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Landscaping in LA

Landscaping in LA

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Published by Ilanna
A practical guide to landscaping resources in Los Angeles. Provides links to resources and website. Also provides practical tips for choosing affordable services in Los Angeles.
A practical guide to landscaping resources in Los Angeles. Provides links to resources and website. Also provides practical tips for choosing affordable services in Los Angeles.

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Published by: Ilanna on Mar 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Landscaping in LA- Specific Issues
Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the world but for its size, it’s also one of thegreenest. This is a city which boasts the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Malibu,Westwood, Brentwood and the pride of the San Fernando Valley – Woodland Hills. Adrive through any of these cities and you will see some of the most gorgeous landscapingyou’ve ever witnessed. Many of these homes belong to famous people of course and theyspend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their landscaping. But, as beautiful as LA is,there are very specific challenges to landscaping here. The first is the weather. LA is in adesert region. The average temperature is in the 70’s. It rarely rains and it never snows.But, we do get firestorms, windstorms and the ever-dreaded earthquake. So, how doesone think about landscaping when it could possibly be blown away tomorrow, or getswallowed up by a quake. Another major issue here is water. It may not be long beforethe state issues the need to start conserving water in a big way. Even though we live bythe world’s largest body of water, it’s not drinkable and it can’t water our gardens.To landscape, you must know what grows well in California weather. The dry heat canreally kill a lot of trees, plants and flowers, so be careful what you buy and when you plant it. This means you need to work with a professional landscaper. That means you canend up putting out a lot of money. Before you go out and hire a landscaper, check out thevarious companies in your area. Ask your neighbors who they’ve used and what theycharged. The problem is there are a lot of wealthy people in LA and they’re accustomedto paying top dollar for services. This translates into these same services wanting thesame kind of money from everyone. You have to let them know you’re looking around before you’re going to hire anyone. In order to avoid landscaping problems after the fact,
everyone should familiarize themselves with California State Law (Section 4291, PublicResources Code) as this section of the code refers to native vegetation and the rules for dealing with it. This particular website can familiarize all Californians with the rules -http://www.fs.fed.us/psw/publications/documents/gtr-050/landscaping.html.Fountain grass, or 
 Pennisetum setaceum
, is a native plant that comes in two varieties insouthern California and they often weak havoc with many people’s gardens. They growwild and they will choke your plants. So, whenever you begin landscaping, make sureyou know how close any fountain grass is to your property. Fountain grass is known as aninvasive or aggressive plant. A small list of invasive plants to watch out for in your areainclude:
European beach grass, Cheat grass, Pampas grass, Artichoke Thistle,Himalayan Blackberry, Wild fennel, Scotch Broom, Cape Ivy and German Ivy.
However, there are other invasive plants that can completely overrun your garden. Someof them are:
Leafy spurge, Russian olive, and the Edible fig.
If you go here -http://www.cal-ipc.org/ip/inventory/pdf/Inventory1999.pdf , you will find an inventory of all the invasive plants you need to watch out for in your area. The California Departmentof Conservation has declared that
oil and gas seeps
are a growing problem for landscaping in the state. It’s best to check out their website to find out more information before you begin planting or landscaping -http://geomaps.wr.usgs.gov/seeps/.  The last issue to consider is pest and insect control. This site -http://bugguide.net/node/view/28627has been set up to help you identify the insects inyour area to watch out for as you protect your home and garden.
One of the good things about life in a big city like LA is that even though it’s generallyvery expensive, there are also bargains to be found. However, like everything in this cityyou first have to make sure that whomever you call will come to the area where you live.So, if you live out in Culver City and a business is located at Topanga Canyon andVentura Blvd., they may or may not be willing to drive out that far. But, don’t assume.Always ask. One of the best and possibly the first place to go is
Orchard SupplyHardware.
This is no ordinary hardware store. They also have a huge garden center ineach of their stores. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and they havestores through the LA area. So, chances are they are somewhere near you. If you go totheir main website – www.osh.com,then you can use the store locator feature and find their nearest location. They sell beautiful plants, soil, garden accessories and tools all ataffordable prices. Another excellent wholesaler is
. Even though they sell other items, they have a huge stock of plants, trees, bushes and fruit(http://www.dollaritem.com/Wholesale-Flowers-Others.asp
). Now, the thing aboutConcord is they only have the one location but you can purchase online if you’re willing.Personally, I’d rather see the plants first. They’re located on 46
Street which is a bit far if you live in the Valley, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Westwood, Santa Monica or quitea few other places, but the drive might just be worth it. One of the most enduringfeatures of Los Angeles are the beautiful palm trees one sees in the movies and in photographs. Actually, there are several varieties of palms and since they’re in greatdemand out here, the best wholesaler for palm trees is
Kendall Palm Trees
). They’re located out in Fallbrook, so youmight want to check them out online, or give them a call to make sure they have what

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