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Exotic Energy Must Exist

Exotic Energy Must Exist

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Published by paultrr2000
Why exotic energy must exist
Why exotic energy must exist

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: paultrr2000 on Mar 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXOTIC ENERGY MUST EXISTBy: Dr. Paul Karl HoilandEmail: paultrr2000@Yahoo.com Abstract: I will show by an examination of what is required to cause acceleration in awarp field and its relation to the acceleration of the universe in opposition to gravity thatexotic energy as required by warp drives must exist and that if it exists we can thengenerate extreme solutions such as warp drive once that mechanism of generating fieldsthat violate the strong energy condition(p+3p>0) are determined.The expansion rate of the rear portion of a warp field can be given by:ä/a=-4PiG/3
 For acceleration to take place one of the matter fields has to violate the strong energycondition p+3p>0. The Matter fields include perfect fluids, elasticity theory, kinetictheory, scalar fields, Maxwell fields, Yang-Mills fields, and combinations of these. Animportant restriction is that the general results for perfect fluids and elasticity apply onlyto situations where the energy density is uniformly bounded away from zero on theregion of interest. In particular, they do not apply to cases representing material bodiessurrounded by vacuum. In cases where the energy density, while everywhere positive,tends to zero at infinity, a local solution is known to exist, but it is not clear whether alocal existence theorem can be obtained that is uniform in time. In cases where the fluidhas a sharp boundary, ignoring the boundary leads to solutions of the Einstein-Euler equations with low differentiability. In the standard framework they are treated in termsof a fluid with energy density , which satisfies an ultrarelativistic equation of state. Adding the contribution of this kind of matter to the averaged stress-energytensor of the electromagnetic field, it follows, as usual, that is proportionalto the inverse of the fourth power of the scale-factor This result allows us to treat such extra matter fields as a mere reparametrization of theconstants and into and , given byThe net effect of this is just to re-scale the value of as

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