to judge and evalu-ate. It is expressed in virtually every area of life including art, architecture, music, film, literature, sociology, communica-tions, fashion, technology and so on. And while there are a number of philosophers and writers who are proponents of Postmodernism, there is not a single individual who can be identified as the “Father” of the movement. It has developedgradually and steadily over the course of the last century.In many ways, Postmodernism is a reaction against modern civilization.
thought is centered around a belief inrationality and the effort to create order out of chaos. This belief system recognizes that there is such a thing as an ob- jective right and wrong which allows society to maintain order and to function more smoothly.Postmodernism, on the other hand, takes the view that you can’t make those kinds of judgments. There is no such thingas an objective right and wrong in any area of life. They dismiss the concept of what they refer to as metanarratives (alsocalled grand narratives or master narratives). A metanarrative refers to the most fundamental ideas of any particular 
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who will be able to use it to further the work of the Kingdom of God. At this point we are needing financial support to ef-fectively pull this off. If you would be willing to donate to this cause, we would greatly appreciate your help. MarketFaithMinistries is a registered non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible. You can send your contribution toMarketFaith Ministries, 321 Anton Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32312. Or, you can donate online at the MarketFaith Ministrieswebsite at www.marketfaith.org. Simply click on the “donate” button. And please share this need with your friends.Thanks so much for your help.I always love to hear from you. Contact me any time with your thoughts, opinions and suggestions.God bless,Freddy
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belief system. For instance, the metanarrative of American culture might be that democracy is the best form of govern-ment. Or, a metanarrative for Christianity might state that Jesus is the only way of salvation.Postmodernism asserts that not only do national cultures have metanarratives, but all elements of every society is built onthem – elements such as science, art, architecture, music, literature, sociology, communications, fashion, technology and,of course, religion. It then goes on to maintain that no metanarrative (set of basic beliefs) is any more viable that any oth-er. Thus, when anyone claims that their view is “right,” Postmodernists dispute that claim saying there is no such thing as“right.” Each view is right for its own situation and context, but not for other situations.Rather than accepting metanarratives, Postmodernism prefers to operate out of what they call "mini-narratives." Theseare statements that focus on individual events rather than on universal principles. Every judgement that is made must bebased only on the circumstances of that particular situation, and there is no objectively right or wrong answer. What isright at one point may not be right at another. What is right for one person may not be right for another. There is no ac-knowledgment of any universal truth or morality. As a result, knowledge becomes strictly functional. This, then, has a pro-found influence on the way people live out their lives in the real world.
Basic Beliefs and Practices
Since postmodernism is so inherently difficult to comprehend because of its rejection of any kind of absolute truth, theeasiest way to get at how it plays out in life is to compare it directly with its Modernistic counterpart. The following gives asense of how this plays out in various areas of life.
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: There is such a thing as objective truth whichneeds to be transmitted to students.
: Since there is no objective truth, teachersare not transmitters of information, but are facilitators tohelp students construct their own knowledge.
Health Care
: The body can be objectively studied and un-derstood. The proper approach to medicine is to empirical-ly explore how the body works and devise therapies basedon the objective knowledge that is discovered.
: Alternative medical techniques are just asvalid as modern medical techniques. These alternativescan legitimately be brought into mainstream hospitals andnursing schools.
: There are universal laws of science that canbe studied and understood. These laws can be applied tothe material world to solve objective problems.
: The universe is not based on absolutelaws. The whole world is interconnected and the universeis not rational.
: There is an objective reality that defines men-tal and emotional health. A therapist is able to understandthat reality and help a patient toward health.
: The idea of what is the “right” mental or emotional state cannot be determined by a therapist. Thepatient must construct what is right for him or her and thetherapist simply tries to help them get there.
: There is an objective truth as it relates to God.Individuals are able to learn that truth and align their liveswith it.
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