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Building a Healthier Austin, 2011

Building a Healthier Austin, 2011

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Published by wednesdayjournal
Building a Healthier Austin, Special Section
Building a Healthier Austin, Special Section

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Published by: wednesdayjournal on Mar 06, 2013
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Austin Weekly News, September 1, 2011
Special Advertising Section
Building aHealthierAustin
It is my pleasure to present this rst issue o “Healthy Living-Healthy Liestyles, Building aHealthier Austin,”a section dedicated to eating well,living well, and being physically active. Building a Healthier Austin seeks to help people behealthier where they live, work, play, pray, eat, andlearn. Along with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’sMove campaign, we are working to create a healthystart or children, empower parents and caregivers,provide healthy ood in schools, improve access tohealthy and afordable schools, and increase physicalactivity. We hope you enjoy the articles, health inormation,and events highlighted in this paper. And, moreimportantly, we hope you join us in our efortsto build a healthier Austin! Building healthiercommunities is a big job, and none o us can doit alone… but with partnerships that includeneighborhood leaders, parents, ches, schools, andlocal ood retailers we can improve the physical andemotional health o an entire generation. I look orward to walking with you on September24th at our Building a Healthier Chicago CommunityWalk or Health. Let’s move, let’s walk, let’s gethealthy! Sincerely, James M. Galloway, MD, FACP, FACC, FAHAAssistant U.S. Surgeon General, USPHSActing Regional Director and Regional HealthAdministrator,U.S. Department o Health and HumanServices, Region V
Austin Weekly News, September 1, 2011Special Advertising Section
Building aHealthierAustin
There has been a lot o ocus on Michelle Obama’s“Let’s Move”campaign that aims to combat and preventchildhood obesity through healthy eating and physicalactivity. Now the challenge has come to Austin and it’stime to dust o those walking shoes and get moving! OnSaturday, September 24th Building a Healthier Austin(An Initiative o Building a Healthier Chicago – Let’sMove!) is hosting a 5K Walk or Health. The day willbegin at 8:00 am in LaFollette Park with opening remarksby Alderman Emma Mitts, registration and a warm-up.The walk will kick-o at 10:00 am and will travel pastAustin Town Hall Park, where Alderman Jason Irvinwill motivate and cheer walkers on! It will conclude atColumbus Park with closing statements by AldermanDeborah Graham. Rest stops will be provided along thewalk route so that walkers can grab water or take a quickrest. It is recommended that individuals and groups whoparticipate in the Walk or Health prepare by beginninga walking routine now. You can do this by joining anAustin Walk Club! To get the momentum going Buildinga Healthier Austin is partnering with the Chicago ParkDistrict to host walking clubs in parks and aroundthe community. I you would preer to walk byyoursel or start your own walking club rememberto start at your own pace. Begin by walkingaround the blocks by your house and then increasethe amount you are walking every week. Soonyou will be able to walk the 5K with no sweat!The event will conclude with a tness expo thatwill demonstrate healthy cooking and exercise activities.It is sure to be a busy day ull o activity and healthyeating. You may register at any o the locations below orat LaFollette Park on the day o the event.
 Join In On the Fun!  All Ages Are Welcome! 
 Austin, Lets Move! Join Us at the5K Walk for Health! 
In 2008 the Department o Health and Human Services– Region V collaborated with the Chicago Departmento Public Health and the American Medical Associationto orm the Building a Healthier Chicago Initiative.Building a Healthier Chicago was created in the hopeso increasing thehealth o Chicagoresidents, with thespecic goals o increasing physicalactivity; improvinghealthy eating;and preventing,detecting andcontrolling highblood pressure.Since its beginning, Building a Healthier Chicago (BHC)has gained many local and national stakeholders that itseeks to support as they promote healthy living amongstChicagoans.Two years ago, BHC decided to ocus on Austin as theirspotlight community. Residents in Austin experiencehigher rates o mortality due to stroke and diabetescompared to Chicago and the nation. The communityalso has many dedicated individuals and organizationsworking to improve the health o their neighbors.Building a Healthier Chicago wants to support theseorganizations in the hopes o increasing the health o the community. This Austin ocus has resulted in theBuilding a Healthier Austin Initiative. This past spring,Athena Williams was elected the Building a HealthierAustin (BHA) Chair and began planning events or thecommunity. Athena Williams is a long time residento the Austin community and is actively involved withWestside MinistersCoalition, as well as othercommunity organizations.BHA’s rst big event willbe the 5K Walk or Healthon September 24th. Wehope that members o thecommunity will join us aswe seek to improve thehealth o our amilies andneighbors. I you havesuggestions or would like to get involved, contact AthenaWilliams at ino4community_solutions@yahoo.com orcall 773-887-4046.
For more inormation about building a healthier Chicago, please visit our website at: www.healthierchicago.org
Let’s Build a Healthier Austin! 
- An Initiative of Building a Healthier Chicago
The BHA Committee...
The BHA Committee is made up o a group o community stakeholders who have committed to volunteer their timeto support the Building a Healthier Austin Mission: “To develop innovative and creative ways to improve the healthstatus o the Austin Community. By promoting increased physical activity, education and access to: healthier oods,liestyles, economic and social conditions.
 Janice Henry, RN.
