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Frederick Treesh execution timeline

Frederick Treesh execution timeline

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Published by The News-Herald
The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections's timeline of condemned prisoner's fexecution.
The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections's timeline of condemned prisoner's fexecution.

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Published by: The News-Herald on Mar 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Message Board
Date Posted Message
3/6/201311:32:51 AMTreesh Timeline Concluded3/6/201311:32:36 AMAfter-action review beginning3/6/201311:31:39 AMExecution team and administrators are assembling for after-actionreview3/6/201311:28:15 AMExecution team members have exited the death house3/6/201311:27:55 AMTM#10 has advised that the unused drugs are being taken from thedeath house to the SOCF Infirmary safe area.3/6/201311:14:07 AMOperations Section Chief Donald Morgan has sent an e-mail to WardenRobinson, CCI that the execution has been completed3/6/201311:08:45 AMAll ODRC Executive staff have exited the death house3/6/201311:05:53 AMVictim witnesses have exited the facility3/6/201310:59:27 AMThe Funeral Director has exited Sally Port 13/6/201310:52:17 AMThe Funeral Director has placed the body in the hearse3/6/201310:48:43 AMThe inmate is being removed from the chamber on the gurney3/6/201310:48:00 AMThe inmate has been placed on the gurney3/6/201310:47:12 AMThe funeral director has entered the chamber3/6/201310:44:09 AMAll restraints have been removed3/6/201310:44:00 AMThe execution team has entered the chamber to remove restraints3/6/201310:43:34 AMWT2 to report to secondary duties3/6/201310:43:11 AMWanza Jackson and Chaplain Freeman have exited the chamber3/6/201310:42:54 AMVictim witnesses have cleared CC13/6/201310:42:16 AMWanza Jackson and Chaplain Freeman have entered the chamber3/6/201310:41:55 AMMedical has completed removing the IVs and exited the chamber3/6/201310:41:15 AMVictim witnesses are cleared to exit the death house3/6/201310:40:59 AMInmate witnesses have cleared CC13/6/201310:40:04 AMInmate witnesses are cleared to exit the death house
3/6/201310:39:43 AMMedia witnesses have cleared CC13/6/201310:38:56 AMMedical has entered the chamber to remove the IVs3/6/201310:38:40 AMMedia witnesses are cleared to exit the death house3/6/201310:38:01 AMCurtain is now closed3/6/201310:37:55 AMWarden announced time of death 10:37am3/6/201310:37:38 AMCurtain is now opened3/6/201310:37:29 AMThe Coroner has completed his assessment and exited the chamber3/6/201310:36:51 AMCoroner has entered the chamber to examine the body3/6/201310:36:24 AMCameras are off 3/6/201310:36:07 AMCurtain is closed3/6/201310:36:00 AMIV sites are good, no heart sounds, no lung sounds3/6/201310:35:42 AMMedical has completed the assessment and exited the chamber3/6/201310:34:15 AMMedical has entered the chamber to make an assessment3/6/201310:28:08 AM10:27:47 starting continuous flush;DA233/6/201310:27:49 AMThe light is switched off 3/6/201310:27:41 AM10:27:30 completed syringe #2;DA233/6/201310:25:57 AM10:25:27 starting syringe #2;DA233/6/201310:25:29 AM10:25:13 completed clearing the line of syringe #1; DA233/6/201310:23:51 AM10:23:20 begin clearing the line of syringe #1; DA233/6/201310:23:24 AM10:23:09 syringe #1 complete;DA#233/6/201310:22:02 AM10:21:38 starting syringe #1;DA233/6/201310:21:33 AMSignal given; light is on3/6/201310:21:19 AMLast statement complete3/6/201310:19:42 AMThe Warden is offering the last statement3/6/201310:19:28 AMThe Execution team has exited the chamber3/6/201310:19:13 AMThe curtain is now open3/6/201310:18:51 AMExecution team has finished applying all restraints3/6/2013 One stick in the right arm, two attempts in the left arm;right arm is
10:18:33 AM primary3/6/201310:18:00 AMMedical is exiting the chamber3/6/201310:16:39 AMMedical has established IV sites3/6/201310:15:25 AMMedical is still working in chamber3/6/201310:07:05 AMMedical has entered the chamber to establish IV sites3/6/201310:06:31 AMCurtain is closed3/6/201310:06:07 AMExecution team has started applying restraints3/6/201310:05:52 AMInmate is ordered to lay on bed and is complying3/6/201310:05:37 AMInmate and execution team are entering the execution chamber3/6/201310:05:22 AMCameras are on3/6/201310:05:02 AMReading of the Death Warrant is complete3/6/201310:04:21 AMWarden is at cell front reading the Death Warrant3/6/201310:03:41 AMinmate is complying3/6/201310:03:36 AMThe execution team is at cell front, door is open, inmate is ordered tostand3/6/201310:02:54 AMInmate witnesses are in place3/6/201310:00:33 AMInmate witnesses are cleared to CC#1 and are cleared to cross theyard3/6/201310:00:06 AMVictim witnesses are in place3/6/20139:58:34 AMVictim witnesses are cleared to CC#1 and cleared to cross the yard3/6/20139:58:12 AMMedia witnesses are in place3/6/20139:56:23 AMMedia witnesses are cleared to CC#1 and cleared to cross the yard3/6/20139:55:50 AMThe IC has approved for the process to begin3/6/20139:55:34 AMCommunication lines have been established with the AG's and theGovernor's Office3/6/20139:54:37 AMCoroner is in the holding area3/6/20139:52:47 AMCorrection for 9:45 am entry; Warden Morgan, South Regional DirectorVoorhies, *Att. Trout, Director Mohr and Deputy Director entereddeath house and spoke with I/M Treesh
3/6/20139:51:41 AMFuneral Director is on site3/6/20139:47:32 AMI/M Treesh sitting on the bed3/6/20139:45:14 AMWarden Morgan, South Regional Director Voorhies, Att. Stout, DirectorMohr and Deputy Director Huffman

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