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Short Attention Span

Short Attention Span



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Published by ProLifestyler
Attention is scarce resource. Article discussed causes of information overload and solutions on how to deal with that issue.
Attention is scarce resource. Article discussed causes of information overload and solutions on how to deal with that issue.

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Published by: ProLifestyler on Mar 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Short Attention Span or Syndrome of Information Overload
Tune Your Fulfillment 
Provided by Peter Levin – Tune Your Fulfillment
Short Attention Span or Syndrome of Information Overload
“It’s not our fault our generation has short attention spans, Dad. We watch an appallingamount of TV.”Yeardley Smith
 Information Overload: excess amount of information being provided, making processing and absorbing tasks very difficult for the individual because sometimes we cannot see the validitybehind the information
We live in interesting and exciting time. Growth rate of information is staggering and growing eachand every day. We have more information available to us than in any time in history.We can learn anything we want and get any information available to us with a push of a button. It isvery convenient. It seems that we should be happy and appreciative that now we don’t have to spendour precious time going to the library and doing research that might take days, weeks or evenmonths. Paradoxically it causes more frustration and disappointment and makes us feel moreunhappy and unfulfilled.Attention span is dropping with each and every day. The more information becomes available themore we need to be selective on which information to process and which to ignore. It causes our attention span go down dramatically.
“The addictive nature of web browsing can leave you with an
attention span of nine seconds -the same as a goldfish
 ,” said the BBC in 2002. “Our attention span gets affected by the way we dothings,”
Here are several major causes of information overload:
More information than we can process
Value of information decreases
Doubt of existed information(credibility)
Constant Craving for More and More Information
Bombardment of unsolicited information
Speed of new information increases each and every day
Short Attention Span or Syndrome of Information Overload
Tune Your Fulfillment 
Provided by Peter Levin – Tune Your Fulfillment
The Paradox of ChoiceResources
we have available to us
in one way or another. There is so much we can do in aday, so many choices we can make. Between all of those choices we must discriminate and limit our choices to something that is very important to us.Too many choices lead to
paralysis by analysis
syndrome. The more choices we make, the more itleads us to believe that there is perfect solution somewhere available and if we don’t include this inour decision making, we will missed out on something important.I am experiencing this issue firsthand. Instead of taking action on information available, I try to domore and more research. At the end, I might totally forget where I started and
nothing gets done
.In his book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking”, Malcolm Gladwell describe thisvery well by stating that if we
have to much information
available to make a decision, it probably
willnot be the right one
despite all the facts available.
Intuitive nudge might be a better solutionin many situations.
It is hard to hold multiple pisses of information to make a right decision. When complexityincreases, out chance to make a right decisiondecreases. The solution here is to
take action
oninformation that is available and improve it along the way.
Consequences of Information Overload
Too much information and not enough actions (Input and Output Imbalance)
 Not enough time to do things we know we need to do
 Negative emotions such as anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem because weunable to make a decision
Productivity drops dramatically which leads to poor results
Issue got transferred into personal, professional and all areas of life
Solution1. Develop your vision, so all information you process get filteredthroughyour vision
The best way to overcome problem of information overload is to make sure that all information isfiltered through your vision, in other words you need to know what youwant.I am guilty around studying a lot of different subjects because it is just interesting to me, because Iwant to be in the no and informed. It is a good thing, but this way I hardly got anything useful donein terms of results. Yes I becomes smarter and enjoy learn new things, but I realize that I can enjoyand get smarter plus producing outcome all at the same time.
Short Attention Span or Syndrome of Information Overload
Tune Your Fulfillment 
Provided by Peter Levin – Tune Your Fulfillment
Take time and think what you really want lout of life and only consume the information that willlead you to your outcome in the moment. Got some vision in place, it is better than no vision, youwill refine your vision as you move forward.
2. Know your Deep Values
Knowing your deep values will help you to establish priorities when making any decision. Write 5values and organize it in order of priorities.For example:
God (spirituality)
5 .
Learning and GrowingYou really need to think about your values, it is not something I can show you how to do. The bestway I found to determine values is by “looking for patterns”. See if you have any recurring patterns.For example you don’t like when you see someone who do not take care of themselves physicallyand itget you irritated because you know that they need exercises and you frustrated that they don’tsee it for themselves.At the same time you know that you need exercises more than you do now. It may tell you that oneof your values is HEALTH. You might not have a healthy lifestyle now, but you know that it is veryimportant because it will show up in all other areas.Health is one of my values. Since childhood I been pretty active and still are and it is make me saidwhen I see people who completely ignore their problems. I do ignore mine too, but I always strivingto have a better health in any way that I can.
3. Drop all sources of information that not serving your vision and not compatible with yourvaluesCut
sources of information
that n
ot serving you
. Ask yourself if watching a television will getyou closer to your goal or away from it? (Assuming that you have goal in a first place)
Rich people have big libraries, poor people have big TVs.”
-Jim Rohn
If you have no purpose -you have television

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