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St. John Climacus on the Conscience

St. John Climacus on the Conscience

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Published by John Moiratas
Let your conscience be the mirror of your obedience, and it is enough.
Let your conscience be the mirror of your obedience, and it is enough.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: John Moiratas on Mar 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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St John Climacus On Conscience
If anyone has his conscience in the utmost purity in the matter of obedience to his spiritualfather, then he daily awaits death as if it were sleep, or rather life, and is not dismayed,knowing for certain that at the time of his departure, not he, but his director, will be called toaccount. [4:50]Let your conscience be the mirror of your obedience, and it is enough. [4:75]Repentance is purification of conscience. [5:1]We must carefully consider whether our conscience has ceased to accuse us, not as a result ofpurity, but because it is immersed in evil. A sign of deliverance from our falls is the continualacknowledgment of our indebtedness. [5:37]Compunction is a perennial testing of the conscience which brings about the cooling of the fireof the heart through spiritual confession. And confession is a forgetfulness of nature, if anyonebecause of this really forgot to eat his bread. [7:2]He who has obtained the fear of the Lord has forsaken lying, having within himself anincorruptible judge
his own conscience. [12:7]Discernment is undefiled conscience and purity of feeling. [26:3]After God, let us have our conscience as our aim and rule in all things, so that we may knowwhich way the wind is blowing and set our sails accordingly. [26:6]There is a despair that is the consequence of a multitude of sins, of a burdened conscience andunbearable sorrow because the soul is covered with a multitude of wounds and it sinks underthe burden of them into the depth of despair. And there is another kind of sorrow that comes tous from pride and conceit, when someone considers that he has not deserved a fall that he hashad. The observant will find the distinguishing feature of each: the one cooly gives way toindifference, the other in despair still clings to his struggle
which does not accord with hisstate. The former is cured by temperance and good hope, and the latter by humility and thehabit of not judging anyone. [26:89]Spiritual perception is a property of the soul itself, but sin is a buffeting of perception.Conscious perception produces either the cessation or lessening of evil; and it is the offspring ofconscience. And conscience is the word and conviction of our guardian angel given to us fromthe time of baptism. That is why we find that the unbaptized do not feel such keen pangs ofremorse in their soul for their bad deeds. [26 summary: 64]

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