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Jhon Silva_Dissertation (Blast Vibration Modeling Using Improved Signature Hole Technique for Bench Blast)

Jhon Silva_Dissertation (Blast Vibration Modeling Using Improved Signature Hole Technique for Bench Blast)

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Fuente: http://arblast.osmre.gov/downloads/Dissertations%20and%20Thesis/Jhon%20Silva_Dissertation.pdf
Fuente: http://arblast.osmre.gov/downloads/Dissertations%20and%20Thesis/Jhon%20Silva_Dissertation.pdf

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Published by: José Gregorio Freites on Mar 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 BLAST VIBRATION MODELING USING IMPROVED SIGNATURE HOLETECHNIQUE FOR BENCH BLASTDISSERTATIONA dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of therequirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in theCollege of Engineering at theUniversity of KentuckyByJhon Jairo Silva-CastroLexington, KentuckyDirector: Dr. Braden T. Lusk, Associate Professor of Mining EngineeringLexington, Kentucky2012Copyright © Jhon Jairo Silva-Castro 2012
 ABSTRACT OF DISSERTATIONBLAST VIBRATION MODELING USING IMPROVED SIGNATURE HOLETECHNIQUE FOR BENCH BLASTMining blast vibration prediction is a complex task due to the complexity of thevariables involved in the problem. The lack of consistency in the blast parameters suchas the geometry of the blastholes, the composition of the explosives, and the geology inmining operations make each blast a unique event. Despite the technological advances inthe application of blasting, the design and the prediction of the results is based onempirical equations, or in best cases statistical information, with a limited or notheoretical support.The objective of this research was to improve signature hole technique with a newmethodology. The scatter in the initiation system, the geology, the consistency of theexplosives, the changes in the vibration path between the source and the monitoring pointand the geometry of blastholes are considered in the methodology. Parameters includingthe initiation timing, the traveling time of the vibration waves, and the vibrationwaveform generated by each hole are assigned a random behavior. To randomize thevibration waveform for each hole, one equation was developed base on Fourier series.An equation called the Silva-Lusk equation captures the main properties of the vibrationwaveform for the location where blast vibrations are under study. Every time a hole is blasted, the methodology generates a complete random vibration waveform for such holeusing random normal distributions for the amplitude of the signal, the frequency contentand the attenuation of the signal. In the proposed methodology, to superpose the randomsignals of each blasthole and assess the complete vibration waveform, a Monte Carloscheme is used. Using this technique, a series of likely waveforms are generated. Whenall the likely outputs are plotted, an envelope waveform is generated containing the actualvibration for the blast. Along with the envelope, a peak particle velocity histogram isgenerated, providing an opportunity to assess the vibration levels measuring the percentage of confidence in the final result. The validation of the proposed methodologywas achieved through several field blasting tests performed in a surface coal mine inWest Virginia. Recommendations and future work are provided to improve themethodology.
KEYWORDS: Electronic detonators, Waveform, Signature hole,Fourier Series, Blast vibration. ___________________________ Student’s Signature ____________________________ Date

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