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Religion Update I, February 2013

Religion Update I, February 2013

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Published by Publishers Weekly
Publishing Christian Fiction: Innovation Required. Features, Profiles, Reviews.
Publishing Christian Fiction: Innovation Required. Features, Profiles, Reviews.

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Published by: Publishers Weekly on Mar 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Publishing Christian Fiction: Innovation Required
New from#
 New York Times
bestselling author
HC | 9781451647037 | $22.99Audiobook and eBook available
    A   u    t    h   o   r   p    h   o    t   o    ©     D   a   n    D   a   v    i   s
The most anticipated novel of the year!
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“Gist takes intriguing historical facts andcreates a worldof fascinating characters.”
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HC | 9781451647037 | $22.99Audiobook and eBook available
Award-winning authorDEEANNE GIST—known to her family, friends,and fans as Dee—has rocketed up bestseller lists and captured readerseverywhere with her very fun, very original historical fiction. She lives inHouston, Texas, with her husband and has four grown children.
Religion Update
Christian Fiction,
Still Vital,Faces Challenges
By Ann Byle
ictio cotius to b a mai-sta for Christia pubishrs asth tap ito a audic agrto foow favorit authors, fidw cott, ad wcom frshvoics, ad pubishrs mpo aumbr for stratgis for thir programsto achiv thos goas. But o of th big-gst chags is gttig thir books ifrot of thos radrs, who fid cotti was that rag from digita dow-oads to Sam’s Cub, from idi book-stors to Amazo.Rativ w is, such as Abig-do Fictio, auchd four ars ago, arsti ookig to icras visibiit amogvdors ad writrs ad to buid trustwith thos groups ad radrs. Accord-ig to Ramoa Richards, sior acquisi-tios ditor, that trust is growig asAbigdo pubishs books that mtradr dmad t push thm bod thusua.“Christia fictio as a gr tds tob risk avrs; thr ar ot a ot of dgbooks out thr,” sas Richards. “W’rbrigig i a umbr of authors whoarad hav a fa bas, such as DbRai, ad growig our w authors.I’m ookig at vr aspct of Christiafictio ad sig whr w might maka brakthrough, t trig to focus oth thigs that hav workd for us.”Discovrabiit is th buzz word ipubishig ths das, ad is usd bboth DavidMorris, v-pad ditoriadirctor of GuidpostsBooks adSummrsidPrss, adDais Hut-to, fictiov-p ad pub-ishr at
Baacig is part of th procss for J-ifr Lp, ditoria dirctor for Rv,a imprit of Bakr Pubishig Group.Rv is i th procss of rbaacig itsfictio ist, which had skwd havitoward historica fictio. E-books, shsas, causd that catgor to struggagaist mriad backist tits ad chap-books.“Our biggst chag is that w’rcotractd wa out ito th futur withstabishd authors, so w do’t havroom for mor historica ovs,” sasLp. “Our w mod goig forward iso-third historica fictio, o-thirdsusps or romatic susps, ad o-third cotmporar romac/wom’sfictio.”Db Kisr, associat pubishr forRivr North, th fictio imprit of Mood Pubishrs, kows that big“Th Nam You Ca Trust” is part of thboodi for pubishig udr thumbra of Mood Miistris. It’s a ca-ig th tak srious, v as RivrNorth strivs to brig i w radrs.“Pop pick up ourbooks who might othav pickd up aMood book,” sasMich Forridor, audi-c dvopmtmaagr for RivrNorth. “Rviwrs,boggrs, ibrarias,ad jouras hav b itrstd iRivr North books. W wat to spakito a group that ma hav pigohodMood ito a acadmic positio.”Kisr ad hr tam rorgaizd RivrNorth about six moths ago ad owfocus o four aras: cotmporar,romac, historica, ad mstr/sus-ps. Th aim for 12 books a ar buti 2013 wi do 20, icudig som rr-ass of Mood tits ad of som i thHarprCois Christia Pubishig.For Morris, discovrabiit is spciahard for w authors. “With o og-admdia out thr, how do ou rach radrswith w authors? How do ou startthos word-of-mouth sas?” h asks.Summrsid Prss, a sma hous, wiwork with a good umbr of w authorsi its w itratio to auch atr thisar. Guidposts Books acquird Sum-mrsid i 2010, th sod its ofictiocompot ad Ei Cair imprit.“Burs toda ar smart; it’s morabout how good a stor it is, how goodth packagig is, ad if th author is atast kow for good writig. That’swhat wi cout i th d,” sasMorris.For Hutto, bdig th ThomasNso ad Zodrva fictio is aftrth 2012 purchas of Nso b Zodr-va part HarprCois is part of thdiscovrabiit mstr. Th twoimprits wi rmai distict, aowigach to crat its uiqu brads. But di-toria ad marktig fuctios wi bctraizd. “Th thikig bhid co-soidatig fictio is that th chagsof this catgor ar uiqu, but Zodr-va’s fictio was takig pac udr thirTrad catgor. Th did’t hav ddi-catd fictio [marktig] pop. Thshift to digita purchasig has icrasddramatica i fictio. W hav tochag our busiss practics mor rap-id, marktig has to chag, ad co-tt has to chag,” sas Hutto.Aog with th chag of discovr-abiit coms th prssur of comptigagaist a broadr swath of cott adth prssur of pric. “Fictio is morpric ssitiv tha vr, ad pric mustb maagd carfu,” ots Hutto,who sas hr tam has bcom “pricigxprts,” offrig pric promotios toitroduc cott but kpig og-trm pric poits highr.
 Daisy Hutton
   ©    D   A   N   I   E   L   D   U   B   O   I   S   P   H   O   T   O   G   R   A   P   H   Y
 Michele Forridor 

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