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Published by CJ WEB ADMIN
These statements are part of transcribed interviews from witnesses, coaches and players collected by Louisville Metro Police in their criminal investigation of the practice where 15-year-old Max Gilpin collapsed of heat stroke.
These statements are part of transcribed interviews from witnesses, coaches and players collected by Louisville Metro Police in their criminal investigation of the practice where 15-year-old Max Gilpin collapsed of heat stroke.

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Published by: CJ WEB ADMIN on Mar 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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September 10, 2008

Time now is 1124 hours. Today's date is September 10th, 2008. My name is Detective Terry Jones, my code number's #6354. This interview is of Mr. Briante Williams. It's regarding File #08-197 and we are currently at PRP High School, 5601 Greenwood Road.

Mr. uh, Williams, can you identify yourself?
Uh, yes, sir. Briante Williams, uh, birthday .

...which is July 16th, and my address is 4616 Greenwood Road. Phone number, which is my nu...father's number.

Okay. Okay...Sir, this statement is being tape-
recorded. Does it meet with your approval?

I'm taking this statement in reference to the events on August 20th, 2008, that occurred during the PRP football practice.

Please describe the events of August 20th, 2008, from beginning to the end of practice.

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Statement: Briante Williams / Case #08197(e)
September 10, 2008


From the beginning of practice, we come out and soon as we get on to the practice field, uhm, the water (inaudible) so you can feel free to water yourself down, right before we start practice, lot of us are sittin' under the shade tree. And until everyone gets out, I'm at the locker-room, once in the field ready to get practice goin', under the shade tree until they blow the whistle and call us under to meet under the goal post. And then we break down and we get in to our lines, which consist of stretching and uh, light...light jogs, just to stride and stretch your legs out...lunges and other exercises and such, and uh, after we're done stretching, uhm, we get out in to far broader line, striding, stretching it out all the way down the field and we continue to stretch some more to make sure we're very stretched out. Get ready for that. And then afterwards, we go on the water break, to water down before we actually kick things off and get in to uhm, our practicing of running and technique and the major movement that really gets you going. So after we're done watering down, after our stretches, we turn back on to the field and we go to what we call team take-off. The defense goes on one side, offense goes on the other side, and we go through our drills, uhm, running our plays. And then after that, which was about uh, ten, ten-minute period, we go back over there to the uhm, to the water fountains and we water ourselves down again, to stay hydrated, and then repeatedly the same thing back to the practice field, and we go to our position coaches, which is called individuals, that uhm, you go to the coach at the part of the field that is for your specific position-wise, that you practice on, and uhm,

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Statement: Briante Williams / Case #08197(e)
September 10, 2008

the linemen were one coach, defensive guys with uh, the defensive coach, and the offenses guys with the offensive coach, which is Coach Stinson himself, and uh, we practice on our techniques in our separate positions. Uhm, that's directly for us, that fits our, our position- wise or our job, or what we have to do on the field. And then after that, which is about 15, 20 minutes that we do that, he sends us over there to uh, get water, we come back and we maintain to do the same thing for about another 15 to 20 minutes, and then we go get watered down again before we do our seven on seven drill, which consists of everybody except the linemen, which is the defensive and the offense up against each other. But uh, no contact, just, just touch, running through plays, motion. And uhm, after we do that for about uh, for about 20 minutes, he continues to uh, send us back over to the water to water ourselves down to continue to stay hydrated. And afterwards we come back and we go in to what we call is our base period, where it's 11 on 11...11 defensive guys, 11 offensive guys...no full contact, just wrapping up...not take 'em to the ground or anything like that, but still running our plays, and we do that, we have our first group go up and they go in and they do that for about ten, about ten minutes...ten or 15 minutes...and then he calls in our second group. And while the second group is rotating in, the ones, which is the first group, is free to go over to the water fountain and hydrate themselves...while the second group is in. And vice-versa. When the first group is called back in, the second group is obligated to do the same thing.

I see. Okay. And is that the extent of the

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