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Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will Fire On US Citizens.doc

Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will Fire On US Citizens.doc

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Published by jack007xray
Information you need to know if you want to keep your 2nd Amendment Rights.
Information you need to know if you want to keep your 2nd Amendment Rights.

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Published by: jack007xray on Mar 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will“Fire On US Citizens”
January 22
2013By Paul Joseph Watson2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrowshockingly claims he was told by a top militaryveteran that the Obama administration’s “litmus test” for new military leaders is whether or not they will obey an order to fire on U.S. citizens.Garrow was nominated three years ago for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize and is thefounder of The Pink Pagoda Girls, an organization dedicated to rescuing baby girls from“gendercide”in China. Garrow has been personally involved in “helping rescue more than36,000 Chinese baby girls from death.” He is a public figure, not an anonymous voice on theInternet, which makes his claim all the more disturbing.“I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new“litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get readyto explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on UScitizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed,” Garrow wrote on his Facebook page, later following up the post by adding the man who told him is, “one of America’s foremostmilitary heroes,” whose goal in divulging the information was to “sound the alarm.”When asked who is source was,Garrow replied:“The man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes.”One has to wonder if this had anything to do with President Obama’s dismissal of MarineCorps Gen. James Mattis from his post as commander of the Central Command.TheWashington Free Beaconcommented on the dismissal, saying:“Word on the national security street is that General James Mattis is being given the bum’srush out of his job as commander of Central Command, and is being told to vacate his officeseveral months earlier than planned.”
Garrow’s claim is even more explosive given that the country is in the throes of a nationaldebate about gun control, with gun rights advocates keen to insist that the founders put thesecond amendment in the Constitution primarily as a defense against government tyranny.It also followsreports on Sundaythat General James Mattis, head of the United States CentralCommand, “is being told to vacate his office several months earlier than planned.”Concerns over US troops being given orders to fire on American citizens in the event of massgun confiscation first arose in 1995 when hundreds of Marines at 29 Palms, California weregiven a survey as part of an academic projectby Navy Lieutenant Commander Ernest GuyCunningham which asked the Marines if they would,“Fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the United States government.”The survey was subsequently leaked because many of the Marines who took it were shockedby the tone of the question.The US Military has clearly outlined innumerable civil emergencyscenarios under which troops would be authorized to fire on U.S. citizens.In July 2012, the process by which this could take place was made clear in a leaked US ArmyMilitary Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” (PDF) dating from 2006.Similar plans were also outlined in anupdated manual released in 2010entitled FM 3-39.40Internment and Resettlement Operations.The 2006 document outlines how military assets will be used to “help local and stateauthorities to restore and maintain law and order” in the event of mass riots, civil unrest or adeclaration of martial law.On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting“dissidents” on American soil are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a, “Warningshot will not be fired.”Given thatsecond amendment advocates are now being depicted as dangerous terroristsbythe federal government and local law enforcement, Garrow’s claim is sure to stokecontroversy given that Americans are seeing their gun rights eviscerated while the federalgovernment itself stockpiles billions of bullets.Last week,Gloversville Mayor Dayton King warned that any federal gun confiscation program could lead to a“Waco-style standoff”in rural areas of America.When you think about everything Obama has done to undermine the traditional integrity of theUS military, it all makes sense. He forced the military toaccept homosexualsandthen took action on any who opposed that measure.Then Obama started attacking the militaryretirement system making a military career less attractive than before. Then he took actionagainst military chaplains who stood up for their faith. Lastly, the Pentagon has issued ordersfor troops in the Middle East to remove all religious symbolism, however this is largelyenforced against Christians and Jews, but not for Muslims.The Obama administration was outraged when American soldiers burned a stack of Qurans.He said nothing about the Qurans being defaced by Muslim prisoners and Obama saidnothing about the stack of Bibles that were burned at the same time.
Obama condemned the soldiers that urinated on several dead Taliban and ordered their courtmartial, but he said nothing about the way captured American soldiers were being tortured bytheir Muslim captors.Ever since taking office 4 years ago, Obama has been carefully tailoring the military to hisspecifications. Once he started making his sweeping changes, many career militarypersonnel including commanding officers began retiring or resigning their commissions,leaving the military to the liberals.I’ve been writing for a couple years now saying that Obama has plans to purposely destroyAmerica’s economy in order to create a national emergency. This would give him the reasonto declare martial law and assume dictatorial control. He will disband Congress and establishhis own Gestapo style national police.When I wrote these things, I said the only two things that could prevent him from succeedingis the military because I seriously doubted that they would fire on fellow Americans and the300 million guns in the hands of private citizens. But it seems that Obama is actively workingtowards eliminating both of these last remaining obstacles and when they are gone, mark myword, all hell will break lose and America will be lost.
Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzT6X3_Bg9o&feature=player_embeddedPublished on Jan 23, 2013http://NextNewsNetwork.comThe Obama administration is openly escalating its campaign against private gun ownership,and shaking up the top ranks of the military command structure but is it also preparing tomake war on the American population? According to a person identified as a former senior military official, the answer to that shocking question is yes.World-renowned educator and human rights activist Jim Garrow says that the source, manregarded as"one of America's foremost military heroes,"told him thatPresident Obama is using a new litmus test for "determining who will stay and who must go" among top-rankedmilitary leaders. That test is whether they will fire on US citizens or not. Garrow says that hissource made the disclosure in order to "sound the alarm" over the administration's plans.While Garrow will not yet reveal the identity of the source, it's important to note that Garrowhimself is a man of considerable accomplishment. He is the founder of the Bethune Institute,which has established hundreds of schools throughout China. Three years ago, he wasnominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work though a group called Pink Pagoda, whichcombat"gendercide"in China that is, the practice of rescuing baby girls who had beenabandoned or targeted for infanticide because of the government's one-child policy. He waspersonally involved in helping to save the lives of more than 50,000 Chinese girls. He joinsGary Franchi on WHDT World News to discuss this new"Litmus Test."

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