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201302 Thomaston News Feb 1

201302 Thomaston News Feb 1

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Published by Anna Morkeski
Volume 19, Issue 1 of the Town of Thomaston Municipal Newsletter which includes a press release announcing the Selectmens' recent attendence at the Maine SmartGrowth Conference. The press release also announced a public meeting on the Maine Downtown Center's Downtown Network Community Designation, which the selectmen are considering joining.
Volume 19, Issue 1 of the Town of Thomaston Municipal Newsletter which includes a press release announcing the Selectmens' recent attendence at the Maine SmartGrowth Conference. The press release also announced a public meeting on the Maine Downtown Center's Downtown Network Community Designation, which the selectmen are considering joining.

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Published by: Anna Morkeski on Mar 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TOWN OF THOMASTON MUNICIPAL NEWSLETTERP.O. Box 299, Thomaston, ME 04861(207) 354-6107WEB ADDRESS http://town.thomaston.me.us
Volume 19, Issue 1 FEBRUARY 2013
The Board of Selectmen appointed WilliamWasson as our new Code Enforcement Officer attheir meeting on January 14, 2013. Bill comes tous with his certification as a Code Officer and iscurrently working on his certification forplumbing inspection.He and his wife Judy live here in Thomaston onKnox Ridge Avenue. Bill has been a member of the Thomaston Planning Board for the past 10years.
There is a need to fill several immediate openingson the following Boards and Committees:Budget Committee - Four (4) openings availableAppeals Board - Two (2) Alternate positionsavailablePlanning Board - One (1) 2
Alternate positionavailableIf you are interested in filling one of thesepositions please drop a note or email to ValmoreBlastow, Town Manager at the Thomaston TownOffice or by tovblastow@midcaost.com.
I can only believe the Governor’s Budgetproposal to shift $424 million onto localtaxpayers for 2014-2015 is designed as anenlightenment to recognize the current status of the State’s current financial position and budgettrend. In 2003 Janet Waldren, Commissioner of Financial Services stated in a M.T.C.M.A.meeting that the State would be required to cutevery department by 20% for 20 years tobalance the State budget if education or D.H.S.were not controlled or reduced.The proposal if implemented is draconian at best.The Thomaston residence with an average valueof $104,564 would realize an 8.20% increasefrom $1,756 to $ 1,900 a $144.00 annual impact.The areas of concern are State Revenue Sharingat 100% reduction equaling $229,294, TheHomestead exemption under 65 years old 100%reduction of $40,381 plus the individualhomeowner would realize a $168.00 increase atthe current mil rate above the $144.00 increasementioned above based on the $10,000Homestead value being removed totaling anincrease of $312.00 for the homeowners under 65years of age.The BETR Program for personal property willbe estimated loss of $252,907 mostly attributableto business equipment personal property relativeto Dragon Products.This analysis does not include potential impactson education funding that already has beenreduced by $622,000 since 2007/2008. The Townhas not felt the brunt of that reduction due to theR.S.U. #13 consolidation based on the budget cutsand shifts in the formula to base cost onvaluation not the number students a communityhas.
Members of the Lyman Pope Humane Society of Knox County will be at the Select Board meetingon Feb. 25, 2013. They will be talking about theTrap Neuter Release program that will beconducted in Thomaston among the free roamingcat community.
With the last of the paving on Gleason Street nowcompleted and the cleanup on Brooklyn Heightsdone the work on the 2012 Sewer ReplacementProject is complete. The new sewer system,including the new pump station at the end of Sunrise Terrace, is all in use and all of theexisting customers have been reconnected to thenew sewer.In the spring the contractor, McGeeConstruction, will repair any problems that werenot corrected this fall and seed lawns that did notget done because of the cold weather. They willalso do any other work necessary to puteverything back as it was before the construction.The Town plans to pave the full width of theTown roads in Brooklyn Heights in 2013 to finishthe project.As part of the work done under this project thesanitary sewer, storm drain and water line havebeen extended from Wadsworth Street intoThomaston Green as far as the park. The roadhas been built and the base paving done. Nextspring the surface paving, sidewalk andlandscaping will be completed.
