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Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 3

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Evaluation Question 3
Evaluation Question 3

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Published by: xx-charlotte-brown-xx on Mar 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluation Question 3
What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
The audience that I have attempted to attract for my music videoand the ancillary tasks that I have created is females agedbetween 15-25. This is because the storyline and themes that runthrough my music video are about about love and relationshipsand I think that by the age of 15, girls are likely to haveexperienced a 'crush' or a relationship. I think that the concept ismore fitting to a female audience because the story is being toldfrom the point of view of a female and is biased towards theirfeelings. The lyrics are about overcoming heartbreak and I thinkthat a female audience is likely to find this very inspiring and willfeel as if they can relate to the artist through personal experience.I feel that it is essential to collect audience feedback. As Iproceeded through the construction phases of my work, I waskeen to turn to members of my target audience for constructivepoints on what I was doing successfully and what I could beimproving on. Additionally, I found the process of gatheringaudience feedback to be very helpful as I was able to learn exactlywhat my audience wanted from the products that I was creating.As the song I have chosen is of the pop genre, my artist isexpected to have mainstream success and likability. Therefore Ifeel that the psychographics of my audience is 'mainstream' and Ithink that they are likely to be very conscious of the type of musicthat is topping the charts as well as keeping up with trends.
One example of audience feedback that I recorded wasduring the production of my magazine advert. I hadpreviously created a first draft on PowerPoint to giveme a brief idea of the layout that I was going to follow,before starting to produce a second draft onPhotoshop. After completing the second draft, I
 completely happy with the final design so I turned tomembers of my target audience for points to improveit. I received comments including requests for a sectionto accommodate upcoming tour dates along withfeedback regarding the reliability of the publicationsthat I had chosen to review the digipak, such as
One member of my target audience mentioned that
is known for being a gossip magazine and thus anunreliable source and recommended that I chose amore sophisticated publication such as
The Guardian

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