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National Defense Authorization Act-2012 S. 1867.doc

National Defense Authorization Act-2012 S. 1867.doc

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Published by jack007xray
Information you need to know if you want to keep your 2nd Amendment Rights.
Information you need to know if you want to keep your 2nd Amendment Rights.

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Published by: jack007xray on Mar 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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National Defense Authorization Act-2012 S.1867
August 11
2012Attention all: This is what your federal government is now doing to you, it's all happenedbefore in Germany in the 1920's and 30's. Our so called President will sign this into law whenit hits his desk. Let us hear your comments and suggestions. God bless us all.Subject: Smile, you are a Civilian Internee!Saturday, December 10, 2011 Smile, you are a Civilian Internee!http://www.activistpost.com/2011/12/smile-you-are-civilian-internee.htmlAs every day passes, it becomes clearer that our once-free nation is quickly turning down thepath of a totalitarian police state, as embodied by the passage of S.1867 in the Senate andH.R.1540 in the House.With the knowledge that KBR is developing a so-called “National Quick Response Team” toman the detention centers popularly referred to as “FEMA Camps” on 72 hours’ notice, thepicture only gets more grim.This trend is also reflected in the recent United States Army job posting for Internment/Resettlement Specialists.While this might sound tame and harmless to some, upon reading the job description atroubling picture emerges.The Internment/Resettlement Specialist, or I/R Specialist for short, is not only tasked withhandling the custody and control of individuals designated as an Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) but also of so-called Civilian Internees (CIs).This is a classic example of Orwellian language. You’re not an American citizen beingindefinitely imprisoned by the military in a military prison; instead you’re a Civilian Internee ina Civilian Internee Camp.In this article you will learn exactly what a Civilian Internee is, what few rights are afforded tothem and just how oppressed a Civilian Internee actually is, according to the military’s owndocuments on the subject.We will delve into great detail, showing the exact language and ways that Civilian Interneesare controlled and prevented from making any real contact with the outside world or beingable to seek out justice.I don’t think that anyone is blind enough to find the title of Civilian Internee reassuring,especially considering the fact that Civilian Internee is the exact designation assigned to theJapanese-Americans who were locked up during World War II.These innocent Americans were put in so-called internment camps which bore a strikingresemblance to the concentration camps of Nazi-era Germany, for committing no crime other than being of a certain ancestral origin.If our government would lock up hardworking, patriotic Americans simply for being of Japanese descent, it is not a leap to think that they would do the same to political opposition.
Civilian Internee is actually a specific status of prisoner under the Geneva Conventions whichis supposed to designate civilians who are detained during wartime, supposedly for securityreasons.However, as we all know, the Japanese people being locked up were no security threat at all;in fact, despite the grand betrayal embodied by the internment of innocent American citizens;many Americans of Japanese descent actually went and fought for the United States in WorldWar II.The 442nd Regimental Combat Team of the United States Army was a prime example of this,as it was a unit composed entirely of Japanese-American soldiers.They fought in Italy, Southern France and Germany, and were in fact the most highly-decorated regiment in the entire history of the armed forces of the United States with 21recipients of the Medal of Honor.The fact that such individuals would put their lives on the line and fight for a nation that wasdetaining their friends and family is almost unbelievable, but they did it, and yet our government is likely going to repeat the same horrific mistakes they made in the past.I just wonder if this time around people will actually continue to go off and fight for a countrythat is engaging in the exact practices we are supposed to be opposing and fighting againstaround the world.Specifically, the job description lists under "advanced responsibilities" that the I/R Specialistmay be involved to, “Provide command and control, staff planning, administration/logisticalservices, and custody/control for the operation of an Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee(EPW/CI) camp.”There are some publicly available military documents that go into more detail about whatexactly a Civilian Internee is and how they are treated.Despite the somewhat innocent sounding designation, Civilian Internees have little to norights and are essentially totally powerless while in military detention.There are lots of purely ceremonial rights granted to Civilian Internees like the ability to votefor representatives to speak for the camp, but the military can refuse to allow anyone who isvoted in to actually hold the position.Therefore, the representatives of the Civilian Internees would likely be nothing more thansycophantic lapdogs who bow before the officers in charge of the camp.Anyone who would actually represent the Civilian Internees would just be blocked by themilitary, as it is explicitly written that they can do exactly that.In the Army Regulation 190-8 document also called “Enemy Prisoners of War, RetainedPersonnel, Civilian Internees and Other Detainees,” which is available on the Air Force’swebsite, some details are given on what exactly Civilian Internees are and how they aretreated.Chapter 6 of the document, entitled “Administration and Operation of CI Internment Facilities,”beginning on page 23 of the PDF (page 19 of the document), delves into some of these issues.
http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/law/ar190-8.pdf Beginning with section 6-3, we learn that Civilian Internees have no real right to propertyunder this military rule.While they pretend to give the detainees property rights, it is clear that they can strip you of your belongings at any time for any reason.Sub-section b. states, “The personal effects that detainees are allowed to retain, but are takenfrom them temporarily for intelligence purposes, will be receipted for and returned as soon aspractical.”Essentially, they can claim your belongings are needed for intelligence purposes and holdthem until it is deemed practical to return them.When that would be is anyone’s guess, but the language is clearly ambiguous enough to allowthe military to strip Civilian Internees of any and all personal belongings for however long theyplease.Section 6-4 goes over the so-called “Internee Committee” which is a two or three personcommittee which is “empowered to represent the camp to the protecting powers, InternationalCommittee of the Red Cross, or other authorized relief or aid organizations and U.S. militaryauthorities.”Once again, the military is able to determine what exactly you can do and this language clearlyallows the military to deny access to any outside relief or aid organizations by saying that theyare not authorized.Under sub-section c. “Each member of the Internee Committee will be approved by the campcommander prior to assumption of duty. If the camp commander refuses to approve or dismisses an elected member, a notice to that effect with reasons for refusal or dismissal willbe forwarded through channels to the Branch PWIC [Prisoner of War Information Center] for transmittal to the protecting power with a copy furnished to the NPWIC [National Prisoner of War Information Center].”This committee is clearly a farce which is directly controlled by the military, as if those whoare rounding up and detaining American citizens can be trusted with treating those prisonersfairly, which is a laughable assertion.One of the duties of the Internee Committee is to present and transmit “petitions andcomplaints to the appropriate authorities,” but given that the committee can be hand selectedby those who are operating the prison, there is no way that any real petitions or complaintswould ever be filed by the puppet committee. Yet, it gets even worse: the Internment Committee handles, “The distribution and dispositionof collective relief shipments.”Meaning that the military’s lapdogs will be the ones with the power to distribute food andother supplies to whomever they wish.

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