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Published by Recusant
A bi-monthly newsletter published by Illinois MUFON on topics of interest regarding alien visitation and UFOs from a scientific research perspective. Also, statewide and regional information on meetings, conferences, and media events are included. All issues during the 2008 year are free of charge. To learn more visit www.illinoisMUFON.com
A bi-monthly newsletter published by Illinois MUFON on topics of interest regarding alien visitation and UFOs from a scientific research perspective. Also, statewide and regional information on meetings, conferences, and media events are included. All issues during the 2008 year are free of charge. To learn more visit www.illinoisMUFON.com

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Recusant on Mar 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Newsletter of Illinois MUFON
• August 2008 • Number 2
by Scott Waldyn, Staff Writer
he Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)and Illinois MUFON brought togetherUFO Symposium 2 to the Holiday InnConvention Center in Tinley Park. Amongthe highlights, Richard Dolan, historianand author of 
UFOs and the National Se-curity State,
presented a lecture as the key-note speaker.Dolan’s presentation, “The Challengesof UFO Disclosure,” offered visitors andattendees a three-part slideshow lectureprobing into the importance of UFOs, thesecrecy of the subject politically and histor-ically, and his own personal thoughts on who “they” are.“What drew me into the UFO topic was a very sim-ple question. It’s not “Are they real?” Dolan said. “It wasmuch more basic than that. It was, “Was this ever a validtopic of history? Was this something that our nationalsecurity leadership was ever truly interested in? I gotinto this topic wanting to know theanswer to that one single question.Was this something as part of ournational history? And the answer tothat question, to me, is yes, abso-lutely, it is. Of course, once you an-swer that question, a lot of follow-up questions arise, such as, ‘Well,why?’”As a researcher and a formallyeducated historian, Dolan’s ap-proach was to treat the subject assomething of societal and historicalimportance rather than scientific.When he first began his researchinto UFOs 15 years ago, it proved tobe nothing short of mind-blowing.
(Continued on page 2)
by John B. Ringer, Historical Anomalist, Contributing Writer
n argument often used to squash speculation that our military is hidingthe truth about UFOs is that the government isn’t capable of keepingany secrets, let alone one as powerful as this. I have to admit, the first timeI heard this argument it resonated. My own experience with the armedservices consisted of two years as a draftee in the mid-50s, and the ArmyI knew was almost a case study in inefficiency. I had the feeling ‘they’couldn’t do anything right. Of course, my attitude was far from ideal as Iconsidered the whole thing a huge waste of my time.One of my most vivid memories of Army life is the rumors. Since ourofficers felt no need to explain anything, rumors filled the void. It startedduring the induction process and lasted until my final day in uniform.Most rumors were wrong, and even the ones that got it right were usually
(Continued on page 8)
Newsletter of Illinois MUFON
• August 2008 • Number 2
Newsletter of Illinois MUFON
• August 2008 • Number 2
is the quarterly newsletter of Illinois MUFON
,Incorporated and is solely responsible for itscontent. Illinois MUFON
, Inc. is a statechapter of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network(an international organization), dedicated tothe scientific investigation of alien visitation.All of the views expressed in this publicationbelong to Illinois MUFON
, Inc. and are not necessarily the views of MUFON. All rightsreserved. No part of this publication maybe reproduced or transmitted in any formor by any means, electronic or mechanical,including photocopying, recording, taping,or any other storage and retrieval system,without obtaining permission from the editorby email at fcoffman@comcast.ne
Illinois MUFON
Samuel Maranto,
Daniel Finnigan,
Frank Coffman,
Editor/Public Relations 
Bill Murphy,
Staff Writer 
John B. Ringer,
Staff Writer 
Scott Waldyn,
Staff Writer 
A one year subscription and membership toIllinois MUFON
is available by sending$20 to:Illinois MUFON
P.O. Box 2105Orland Park, IL 60462or by calling: 708 460-7606Design and format by JackRabbit Pix
(DOLAN SPEAKS continued from page 1)
