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Published by Divinismo
A MARVELOUS HAPPENING – For a long time, the greatest wise men of the West met in Princeton, searching for one, so to speak, true religion for Humanity, that is, one out of mafias, allures, insidious, collusions and machinations groups, etc. And from them the first speech appeared, the true Divine Monism Treaty or Science of Unity, which Hermes, Krishna and Pythagoras so much taught, and which the Unmistakable Word represented. The book is called THE GNOSIS OF PRINCETON, by the wise man Raymond Ruyer.
A MARVELOUS HAPPENING – For a long time, the greatest wise men of the West met in Princeton, searching for one, so to speak, true religion for Humanity, that is, one out of mafias, allures, insidious, collusions and machinations groups, etc. And from them the first speech appeared, the true Divine Monism Treaty or Science of Unity, which Hermes, Krishna and Pythagoras so much taught, and which the Unmistakable Word represented. The book is called THE GNOSIS OF PRINCETON, by the wise man Raymond Ruyer.

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Published by: Divinismo on Mar 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Who does not understand about God complicates himself ineverything, because without the Original Cause nothing exists. Who understands on theOmnipresent Principle tends to solve everything accurately and happily, because it is inthe Principle or God that the DIVINE PROGRAM has the Origin, the Movement andthe Sacred Finality to be reached. God is THE ESSENTIAL ONE WHO REVEALSHIMSELF AS CREATION, and He Himself, in the end, re-absorbs everything, becauseHe is always THE SAME ESSENCIAL ONE that manifests Himself, and if at any timeHe ceased to do so, all the so-called Creation would cease to exist. Hermes, Krishna,Pythagoras and others have already taught the DIVINE MONISM, and the Model Wordand Modeler, lived by Jesus, was the total exemplifier, so much that His apocalypticaltitle is ALPHA and OMEGA, everything that derives from The Principle and to Himreturns, as SPIRIT AND TRUTH.
Eternal, Perfect and Immutable, allsummarized in the so-called DIVINE JUSTICE, where there is no place for falsemercies, favors or insolences, all of this which is made by religions and by doctrines of men, incarnates and discarnates. What it is not by the Divine Justice will never be byother way. Many people have been claiming for the Divine Mercy in the tenebrousabysses of the sub-crust, in the thresholds and in the expiatory incarnations, but It never  presents itself, because the presence of the DIVINE JUSTICE is absolute. Very biblicalis that teaching: DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO WORK INIQUITY. It is also fromthe Bible: YOU SHALL PAY TILL THE LAST FARTHING.
 – Every spiritual spark or son of God derives from Him withall the Divine Virtues in potential state, and must develop Them through the biologicaland evolutive process, in the Worlds and in the lives or incarnations, facing conditionsand situations, until he comes to be Spirit and Truth or Totally United or God in God. InGod nothing grows or diminishes, everything derives from Him and to Him returns andthis is the DIVINE REALITY, THE DIVINE MONISM, and THE INTEGRALSCIENCE OR THE SCIENCE OF THE UNITY. Nobody and nothing will be eternallyson of God; everything will come back to the DIVINE CRUCIBLE, AS DIVINE. For such development, everything depends on the inward effort, because, from outside, nofavors nor insolences will ever come, and not even the false mercies invented bycheaters, manufacturers of religions and clergies, whose tricks always aim at the moneyand the obedience of the fools or simpletons.
– The Commanders or Directors of Worlds, Systems of Worlds, Groups of Systems, Galaxies and Metagalaxies are thosesparks of GOD or spirits who reached elevated levels of divinization. Having alreadythe vehicle of soul highly divinized, they need tremendous reductions or densification of the vehicle of soul to be able to incarnate.
The Divine Program is absolute for the Spirit and theMatter, the Worlds and Humanities, and only the crazy ones or hypocrites are allowed toquestion this fact. In the tenebrous abysses of the sub-crust, in the thresholds and in theexpiatory incarnations, the trespassers of the Law endure their mistakes until the lastfarthing, because, in the DIVINE JUSTICE, there is no place for apologists of INIQUITY. The true spiritual wisdom consists of living parallel to the DIVINEJUSTICE, never parallel to the allures or untrue concepts invented by men, incarnates
or discarnates. Absolute is the DIVINE JUSTICE, which will never endorse falsesciences and false humbleness.
– First, in the evolutive beginnings of the spark, the crown of Divine Light is formed; then six energetic crowns,where the chakras or plexus are also formed. Without the chakras or plexus, the physicalsenses and the mediumistic faculties – the Gifts of the Holy Spirit – would not work.The perispirit has beginning and end because it goes on divinizing or sublimating itself with the divinization of its owner, and when this one turns himself in GOD UNITED,SPIRIT AND TRUTH, the vehicle of soul will have nothing else to do.
The Matter is Divine Essence or God, Divine Light, Energy,Ether, Substance, Gas, Vapor, Liquid and Solid. The first three stages penetrate intoeverything, for the purpose of Origin, Sustentation and Destination. After God, thePrinciple, everything is ranged. In its innumerable manifestations and utilities, theMatter is always tool of the spirit.
