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A Spontaneous Love

A Spontaneous Love

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Published by Fatiha Amaizou

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Published by: Fatiha Amaizou on Mar 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Jaeden walked toward the bathroom and was in the middle of taking apull from his beer when he pushed the door open. He saw Rylee leaning againstthe back of the tub with a come-hither look in her eyes and he literally chokedon his beer. He dropped his clothes onto the floor and barely missed settingthem on fire from one of the candles.He couldn’t speak a single word. He just stared at her…frozen by thebeautiful image of her sitting like an angel in a pile of bubbles. Oh god, if shemoved an inch and her breasts were exposed, forget waiting for tonight toseduce her.Rylee crooked her finger and seductively asked, “Why don’t you getundressed and take a bath with me?”“Uh, I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.”Rylee was amused to see that the tables had turned and he was the onewho was hesitating. She reached up and pulled the elastic band from her hairand shook her head which allowed the chestnut curls to fall softly around hershoulders.“Come, join me and I’ll soothe those tired muscles that you used whilesplitting all of the firewood.”“Ry, what kind of mind games are you playin’?”She stood up and watched him close his eyes but not before he slid hisgaze over her wet naked body covered only with bubbles. “J, open your eyesand look at me.”He licked his lips but kept his eyes closed. He softly begged, “Baby,please sit down and cover up with the bubbles. I can’t take any moretemptation from you right now.”Rylee softly insisted, “Jaeden, why can’t you see that I’m ready to givemyself to you?”His eyes popped open and then gazed intensely at her. The expression onher face and in her eyes showed him that she was serious. Time for game-playing was over and it was time for the reward he had waited for. The ball wasfinally in his court so what was he waiting for?
Our Unsung HeroesWhether you’re a veteran firefighter or a Probie, you run into the fiery flamesYou rescue lives while your family and friends say prayers for your safety You see the devastation of fires, car accidents and domestic abuseYou see things that give you nightmares that play over and over in your headsBut you never let those devastating moments stand in your way Your pager goes off or the tones sound and you feel that adrenaline rushYou charge fearlessly into places that even angels fear to tread Their angel wings wrap around you to bring you out to safety and your family  They guide you out of the dense smoke while holding a victim in your armsYou pray to save the lives that hang by a thread of life-threatening situationsPersonal feelings are pushed to the side as you breathe life into a lifeless body You never give up until you feel that faint pulse beating beneath your fingertipsAnd give a silent prayer of thanks as the victim’s eyes flutter openYou see the joy on the faces of parents whose baby you just deliveredYou’ve seen the heartbreak of losing a life but knowing that you did your bestYou know you’ll do it again and again each time that call is dispatchedYou refuse to be called a hero because it’s your job and you love itBut to those whose lives you have touched, you
a hero Thank you for giving so much of your time to others and for saving lives. To all firefighters…..you are our unsung heroesPamela R. Williams
 Pamela R. Williams 
 A Spontaneous Love 

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