“The biggest challenge for me waswhen I got to the realization that I found alegitimate topic. It opened up a completelynew mental world.”With the release of his book (the firstof three volumes), Dolan’s research iscatalogued in a manner that allows believ-ers and non-believers alike a chance to seethis topic from his initial and personal ap-proach to the subject.“The first challenge that I had waslearning my topic. I didn’t have a lot of background information,” he said. “Istarted at, as it were, ground zero. I had toeducate myself and basically teach myself Ufology 101. So, I had to go through thatprocess, read book after book after book.It was a never-ending process. The wayI was able to turn that around was that Itook very well-organized notes, and thatallowed me to take the initiative to writemy book.”In terms of reception, Dolan felt hiswork has been generally well receivedamong the ufology community, althoughsome criticism is cast over his ideas aboutthe government’s role in UFO history, re-lating mostly to how deeply-rooted a cov-er-up and possible conspiracy is. Regard-ing press, the author stated that his work had also been relatively ignored by mostof the mainstream media.“It’s one thing for mainstream mediato deal with UFOs as a scientific anoma-ly, as something of interest. ‘Gee, what if there’s life out there? Gee, could that thingbe something unusual or out of the ordi-nary?’ That’s one thing. That’s relativelysafe,” he said. “To ask a question though,to ask, ‘Has my government systemati-cally lied and covered up the topic?’—themedia system has missed this major point.Is there a major cover-up? That’s a verysignificant issue, and that’s not somethingyou will find the mainstream media is will-ing to tackle.”Overall though, Dolan felt that hisbook provided much positive impactamong those interested in the field andarea of study.“There’s real hunger for knowledgeon this topic, and many people have toldme that this book is a very much-neededbook,” the author said.One thing Dolan mentioned about ufol-ogy, however, was the idea of change—how information, theories, and technol-ogy constantly changes, particularly in therecent decades, and ufology along with it,bringing the field of study to a societal andcultural level.“The more you stay in this field, themore it changes,” he said. “When youthink about the changes of our societyin the last one hundred years, there is noperiod in history that comes close to thelevel of change that we have experienced,not even remotely. Cars, airplanes, ra-dios, televisions, atomic bombs—that’sall within forty years, and then you go tomissiles, computers, internet, ipod [and]little bluetooth phones. This technologyhas changed our society in such a dramaticway. [It has] also brought political changesI believe. [It is] at least bringing politicalinstability, I think. [Technology] is certain-ly bringing economic instability. So, we’rein a very tumultuous era. Think about therevolution in internet. In the matter of tenyears, no internet to internet, no comput-ers in American homes to most Americanshaving computers. We’re living in a time
Dolan’s first book,
UFOs and the National  Security State
“Disclosure...wouldbe...nothing shortof explosive.”
Richard Dolan answering attendees’ questions at the UFOSymposiium 2 on June 22nd 2008 in Tinley Park
Newsletter of Illinois MUFON
• August 2008 • Number 2
of dramatic change, and it is just my feeling that times of openness can occur.”With this idea of rapid technological advances, Dolanexpressed how he felt this dramatic change could alter theway ufology is perceived rather quickly, perhaps withindecades if not sooner. Disclosure, if ultimately broughtabout by this change, would be, he noted, nothing short
Don’t Miss This One! 
FriedmanPhillips  MarantoSchmitt 
Go to www.illinoismufon.com to register 
$20 per person on the website/$30 at the door Tinley Park Holiday Inn Convention Center 
Come hear the evidence presented by the internationally renown physicist, author, and UFO lecturerStanton Friedman. His presentation, “Flying Saucers: and Science” will be joined by the leading UFOevidence researcher, Ted Phillips. Also speaking will be author and Roswell expert, Donald Schmitt andthe Illinois MUFON Director and UFO researcher, Sam Maranto, along with Michigan UFO researcherand video documentarian, Bill Murphy. You’ve seen them on TV, now hear and meet them in personin an exciting and educational afternoon of discussions about alien visitation. A question and answerperiod will be open to all attendees after the formal presentations.
of explosive.“Change is happening now to the world. So, I think that’s what I would have to say. We’re in a very dramaticperiod of change, and I don’t think we’re done,” he said.“It could very well be a world that has an open acknowl-edgment of an extraterrestrial presence.”

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