Community Health Nurse at LorettoHospital. “I'm a lie long Westsider. I've lived the majorityo my lie right here in the Austin community. I'm proudto live, work and worship in Austin. As a nurse I eel thateducation and caring are the most important parts o healthcare. I your illness has not been explained to youin a way you can understand it then you won't be ableto change your condition. Like wise i I'm your providerI want you to know that I care about your total person...mind, body and spirit. Stop by Loretto Hospital we'redoing great things over there, i you need a provider I'dlike to show you what we have to oer.”
Kenya Johnson
, born and raised in Austin, is a wieand mother o three. Kenya is the owner o M & KSpectacular Events. “I began my advocacy or the com-munity in 1989. I believe we should always nd ways tokeep the Arican American amily linked together.Kenyais an avid event planner, youth organizer, and socialnetworker.
Hermese Bryant
, MSW, is the owner/operator o Reliable Tax Service, in Chicago, IL. She is also theExecutive Director or the Illinois Society o AddictionMedicine (ISAM), a physician-based membershipassociation. She has extensive experience in the areas o offi ce and association management as well as conerenceplanning. Ms. Bryant volunteers as a Court AppointedSpecial Advocate (CASA) in the Offi ce o the Cook CountyPublic Guardian; and volunteers as a crisis line operatoror Sarah’s Inn, located in Oak Park, IL.
Victoria Prewitt
, B.S., Criminal Justice, the wie o Jimmy Prewitt Sr., and the mother o seven children.Victoria, an advocate o community service, anda member o Mt. Carmel Lie-Changing PrinciplesMinistries (under the leadership o Pastor DonaldColeman), is a supporter o amily and individualcounseling in ministries. She also works as a CertiedAdditions Counselor, licensed by the State o Illinois.
Patricia Hodo
-Health Educator or Austin SchoolHealth Center, employed by Circle Family Health CareNetwork. A community advocate or eight years workedas a volunteer at community outreach centers on thesoutheast side o Chicago. Hold a B.S. in CommunityHealth rom Chicago State University, and pursuing aM.S. in Higher Education Administration orm KaplanUniversity.”One o the most important aspects o workingin underserved communities is giving the community theinormation necessary to make inormed decision abouttheir health; in addition to understanding actors, thatpredisposes them to disease”.
Robin McConney
, MPH, Rush Medical Center
“We look forward to the quarterly publications of this ‘Healthy Living-Healthy Lifestyles’ pullout section. This tool will beused to help address the ‘health triangle’ of our community, by addressing not only the promotion of health through physical activities and healthy eating, but through mental, economic and social conditions as well.” 
Athena Williams
 Join Us for the
Building a Healthier ChicagoCommunity Walk for Health
5K “Walk Across Austin”
 September 24, 2011
8:00 am Opening, Registration & Warm Up at LaFollette Park10:00 am Kick-Off
12:30 pm “Fitness is Fun” Expo at Columbus Park
Start Now & Join an Austin Walking Club!Start Now & Join an Austin Walking Club!
Building a Healthier Chicago and the Chicago Park District havepartnered to start walking clubs atAustin Town Hall ParkLaFollette ParkColumbus ParkWant to start your own walking club?Contact Athena Williams at 773-887-4046 or email:info4community_solutions@yahoo.com
Register for a walk club &/or for the 5K walkRegister for a walk club &/or for the 5K walkAugust 22August 22
 – –
September 2 at the following locations:September 2 at the following locations: 
Austin Town Hall Park*, 5610 W. Lake St. 5308 W. Chicago Ave. M-F 10am - 2pmLaFollette Park*, 1333 N. Laramie Ave. 5753 W. Division St. Mondays 1-7 pmColumbus Park*, 500 S. Central Ave. 5346 W. North Ave. Mondays 4-6 pm*During normal park facility operating hours
We look forward to seeing you there!
Austin Weekly News, September 1, 2011
Special Advertising Section
Building aHealthierAustin
Don’t Stress Out! 
Learn How to Manage and Reduce Stress
Find a repetitive activity such as walking,swimming, painting or anything that calmsyou down. When you begin to feel stressed,spend 5-10 minutes focusing on this activity.
Write About It
When things are botheringyou it might help to writeit down in a notebook or journal. Tis willhelp you express youremotions and analyzewhat about a situa-tion is bothering you.
Walking, running,yoga or your favoritetype of exercise is a greatway to relieve stress andclear your mind.
Breathe Deeply 
Let out a big sigh, dropping your chest, andexhaling through gently pursed lips, saysJoan Borysenko, PhD, director of Harvard’sMind-Body Clinical Programs. Now imagineyour low belly, or center, as a deep,powerful place. Feel your breathcoming and going as yourmind stays focused there.Inhale, feeling yourentire belly, sides andlower back expand.Ex-hale, sighing againas you drop yourchest, and feelingyour belly, back and sides con-tract.Repeat 10 times,relaxing more fully each time.
Listen toCalming Music
Sit down and play a relaxing song. Aclassical song may be the best option.
Due to the economic crisis that has hit our communi-ties, many people have lost their ability to maintain ahealthy nancial prole. Building a Healthier Austin,wants you to “Get Financially Fit”and participate in“The Banking Bootcamp”. Join us as we oer a series o seminars to help you get back on track!Our seminars will include:
• Banking Basics, which will re-introduce you to bank-
ing at a nancial institution and the products they oer
• Budgeting, an interactive seminar to help you get
back on track with your nances
• Lifestyle Financial Planning, how to achieve and
realize your dreams.
Healthy rereshments will be served. For moreinormation, please call: 773-887-4046.
Building a Healthier Austin wants you to“Get Financially Fit” 
Healthy Tools for Healthier Living
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(773) 637 - 7047
HOURS: M-T: 9:30a to 6:30pW-TH: 9:30a to 5:30 / F: 9:30 to 7:30SAT: 10:00a to 3:00p
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(877) PRINT 42 
Email: jmxmediagroup@gmail.com
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