– There is no promiscuity in the spiritual world. The well-known Seven Heavens are subdivided into more than thirty thousand sub-heavens or  bands of dwelling of discarnate. The sub-crust and threshold bands are of darkness,weeping and gnashing of teeth, while the exterior ones go on increasing in Light andGlory. And nobody will ascend to more divinized heavens without having the DivineLatent Virtues developed. The Law of Hierarchies prevails in everything by impositionof the Divine Justice, and never by the intervention of false mercies. And with the totaldivinization of the son of God the subjection to the Planetary jurisdiction will cease.
At the right time, all Humanities in the evolutive processreceive a Basic Moral Code or Code of BEHAVIOR for not having crimes among brothers or fellows of the developing journey of the Latent Divine Virtues. To argue theLaw of God leads to the tenebrous planes of darkness and to expiatory incarnations. Thereincarnation law acts as redemptive and evolutionary valve of the spirits, and it isalways case of DIVINE JUSTICE, which is full of fair resources, without contradictionsor false mercies.
He is prior to the World,announced before incarnating through Angel or Messenger, born due to mediumistic phenomenon and not from man. He comes with MEASURELESS Gifts of the HollySpirit or Mediumship, produces great mediumistic deeds, and does not stay in the tomb, because He represents the TOTAL RESURRECTION, delivers the Spread of Gifts to allflesh, and orders to deliver the Book of Forthcoming Events, the Apocalypse. And, asSimeon, the Prophet, affirmed, He becomes the target of contradictory insults due tohuman ignorance.
The concept that spirits migrate to other Planets, as theygrow spiritually is completely false. There are glorious heavens on the Planet, wherethey can and must work in favor of the heavens below and of the Planet where theincarnates are. From time to time, they incarnate carrying out tasks according to their hierarchic grades.
– Surpassing the Hierarchy of the Planet or of its heavens,there is the entrance into the so-called Christic Plane. It does not mean the TOTALUNION with the Principle or God yet, but the Christs, commander of Planets, Systemsand Groups of Systems, normally represent the DIVINE UNION.
The Divine Truths are immutable; theydepart from the Origin, guarantee the Sustentation and send to the Sacred Finality. Butthe theologies, the catechisms, the codifications, the compilations and the dogmatizedconspiracies that sustain clergies and sectarianisms or morbid partisanship contain crassmistakes, creepiness and ridiculous. And they are carefully looked after, because theyguarantee mundane privileges to the owners of bastard conventionalisms. Interests of  belly, pocket, stomach, titles and pompous labels, prides and vanities, fanaticism for men and machiavellian editorial or commercial programs, without forgetting the sordid bossy petty politics, carefully take care of all these dirtiness which so much damage thespiritual progress of the sons of God.
– The Law of God, which is extremely short and concise,is enough to avoid crimes against the Principle and against the fellows, making one become harmonized with the Divine Justice, which is the right and necessary thing tofaster go on developing the Divine Latent Virtues, marching swiftly to the DIVINEUNION, which is the Sacred Objective of the Existence. However, erroneous meninvent lying concepts, nauseous flatteries towards God and His Delegates, etc. Adifferent phase is coming, in which the false sciences and the false humbleness will end,making way for the decent behavior.
– The Book of Acts of the Apostles is theBOOK OF THE GRACES, because it is the Book of the Resurrection and of thePentecost, or of the fulfillment othe Promises contained in the Old Testament and of the Promises of the Incarnate Word.To intend to know The Doctrine of The Way or Christianism out of the Book of Acts isthe same as to build the tallest and most beautiful building, and leaving it with no roof.
Among the Eleven Great Bibles of Humanity,only the jewish-christian Bible contains prophetic sense. The Doctrine of The Way, asdaughter of prophetism, has in the Bible assertions on the Unique Principle, the lessonsabout the Spirit and Matter, the Fundamental Ruling Laws, the communicability of Angels or Messenger Spirits and the promises of everything that should happen after thedelivery of the General Model, the Pentecost and the Apocalypse. After that, mistakesand human deviations, manufacturers of nonsense, sellers of pretenses, morbid sectarianfanaticisms appear, that is, the ones who dig out abysses, anguishes and desperations,weeping and gnashing of teeth. And they act so well over the fools or ignorants thatthese ones are still thankful and gratefully bow and reverent before them.
Through the Chosen People,the Basic Moral Law, the Model Word and Modeler and the Glorious Pentecost or Spread of Gifts over all flesh or generalization of the Consoling Revelation, wouldcome. Each Apostle understood as he could, wrote as he could and wanted to; but in allof them the testimony of the Doctrine of The Way stands out, transmitted by the ModelWord, and exuberantly stuck on the Grace of the Generalized Revelation. Never was promised any Consoler for twenty centuries later… Everything was rigorously deliveredto Humanity, so that the apostolic work could deliver the Doctrine as far as theuttermost part of the Earth… And in the Apocalypse, the contradictory insults thatwould appear were predicted, as well as the RESTORING work in the bosom of theBiblical-Prophetic truths, never teaching to run away from the Bible, or put men’scommandments in the place of God’s, or hiding the texts about the Gifts of the HollySpirit, or giving them intentional false interpretations, in order to cover sordid petty politics or internal mafiosi.

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