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The Journey

The Journey



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Published by Jevareyn
A journey to a mystical place of discovery and wonderment. A journey of and to the self...
A journey to a mystical place of discovery and wonderment. A journey of and to the self...

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Published by: Jevareyn on Mar 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Journey by Tania Collier 
The Journey 
he Journey
There is a field of lush, soft, green grass. The grass is just past my knees as I run my hands through it whilst Iwalk.The day is warm and refreshing. The sun above glowing a beautiful soft glow.There are flowers in this field and I pick one which has lovingly surrendered itself to me. It is a large beautifulflower with delicate pink streaks along its petals. The flower is shaped like a star the scent takes me to places Ihave never been.As I walk in this field I slowly ascend a small hill. As I reach the top my breath is taken away... the vista beforeme is magnificent. In the distance I can see a lush forest. There are mountains as I look past the forest and far off to the right there is an ocean. And below me at the bottom of the hill is a small brook, it is crystal clear andsparkles a rainbow of colours in the sunlight.Everything here is welcoming.A short distance up the brook to the left is an ancient canoe. It has symbols on it made by a civilization of longago. Standing at the canoe I see two people.I begin to walk towards these people and as I near them I realise that they are angels, my spirit guides. They havecome to support me on my journey. They smile when I reach them and I am instantly filled with love. A purelove that has no depth.We do not need the use of words as we can feel what the other is thinking.We board the canoe which then slowly starts its journey along the brook towards a river. We are going towardsthe mountains.As we travel I see a small group of children playing joyfully together. They are playing in a glade that issurrounded by lush vegetation and the most wonderous of smells. As the canoe slowly drifts past them I take inall that is before me. The trees, the flowers, the plants all have an energy that is glowing, pulsating. Their coloursare vibrant and full of life. I embed the image before me to my mind so that I can recall the feeling of freedomand joy.Further on the canoe goes taking us into the mountains.All around I can hear the sounds of various wildlife that calls this place home. There are sounds that I have never heard before but I am not alarmed. I am filled with awe as I take in all that surrounds and envelops me. I am onewith all.It is calm and peaceful.We near a waterfall and again the canoe slows down so that I can see everything and store it in my mind. Thesoft breeze coming coming off the cascading waterfall is refreshing upon my skin. It cleanses my senses andopens up channels within me. The water that is flowing has many shades of blues and looks like crystals fallingdelicately into the pool below. The sounds that emanate from the falling water is the sounds of tiny bells all
The Journey by Tania Collier 
singing harmoniously together. The waterfall goes up into nothingness and within the rocks that have created thiswaterfall I can see ancient carvings. Beside the waterfall is a monolith again with carvings of a civilisation of long ago.Gradually the canoe leaves this place and journeys towards a lake and banks at the shore.My companions and I disembark from here and begin another journey along a path. Slowly the path changes intocrystal steps.We are surrounded by the still lush and green vegetation. The smell is sweet and fresh. There is a soft breezeflowing through the trees as my companions and I begin to ascend the stairs. At the top of these stairs I see aglowing figure of the most radiant colours. As I near this figure I am told that before me is the spirit essence of me. It is my soul, it is who I am when not on this earthly plane. My body is engulfed in a pure energy. It is beautiful, wonderous, pure.Together we all st and talk of many things. I ask for forgiveness of all my past wrongs but I am told that theforgiveness I seek cannot come from others.It must come from me.That is why I have made this journey to this mystical place so that I can face myself and my past and forgive.I have come a long way to be who I am now but this journey is not yet complete to go further I must forgivemyself. I begin to cry as I let go of all past hurts and regrets. I forgive myself for all that I have allowed tohappen in my life. My weeping is releasing all past fears and judgments.As each tear falls it turns into a crystal when it touches the stairs. When this happens a soft healing sound penetrates my being.My spirit touches my face and I am accepting of all that I have been and all that I am yet to be. My life will nowcontinue on its journey.We continue to sit there immersed in the feeling and moment of peace and serenity. Enveloped by love andwatch the scenery all around us.Soon it is time for my guides and I to leave but before I go my spirit gently kisses me on the forehead. It takesmy breath away, such pureness, such peace was felt in that small moment.Slowly y companions and I walk back to the canoe and drift back along the river. Again we pass the waterfall of ancient carvings and falling crystals. Then the glade of children playing joyfully.We are now back to where we started and disembark the canoe.I bid my companions goodbye and thank them for their guidance and support. They point towards the horizonand there on the ocean lies my future. It is waiting for me to begin my next journey.I begin to climb the small hill that I had once come along and gaze at the flower that I had picked at the beginning of this travel. Within the flower I see and feel all that I have just experienced and I know that my lifewill never be what it once was for that part is now gone. The lessons have been learnt.

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