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Shred National ID

Shred National ID

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Published by lbrty4all9227
A speech by J. Bradley Jansen at the Shred National ID event at the Capitol
A speech by J. Bradley Jansen at the Shred National ID event at the Capitol

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Published by: lbrty4all9227 on Mar 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shred National ID IdeaBy J. Bradley JansenNovember 23, 2001We shredded our "Larry Cards" on November 16th when I spoke in front of theCapitol at the National ID Shred In. The event was organized by Marc Rottenberg ofEPIC. Lori Cole of Eagle Forum also spoke. Larry Cards were cards humorouslypurporting to represent what a national identification card might look like. Theywere dubbed "Larry Cards" because they had the picture, name, etc. of LarryEllison, the most prominent supporter of the idea-of course, he's also promotinghis company, Oracle, at the same time.The other speakers and I took turns shredding our Larry Cards for the press andother onlookers in our mini paper shredders. Not only was the event a lot of funbut it helped illustrate the problems with the cards the broad left-rightopposition to a national ID.I am encouraged by the leadership of other defenders of liberty and responsiblegovernment such as Reps. Ron Paul (R-TX) and Bob Barr (R-GA) who have prevented aneffective national ID taking effect as a result of the immigration reform bill afew years ago. I am also encouraged by the recent comments of Supreme CourtJustice Antonin Scalia who said that he would probably vote against it if therewere a popular vote.According to James Bamford, author of the only books on the National SecurityAgency, 9-11 was the greatest failure of intelligence in the history of thiscountry. What is needed most in this country is for us to remedy the decline ofprofessionalism and resulting scandals of our law enforcement and intelligencecommunities that we experienced under the Clinton years.We should not be distracted from this fact when we hear excuses about a lack oftools or antiquated laws. It is far from clear that these national ID proposalswill be effective in preventing tragedies such as we experienced on September11th. The closest thing we have to a national ID in this country now is ourpassport. However, it was reported that one of the highjackers of 9-11 used astolen passport. The rightful owner notified authorities responsibly. Apparently,the State Department does not keep a list of passports that are reported stolenbecause this innocent man was named as a suspected terrorist.Forgeries and other problems would also limit the usefulness to law enforcement.A national ID would impose a huge unfunded mandate on the states that would haveto pay for its compliance. Such a financial cost would only add insult to injurysuch a mandate would cause to our respect for federalism. Just look at the costoverruns of the "dead-beat dads" database with all of its problems.This misallocation of resources is not unusual where law enforcement follows anapproach of mass surveillance of everyone all the time instead of focusing itsresources to focus on the real threats to this country. We need to redirect thoseresources to hire agents that know the languages, the cultures and try toinfiltrate the identified groups that threaten us.Turning to a national ID runs the risk that it will be used for unacceptablepurposes. History is full of such examples such as religious prosecution: not justthe Nazis and the Jews, but the military junta in Greece imposed religiousidentification that was not repealed for many years. Perhaps there are some whowant to copy the success of the internal pass cards used under Apartheid. I'm sureothers find the example of the Soviet Union a better example to follow. Most

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