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Gen X vs. Millennial

Gen X vs. Millennial

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Published by nynjamo
Definition Essay
Definition Essay

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Published by: nynjamo on Mar 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Generation X vs. Millennial
By Miguel Espinal
I was born in 1964, a year that spawned a new generation
between the “BabyBoomers” and
“Generation X”,
and the times were changing dramatically before myeyes.
I essentially came into this world at a cross road between two eras, one of peaceand love, the other of violence and sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. It was a dreadfullycontradictory period in history, all you had to do was turn on the TV and witness theseevents as they un-folded on the news. The US government were still clamoring for thepeople to stay conformed
to an etiquette founded during the 1950’s,
a space program toput a man on the moon costing millions of dollars, a new breed of young peopleprotesting against the war in Vietnam and demanding peace and love, political scandalsgalore, the assassinations of popular figures; fighting for civil rights using non-violenttactics, and of course the all-
encompassing topic of the “Cold War”. The
differencesbetween my generation and the millennial generation are like night and day, if you viewit from an observer 
stand point. The Millennial generation can be categorized usingthree general common characteristics:
 All parents think of their children as special, and why not? After all theyconceived you, right? The parents from my generation cared well enough to call their kids special; they fed us, clothed us and kept us as healthy as possible. Parents of themillennial generation, raise their children the same, except for a few major differences.
Kids today get praise, hugs and allowances for doing what they should be doinganyway, for instance: their chores, homework and basically being obedient children.They get an X-Box, PlayStation, and dare I say it, their very own cell phones andpersonal computers. How quaint; if I sound jealous perhaps I am, (in a humorous way.)there were
times growing up I would’ve appreciated a helping hand from m
y parents,and received such lavish gifts just for being their child; also I never expected moneyfrom my parents for just being a good kid, that was an automatic reprimand, or a lectureon the cost of a dollar, and perhaps even a punishment for being so bold as to think Ideserved an allowance. The way millennial generation kids talk disrespectful to their parents and throw temper tantrums, would have gotten you a backhand in my day. Themanner in which they achieve what they want is borderline senseless, not to mentionhow they get away with it: family counseling, medication and family interventions.Millennial kids are constantly sheltered and supervised. Children
aren’t allowed
to venture out into the world un-supervised, due to all kinds of fear and safety issues theparents have. In this day and age, God forbid a child walks out the front door, and goesa few houses down the street
to a friend’s house
without informing their parents. Mygeneration made adjustments as parents raised a child;
I was never supervised 24/7with a safety orientated mentality, your survival and higher learning was mostly done onyour own. I was allowed to venture outside the house alone, encouraged to make myown money whether it was going door to door selling merchandise, shining shoes or having a paper route. Some money making venture even led up to criminal activities. If anything bad happened to me while experiencing this freedom, (un-supervised I mightadd.) m
y parents would chalk it up as my mistake and say, “This way you learn.”
In a conventional characteristic, these two generations are considerably so far 
apart it’s ridiculous. In my day, if an authority figures got out of line, you called them on
it and spoke your peace, whether it was a peace officer, judge, hell it could be thepresident of the United States! We were wary of our government and its idea of how thepeople should conform to its policies. The millennial generation takes the
 ideals and policies to practically to heart, as if the government is actually looking out for the people and doing them a favor with no questions asked. They conform to whatever 
the trend is and of course feel it’s a genuine
issue and idea, (as if none of it was ever fought for, rallied for, or been done before.)
Some millennial don’t even scrutinize their 
tax returns, for crying out loud.Well the old generations have to adapt to the new ones as they come, as well asthe mainstream lifestyles that have become the norm. The vulgar and loud music,
clothing and how it’s worn,
(Swag, really?) If I walked into my house with my pants
hanging around my thighs exposing my rear end, my family would’ve sent me away to
the funny farm. We all know that people are differe
nt and that what’s good for you is not
good for someone else, yet generation after generation has major changes, for better or worse. The generation we live in has become so indifferent, the old values of brotherlylove and respect are almost nonexistent, (unless something drastic happens for instance: 911, natural disasters, or the killing of innocent children.) which could be seenas a hypocritical society. Someday, maybe the millennial generation of today will dotheir homework and research their history; to instill all the good values and way of livingof the generations before them, and create a new and better reality for the future, after all,
it’ll be their kids and grandkids living in it
after all.

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