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Christian Persecution Weiner

Christian Persecution Weiner

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Published by: Anteaters for Israel on Mar 02, 2009
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   H   U   M   A   N   R   I   G   H   T   S   O   F   C   H   R   I   S   T   I   A   N   S   I   N   P   A   L   E   S   T   I   N   I   A   N   S   O   C   I   E   T   Y   J  u  s   t  u  s   R  e   i   d   W  e   i  n  e  r
Palestinian Christians are a religious minority whose unique interests and problems have receivedscant attention. They are a group that has faced almost uninterrupted persecution in the yearssince the Oslo peace process began, suffering from the difficulties of being a religious minorityliving in a Palestinian Authority whose inner workings, both from a legal and societal perspective,are often governed by strict adherence to Muslim religious law. They are a group that has beenabandoned by its leaders, who have chosen to curry favor with the Palestinian leadership byrefusing to acknowledge the magnitude of the threat. They are a group whose persecution hasgone almost entirely ignored by the international community, the relevant NGOs, and otherhuman rights advocates. Facing widespread corruption in the PA security and police forces, facinggrowing anarchy and lawlessness in an increasingly xenophobic and restless Muslim populace,the Palestinian Christians have been all but abandoned by the very people whose task it is toprotect them. The current massive emigration of Palestinian Christians from the territories can bedemonstratively linked to the political empowerment of the Palestinian Authority in those areas. Inthis monograph, Justus Reid Weiner analyzes their plight, and discloses why their 2000-year-oldcommunity's survival is in doubt.
Justus Reid Weiner
received his Juris Doctordegree from the University of California at Berkeley(Boalt Hall) School of Law and his BA from ColgateUniversity. He is currently a Scholar-in-Residence atthe Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. The author’sprofessional publications have appeared in leadinglaw journals and intellectual magazines. He teachescourses on international law and international businessat the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, lectures widelyabroad, and was a visiting Assistant Professor at BostonUniversity School of Law. Previously Weiner practicedlaw as an associate in the litigation department of the international law firm White
Case. Weiner alsoserved as a senior attorney at the Israel Ministry of Justice specializing in human rights and other facets of public international law.
ISBN 965-218-048-3
 Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
www.jcpa.orgAbout the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs was foundedin 1976 by the late Professor Daniel J. Elazar as anindependent, non-profit institute for policy researchand education. Since that time, the Center has producedhundreds of studies by leading experts on a wide rangeof topics relating to the Middle East.

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