Thomaston Meeting on Maine Downtown Center’sDowntown Network Community DesignationRecently members of the Thomaston Board of Selectmen attended the Maine SmartGrowthConference and the fall meeting of the MCRPCwhere the topic of the Maine Downtown Center’sMain Street program was presented. It is aprogram originated by the National Trust forHistoric Preservation that focuses on revitalizationof traditional downtowns to enhance theappearance and economic stability of thecommercial district and to improve communitypride and quality of life for residents and visitors.The program has been adopted in 44 states andmore than 1,650 communities across the country.The Maine Downtown Center (MDC) is affiliatedwith the National Main Street Center and assistsMaine communities in developing their own self-help revitalization programs. At the December 10,2012 Selectmen’s meeting the possibility of theTown of Thomaston becoming a MaineDowntown Center Downtown NetworkCommunity was discussed. The MaineDowntown Center (MDC) is part of the MaineDevelopment foundation.The Center operates two downtown programs,the Main Street Maine Downtown Program forwhich Rockland is a member. And the MaineDowntown Network (MDN) Communitiesprogram for which Camden and Damariscottaare members. The Network communitydesignation may be appropriate for a communitylike Thomaston. Like its sister Main Street Maineprogram, it uses the same Four Points Approachbut at a lighter, less rigorous pace and is lesscostly. Network communities are not required tohave paid staff.The basic requirements are for a community is tohave atraditional central business district andcenter characterized by a cohesive core of historic and/or older commercial and mixed-usebuildings and have a sufficient mass of businesses, buildings, and density to be called adowntown and to have a sustainable localNetwork operational budget identifyingprojected income and expenses. The core of theprogram is the Main Street Four-PointApproach® which has a reputation as one of themost powerful economic development tools in thenation for vibrant, healthy downtowns. It consists of Organization, Design, Promotions and Economicrestructuring. Since no organization is in place, theSelectmen may have to appoint an organizingcommittee to start the process.This committee will need to include a broadrepresentation of stakeholders and interestedparties as possible, especially downtown villagemerchants, owners and business people.Services provided to a Network Community thefollowing: (1)Downtown Institute and AnnualConference: Maine Downtown Center sponsoredtraining by a variety of experts on key downtowndevelopment topics. Discounts and scholarshipsare available for Center members; (2)Organizational Visits: Once accepted as aNetwork town, Maine Downtown Center staff 
and/or advisors/consultants will conduct aninitial or formal “walk about” visit providingdowntown revitalization input to the localorganization. Follow-up actions to include astart-up report and checklist along withfundraising strategies and a set of National TrustMain Street Center training handbooks.Subsequent visits identify progress made andprovide suggestions for moving forward; and (3)Consultations: Maine Downtown Center staff would be available for email/phone consultationsas well as the opportunity to learn about the bestpractices in the field and to network with peersfrom Maine towns and cities.Annualmembership cost to the Town is $250/$1,000,depending on population.In order to inform municipal officials, villagebusiness people and other Thomaston citizensabout the details and benefits of becoming aMaine Downtown Network community, a teamfrom the Center will be visiting Thomaston onTuesday February 5, 2013. The visitation willinclude a program presentation at 6:30PM atWatts Hall, 174 Main Street for which the publicis invited to attend and to participate in aquestion and answer forum. The team is beingled by Rockland Main Street, Inc. ExecutiveDirector Lorain Francis with participation byJayne Palmer and William King of Bathconsultant advisors to the Maine DowntownCenter and who have a long history of activeparticipation in the Main Street Bath program.Bath was selected in 2001 as one of four initial MainStreet Maine communities.
Ambulance Director Alan Leo resigned his positionon December 21, 2012. The resignation arose due toa conflict of interest based on his current full timeposition with the State of Maine Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.Alan however is not going away and will remain onthe Ambulance Service as an E.M.T. and willcontinue as the Town’s Health Officer. Alan hasserved on the Ambulance since the mid to late 70’sand has served as director for the past nine years.The Board of Selectmen accepted his resignation attheir meeting on January 14, 2013 with deep regretand at that time appointed Ruston Barnard to theDirector’s position as recommended by TownManager Valmore Blastow and Alan Leo.
The project continues towards the goal of substantial completion set for August 24
.Followed by the fixture set completion on Sept. 6
with the final stocking the grand opening is set forOctober 16
2013.Site work for storm water management has beenmonitored by Gartley and Dorsky since thebeginning of the project and to date the Town hasreceived 20 inspection reports all of which will beuploaded to the Town’s website.Currently the 2’ X 1 ½’ perimeter footings arebeing installed in preparation for precast walls to beinstalled. This will be followed by steel beams andthe roof scheduled for mid-March completion byPike Construction.To date the Town has monitored the project inhouse with David Martucci assisted by ScottBickford Licensed Plumbing and BuildingInspector. William Wasson the Town’s new CodeOfficer started January 15
and is certified alreadyunder the Maine Uniform Building and EnergyCode.The Town has sought third party quotes fromDirigo Engineering and Gartley & Dorsky tocomplete inspections as needed and will finalizewith the Selected firm in the near future.
The minutes from the December 11, 2012 6P.M.Budget hearing for 2013 are posted with a completeanalysis of the wage increases and liability exposureof jail increases over the past six years as submittedby the Town of Thomaston into the County record.You can find them on the Knox County website.

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