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Published by Jagadish Prasad

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Published by: Jagadish Prasad on Mar 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Banking knowledge
problems are plenty to solve when it comes to bankingif one wants to know what is the correct financial report in relation to money management of company isthe different sources you have to tap which is interlinked with money to know the correct amountisa) number of creditors listb) bank reconciliation statementc) liquefaction of assetsd) liquefaction of companye) unfinished products / raw materials calculations (losses also)etc etc
thought of the day :how to know correct amount on daily basis at end of day when loans are taken up everynow and thenNEXTSTOCKS INFORMATION
stocks are always used by investors as speculative investment to get moneyonly initial public offering money is used for getting complete bullish marketeven then it is one time investment of getting finance which again is linked up with lotspremium shares volatility is negligible in higher denominations sense unless you talk about indexfunds which are volatile as per swings moods of stocksmore the number of players in stock exchange more the transactions into operation. the result isspeculative businessshould be controlled through few playerseven though players are many to handle stocks and bonds . control of them is also easy withhelp of number of transactions being done by them is restricted or can be restricted with per day
per month per year based transactions per player or investor 
thought of the day :should high networking individuals in the stock exchange should be few in numbers andrestricted with few transactions per dayvolatility in shares is less when shares are in premium range of stock , how to controlthemLots (higher number of shares in transaction ) play a dominant role in bullish or bearishmarketNEXTEgyptian terrorism and Koran vs Lippmann theory
2 months back i saw a biography of strauss theory being highlighted in documentary . i waswondering how to look at the issue which was stated by egyptian terrorism that they are hardcore followers of koran and would prevent democracy from taking into effect which was den of usathis is a huge tension between the two ( terrorism and usa)looking at the problem now with the knowledge of Lippmann theory i am reading now under thelabel of textbook of mass communication downloaded from the torrent i got a new insight into life
what does Lippmann theory state
democracy is evil force because certain portion of literature which the world produces should bekept secret from the public life as it hampers the growth of people and creates fear uponrealization of its existence facttake for example salman rushdie caseTHINK ???
so after realizing this theory i stopped blaming terrorists and marvelled at insight of Lippmannquestion is when designing the koran book was it written during kings time where monarchicalform of government existedif it is true there should be no tension between governments and public life
thought of the dayKORAN is bible of muslims because it follows Lippmann theory in societyif trueworld is safe place to liveNEXThow to reduce prices of finished goods in the market
goods are of two typesfinished goodsunfinished goods (goods in the process of becoming finished goods)sales in this world can happen only on finished goods , unfinished goods become raw material toend product of finished goods to be sold later it is seen in the bubbles that inflation shoots up when demand for market finished goods isincreased and supply drastically decreases and automatically prices for the products skyrocketsmaking it impossible for lower strata of people to purchasewhat to do in this scenario !!!!reduction in the salary of employees is one way of reducing the money supply in the market
what happens ???
automatically demand for products decreases because of lack of money with the end user, thiswould lead to supply being constant and later on balances itself with the demand

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