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The Emerging Leaders Conference 2013

The Emerging Leaders Conference 2013

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Published by GOTNI
An interview with Mr. Linus Okorie

On Wednesday the 13th of February, 2013

At the GOTNI Leadership Centre

Interviewed by Mr. Immanuel M
An interview with Mr. Linus Okorie

On Wednesday the 13th of February, 2013

At the GOTNI Leadership Centre

Interviewed by Mr. Immanuel M

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Published by: GOTNI on Mar 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 An interview with Mr. Linus OkorieOn Wednesday the 13
of February, 2013At the GOTNI Leadership CentreAbujaTime: 9: 30 amInterviewed by Mr. Immanuel M
 A very good morning to you all, today we havehere a Distinguished Nigerian in the person of Mr. Linus C. Okorie. He is a leadership capitaldevelopment consultant and the Founder of the Guardians of the Nation International,GOTNI. GOTNI is a non-profit leadershipdevelopment organization which operatesfrom Africa, having its headquarters in theFederal capital city of Abuja in Nigeria.It is a great honour to have you today sir.
“It’s a pleasure to be here too.”
Sir, going straight to the matter at hand, inour continent today, so many reasons have
been said to be the cause of Africa’s
underdevelopment and in our country Nigeriain particular we have heard all sorts, fromcorruption to mismanagement and eveneducation. You however are giving us adifferent and more proper perspective whichis the deficit of leadership capital. Could youplease explain your stand point?
The truth of the matter is that nations ofthe world that have been able to inspiretheir people to levels of development andgrowth are those that have had their leadersshare in developing the leadership contentthat enabled them use those principles ofleadership to drive growth. For many yearsthe African continent has been hit with sucha deficit of quality leadership capital. Mostleaders that have had the opportunity tolead their countries have been filled with alot of self-interest.I do not understand how a continent so richin natural resources and blessed with greatwealth cannot afford to have real richcitizens. My thinking is that it has to do withthe quality of the leadership capital that is inplace. If Africa must join the developedcontinents, we must be able to integrateleadership development into our systems.Bringing it home, Nigeria is referred to as thegiant of Africa, in terms of population andthe energies and talents we possess. We canlead the committee of nations in Africa; wecan inspire followership across Africa ifthings are working within our borders. Butwhere there is deficit of leadership capital,there is no progress, we take two stepsforward and 3 steps back; such an economyis not sustainable in terms of development.
So what we encourage is a situation whereour leaders begin to develop proper leadership skills: I am talking aboutselflessness, the ability to serve, a passion tomake a difference, the ability to run anddrive a vision. That an African leader cancome to power and set a focus and notderail, that his country is his priority, that heensures everything is working in every sector 
of the economy, that’s what we need.
Isn’t it alarming that Mo Ibr 
ahim for a coupleof years hasn
’t found any African
leader after being head of state, worthy to receive5 Million dollars for providing good
leadership in the continent of Africa? It’s a
shame. So if we must begin to make achange in Africa, it is important that we startearly to begin to pay attention to the truemeaning of leadership, to educate the youngones on its true meaning, to take leadershipeducation very seriously so the futureleaders can start early to learn what it takesto build. I believe that the way to go.
You run a non-profit organization CalledGuardians of the Nation International GOTNI;what is GOTNI about?
It all started about 16 years ago, I read aleadership material and saw how onedistinguished person was able to mobilize hiscountry men and women to transform hiscountry and I saw sound leadership skillsbeing displayed. I began to think, what ifAfrican leaders can do the same, what ifanyone who finds themselves in leadershipcan forget about themselves and begin tothink about how to add value to society? Somy mind began to think about thepossibilities if we begin early to groomleaders for the African continent, usingNigeria as a starting point. It was in thatpensive mood that GOTNI was born.It was born with a desire to see a new cadreof leadership in the African continent, sopeople can emerge and become leadersbecause they have learnt early thatleadership matters. In the past years wehave been advocating for leadershipdevelopment, we thought; if we can inspirethe young ones to develop leadershipqualities early enough, they can make adifference over a period of time. And if theyare taught principles of integrity, vision,sacrifice, taught how to use power for thesake of the common good, over time theywould be able to transform whatever sector of the economy they find themselves in. thatis how this organization was born.In the past 20 years we have been involvedwith over 20,000 young people at variouslevels and through our differentprogrammes, and we still have a long way togo in inspiring the entire nation to thinkleadership for problem solving. And we arebeginning to make things happen along thisline, our assurance is that Over time we willhave groomed leaders who in the future ofAfrica will set the pace for what trueleadership is and this will spur qualitydevelopment across every sector.Singapore did the same, they had almost thesame independence period with Nigeria and

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