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Combat Survival Weapons Improvised eBook How to Make a Stun Gun

Combat Survival Weapons Improvised eBook How to Make a Stun Gun

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Published by wienslaw5804

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Published by: wienslaw5804 on Mar 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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File 1/1By: C
LWater of The Alliance "How to Make a StunGun"So you want to Zap the shit out of someone.Well I have the thing justfor you. It delivers a nice Shock of 75,000Volts and causes muscle spasms.Don't try this on your self (Dumb Shit).To get the parts go down to yourlocal RADIO-SHACK. All of these partsshould be there, if not ask themto special order them for you. I thinkthere is NO additional cost.As always DONT change the author of this toyourself, cause you didn'twrite this shit. And if you got this file byitself, then get Xoo'sCookBook. You will surely have a fun time...X0Oo...............................Xoo....................................oO0X PARTS=====All resistors are 1/2 watt.Abbrv. as R1 or R2.----------------------------------------------R1 & R2 100,000 ohm's resistors!R3 & R4 500,000 ohm's resistors!----------------------------------------------DIODES:D1-D4Use a 75 PIV BRIDGE RECTIFIER or 4 1N9004's 300 VOLTS.----------------------------------------------Capacitors:C1&C2 4700uF electrolytic----------------------------------------------TR1-STEP UP TRANSFORMER 55 uH AUDIO----------------------------------------------2 250 volt AC DPST switch----------------------------------------------A 9volt RECHARGEABLE/100 volt Neon lamp =L----------------------------------------------A 9volt battery clip/MALE-FEMALE RCA JACKS----------------------------------------------Some perf board,wire,solder----------------------------------------------9volts in- +/ to RCA JACK /|---* *-------------| Use RCA JACK TO HOOK TO A RECHARGER.| sw2 | Run JACK FROM 9V.|----|<-----|<------|| d1 d2 | When battery runs down Recharge it!|----|<-----|<------|| d3 d4 || |

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