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Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Manual (Incomplete)

Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Manual (Incomplete)

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Published by Anonymous

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Published by: Anonymous on Mar 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Items I - II in one file)
Chapter 1 :
General Elements
Chapter 2 :
Command and Control
Chapter 3 :
Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence
Chapter 4 :
Employment of Forces
Chapter 5 :
Types of Operations
Chapter 6 :
Foot Patrols
Chapter 7 :
Chapter 8 :
Follow-Up Operations
Chapter 9 :
Attacks on Terrorist Camps
Chapter 10 :
Ambushing of Terrorists
Chapter 11 :
Chapter 12 :
Defense/Protection of sensitive points
Chapter 13 :
Movement Security
Chapter 14 :
Mines and Booby Traps
Chapter 15 : Land / Air Operations (coming soon)
Chapter 16 : Miscellaneous (coming soon)
Chapter 17 : Logistics in COIN (coming soon)***NOTE*** Also coming soon the complete RSF COIN Manual on PDF format for download. This is the complete original 1975 version.
 Anti-terrorist operations (ATOPS) are fought on a wide front: the army forces, variousgovernment departments and the civilian population all have a role to play. Inimplementing the anti-terrorist action contained herein, members of the army forces mustappreciate the vital need for cooperation and the under-standing of each other'scharacteristics and capabilities.ATOPS warfare probably places a greater burden of responsibility on the individual thandoes any other form of conflict. It connotes small groups and light scales. Catch-wordsare: thorough training, self-discipline, skill at arms, initiative, guile, endurance and aboveall, the will to win.
An indigenous or foreign national not recognized as a belligerent byinternational law, aiming to overthrow a government by force. In revolutionarywar the terms "guerrilla, 'I "revolutionary," "terrorist" or "insurgent" are used onoccasion to indicate differences in the opposition. When it is not necessary toindicate specific differences, however, "insurgent" is used to cover all the rolesimplied by the foregoing terms. It is also taken to include such additional terms as"saboteur," "enemy" "insurrectionist" or "rebel," where applicable.2.
A supporter of a dissident faction (in fact, an insurgent), who is trainedfor or resorts to organized violence for political ends.3.
A form of rebellion in which a dissident faction instigates thecommission of acts of civil disobedience, sabotage and terrorism, and wagesirregular warfare in order to overthrow a government. In its ultimate stages itcould escalate to a conflict on conventional lines. Although insurgency often startsinternally, it has seldom been known to succeed without outside assistance,support and encouragement.4.
Counter-insurgency (COIN): 
All measures, both civil and military, undertaken by a government, independently or with the assistance of friendly nations, to prevent or defeat insurgency. (
 Refers to the Rhodesian Security Forces
Counter-insurgency operations (COINOps)
. Counter-insurgency operationsare the military aspects of counter-insurgency. These consist of: Anti-terroristoperations (ATOPS), Psychological operations (PSYOPS), operations in supportof civil authorities (OSCA).6.
Anti-terrorist operations (ATOPS): 
Any military operation against terrorists.7.
Psychological operations (PSYOPS): 
An action conducted over a predetermined period of time and consisting of the application of various coordinated measures,directed at the population in general or the inhabitants of a specific area or socialgroup, own armed forces, or at the enemy in accordance with determineddoctrines and techniques. They are conducted by military forces, civil authoritiesor by both in conjunction with each other, to achieve an objective of  psychological action.8.
operations in support of civil authorities (OSCA) 
: Any military operation insupport of civil authorities, which involves primarily the maintenance of law and
order and essential services, in the face of civil disturbance and disobedience.9.
Military forces (MF):
All military, paramilitary and police forces engaged incounter-insurgency operations.10.
Any form of encounter between military forces and terrorists, other thana mere sighting.11.
A terrorist act resulting in a criminal offence being committed, or interference with the rights of others.12.
Border control operations: 
Border control or counter-penetration operationsconducted with the aim of securing our own borders and preventing the enemyfrom crossing, or preventing supplies, reinforcements, etc. from crossing tosupport enemy elements that may have succeeded in penetrating. This includes theelimination of the enemy and the destruction of his transit facilities in border areas.13.
Area operations:
Operations carried out with the aim of covering an area with aframework of military organizations, working in close cooperation with the civilauthorities, in order to eliminate the enemy who may have established himself inthe area, or who may have infiltrated the area.'14.
Military forces: 
The forces of the army, air force and navy.15.
Individuals or groups of the local population who are organized andcontrolled by the military forces, to assist with and support counter-insurgencyoperations.16.
Frozen area 
: A clearly defined area, in which military forces are precluded fromoperating for a fixed period of time. Any military force already operating in thearea to be declared frozen will be withdrawn from such an area at least four hours before the set period.17.
No-go area: 
An area from which all civilians are excluded by an order of the protecting-authority, to ensure that they do not become involved in operationsconducted by military forces against terrorists. Only authorized members of themilitary forces will move in no-go areas. No action may be instituted against themfor any death or injury caused to any person within the area by any act performedin good faith in the course of operations conducted during the time while the order is in force.

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