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Published by Ana

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Published by: Ana on Mar 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. I didn't go to Helen's party because she didn'tinvite me = If...2. We'll go to the beach unless it rains = If...3. Ann can't buy a new car because she hasn't gotenough money = If...3. You can get access to the Intranet only byhaving a password. = If...4. She feels lonely since she hasn't got any friends= If...5. Carlos Sainz didn't win the Monte Carlo Rallybecause his car broke down = If...7. Jim missed the plane because he arrived late atthe airport = If...8. I don't have a modem, so I can't e-mail you =If...9. I didn't send them a postcard because I didn'tknow their new address = If...10. She isn't passing her exams because she isn'tstudying hard enough = If...11. I'd like to buy a bigger flat, but I haven't gotenough money = If...12. I didn't get to the meeting on time becausemy car broke down = If...13. I never travel by plane because I get ear ache= If...14. I won't go to the party if you don't go withme = If...15. If I had been told about the situation, I wouldhave dismissed them = If...16. The restaurant was full so we couldn't get atable = If...17. You can attend the meeting as long as youare a club member = If...18. I'm too busy to go to the pub = If...19. Ice melts down when you heat it = If...20. We didn't see The Two Towers because thecinema was closed = If...
Take your medicine, otherwise, youwon
t get better = If...2.
I couldn
t go to the concert because Ihad spent all my money = If...3.
 You should stop eating chocolate = Iadvise ...4.
s the silliest thing I
ve ever heard= I have ...5.
If you don
t study, you
ll fail the test =Unless...6.
She doesn
t understand because youhaven
t explained the situation to her= If...7.
 You won
t get a promotion if yourwork doesn
t improve = If...8.
 We didn
t pick you up at the stationbecause you didn
t phone us = If...9.
 We haven
t got any matches, so wecan
t light a fire = If...10.
s the man. His wife is an actress =That is the man ...11.
s months since I saw Jane = I haven
She can
t go out if she doesn
t promiseto be back early = If...13.
They caught a bus __________ (go) tothe station14.
Those news are terrible = What ...15.
Sam makes the same amount of moneyas Joe = (much)16.
Mrs Jones can
t speak to you; she is________ the phone17.
She insisted ______ coming with us18.
Does this book belong ______ you?19.
 What are you thinking ______?20.
ll be waiting ______ you at the station21.
She applied ______ a new job22.
My parents paid _______ the planeticket23.
Can you ask ________ the bill?24.
 We haven
t decided _____ the date forthe wedding25.
I didn
t succeed ________ the exam.

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