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Rest for the Workers

Rest for the Workers

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" Come unto fMe^ all ye that labour and are hea^y laden^
and I will give you rest" S. MATT. xi. 28.

" Come unto fMe^ all ye that labour and are hea^y laden^
and I will give you rest" S. MATT. xi. 28.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Mar 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GEORGE HOWARD WILKINSON, D.D." Come unto fMe^ all ye that labour and are hea^y laden^and I will give you rest" S. MATT. xi. 28.IN these words, my brethren, our Divine Master assertsHis Divinity. No human being of such a characteras JESUS of Nazareth, " the Truth " would venture tooffer to every age, and to the dwellers in every landrest : rest to the weary body and to the troubled soul.The CHRIST, in these words, offers it to all : " Comeunto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, andI will give you rest." In His infinite condescension,knowing that man could not bear to look on unveiledDivinity, GOD veiled Himself in human flesh that Hemight touch us with human hands, speak to us witha human voice, love us with a human heart. But wemust never forget that inside, as it were, of all this,there was the Godhead. He Who spoke the wordsof my text was very GOD.And this comes out more clearly when the wordsare studied in connection with the context. "Allthings are delivered unto Me of My FATHER ; andno man knoweth the SON, but the FATHER ; neitherknoweth any man the FATHER, save the SON, and heto whomsoever the SON will reveal Him." " Thereforei.e., because I have dwelt with the FATHER from alleternity ; because I know the mind of the FATHERI am able to say that the FATHER wills that the invitation24 THE MSSS^fGE OF PEACEshould be universal ; and, speaking as GOD, 1 offer it toall I will give you rest."Let us look a little more carefully at the meaning of these words. The text divides naturally into a twofoldaddress : to those who are called to the life of work,and to those who are bidden to endure ; the active andthe passive ; the toilers and the sufferers, in this greatworld of ours.How, then, does the LORD JESUS CHRIST give restto the workers ? By the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.CHRIST has gone up on high, and has sat down at HisFATHER S right hand. His work in man s heart, and inthe Church at large, is carried on through the instrumentality of the HOLY SPIRIT. By the HOLY SPIRITJESUS CHRIST conveys rest to all who are called to labour.Here let us be very careful not to narrow the. words
to what is technically called religious work. It applies,of course, to all who are working for JESUS CHRIST in amore direct manner. But the application is universal." Come unto Me, all ye that labour " in Parliament,in business, in the home, in the farm, in the counting-house, in the street, sweeping a crossing. To everyhuman being who is complying with the great law of a fallen world : " In the sweat of thy brow thou shalteat bread" to all workers CHRIST offers, by the HOLYSPIRIT, rest.How does He give this rest ?First, by enlightening our understanding. All emotionand it is most important that this should be remembered all emotion that is not built upon knowledgemust sooner or later perish. Feelings change ; emotionsendure but for a day ; the first change of weather, anybodily ailment, destroys them. Religion based merelyupon emotion is like a house founded on the sand.Therefore the LORD JESUS CHRIST, by means of thatRSST FOR THE fTORKSRS 25Blessed Spirit Who is emphatically given to be ourTeacher, first enlightens our understanding.He shows us, first of all, that our wor^ is part of adivine plan. He shows us that, whether the work inwhich we are engaged is what man calls noble orcommonplace, it is part of a great plan by whichAlmighty GOD is establishing on earth the Kingdom of JESUS CHRIST. He teaches us that every man, whatever his occupation provided it is a righteous occupation to which he has been called by GOD is partof a great body which is carrying out the Will of theEternal GOD. He teaches us that He, the LORD JESUSCHRIST Himself, very GOD and very Man, is guidingall this complex machinery ; that we are under thedirection of a living Head, all-wise, all-loving ; withinfinite and unfailing resources upon which He candraw. He teaches us, therefore, to rest. The wife,utterly perplexed how to act, may look up to herhusband, conscious of his greater knowledge ; andthen, having confided the difficulty to him, is at peace.The members of a Government may look up to theirhead, and, having satisfied themselves that he hasgrasped the position, rest with perfect confidence onhis guidance. So it is also with ourselves, when theeyes of our understanding are enlightened to see thatthe FATHER has placed this world in the hands of theLORD JESUS CHRIST ; that He is living, energizing,guiding, directing, by our instrumentality ; that it isnot we who are working, but He Who is very Manand very GOD. By the mere knowledge of this Hegives us rest. The sense of a crushing weight resting
upon us, the sense of everything depending upon ourown miserable effort, is removed, when the eyes areopened and we see JESUS CHRIST.Secondly, He teaches us another great principle,26 THE MESSAGE OF TEACEwhich may be expressed by some such words as " thelaw of limitation." In other words, He shows usthat ^Almighty God is pleased, for reasons known toHimse/f, to allow every human being in this world to belimited; limited by health and strength, limited bythe want of full mental power, limited by the shortness of the period in which he has to work. Indifferent ways CHRIST shows us that this is part of His FATHER S plan ; not an accident, not an unfortunate occurrence, but one of the means by whichHe is training us for a land in which there will be nohindrance, no limitation, nothing to drive us back again ;nothing to make us feel like the poor lark in its cage,striving to soar up into heaven, and only dashing itself against the bars of the miserable cage in which it ishampered and imprisoned. The LORD JESUS shows usthat as long as we live on earth we shall never fullycarry out our ideal : we shall be hindered by the devil,hindered by other people, hindered by our own miserableimperfections.And then, when we have laid hold of that law, thefailure in our own special department ceases to perplexand distress and crush us. The mere knowledge that weare only suffering that which is the lot of all humanity,that the particular failure which depresses is only one of the thousand failures which GOD and the angels are seeingevery day, even among the most earnest, gives a calm.Once more. The LORD JESUS CHRIST, by the HOLYGHOST, unveiling to us the meaning of the Bible, lifts usup to see that the victory is certain ; that what we considerimportant may be found afterwards utterly unimportant ;that we may have failed in certain departments ; thatthere may have been times of utter crushing discomfiture ;but that, in the long run, the victory is certain. He tellsus that He, the LORD GOD, sent forth from heaven byR6ST FOR THE WORKERS 27His FATHER, on that white horse, conquering and toconquer, will not return till He has brought with Himthe army of the saints, also arrayed in robes of conquest,and with crowns of gold on their heads. He tells usthat whatever was part of GOD S eternal plan will, sooneror later, be accomplished. And this gives calmness. If 

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