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APFFC Newsletter 9

APFFC Newsletter 9

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Published by Toni Johnson
Issue 9 of The Akbar Pray Foundation for Change newsletter (APFFC)
Issue 9 of The Akbar Pray Foundation for Change newsletter (APFFC)

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Published by: Toni Johnson on Mar 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Like a great many of our readers, Iwas born in an era where men were the bread winders and woman maintained thehomes and raised the children. Though that period in many ways was a simpler time, itnonetheless had its challenges. Very few people from that period went on to colleges,less to earn advanced degrees. However, inurban communities these numbers weresometimes vanishingly small. A great dealhas changed since those times.Minority woman both AfricanAmerican and non-white Hispanicswomen’s numbers have grownexponentially as it pertains to college andadvance degrees. In fact in most instancesthere numbers exceed those of minoritymen by nearly two to one. Over the last tento fifteen years I have watched withamazement the number of women that Ihave met that have had masters degrees invarious disciplines. For me personally it has been a rewarding experience. These womenhave been knowledgeable, insightful, and areliable intellectual resource, as I pursuedvarious endeavors. However, I would be being far less than truthful if I said that the joy I experienced from these encounterswere shared by many of my colleagues.There has existed a culture in both Hispanic and African Americancommunities that almost like children,when it came to decision making, the belief prevailed that woman " are to beseen, but not heard, " that at the end of theday, with all things being equal, thatultimately a woman's decisions would befar to heavily weighed down by emotions.This premise in the 21st century as men,certainly does not work to our behest.When we fail to recognize theenormous intellectual resources that manywomen bring to the table, as friends,colleges, wives or lovers, we undercut our own chances of success. There is ateachable moment that is obvious, if onelooks beyond his intellectual box and looksaround the world. Women have movedto the forefront of not just one or twogovernments, but now operate asPresident and Prime Minister fromcountry as diverse as South Korea,Germany,
Liberia, Costa Rica,Switzerland, Brazil, and the list goeson.My brother an intelligentwoman should not be viewed as achallenge, but rather as an asset. Not anasset such as a piece of property, butinstead as a major plus in the ledger of life. She is a gift my brother, one of thefew gifts in life that is self-replenishing. Those of us trapped in thematrix of machismo ignore this precious gift at our own peril.Akbar Pray, Editor-In-Chief 
The MillionWoman March
Put The “MARCH”In Women’s History Month
The fact that if our Sisters were/arewell organized, nationally andinternationally, with a specific plan, afundamental agreement of modes of operations, and a clear concise “no sellout” agenda not only would muchnecessary work get accomplished, aserious and much needed holistically positive change would occur in ways toovast to mention.
Sisters (African women) are the primary care taker of the children; thus if our women are uplifted, empowered,edified, properly guided, andstabilized/secured, our children wouldgreatly benefit as well.
In the USA the incarceration of womenof African descent is rapidly increasingand the murder, rape, and other gender related violations are alarming, globally,and require immediate attention and “pro-active” intervention. In the US theconduct/behavior of young females of African descent ages 5-25, but especially between the ages of 10-18has, particularly in urban areas, becomequite noticeably disturbing. After muchobservation and evaluation, MWM andaffiliates have reached the conclusion thatIf Black/African women do not makesome serious moves and actions for “Saving Our Daughters”, we will all paythe price. Our women (sisters) must stepin and up
as onlywe can do
to provide our young girls with the proper nurturing,motherly love and sisterly affection, andthe necessary insight
and preparations for  becoming a strong, confident, non-exploitable, skillful, morally sound, etc.African woman.
. There is not one group/organization/institution (until now) with the mainobjective and mission that is totallycommitted to the upliftment,empowerment, unification, etc. of womenand girls throughout the African Diasporathat is designed from a historical, cultural,and self-determined frame of reference,from the grassroots through the glassceiling inclusiveness, and from the cradleto the grave conviction of resistance for freedom and justice and of course the political stance of 
“Africa for Africans.”
is time that the true spirit, beauty,greatness and essence of the” Mother of Civilization” (the Original Woman, theAfricana Woman) be brought forward,upheld and readily exemplified and alongwith that the fundamental principles of Ma’at, for it is more than obvious thatthroughout the world there is a destructiveimbalance and this must be rectifiedsooner than later.
6.We Owe It To Ourselves, OurAncestors, and the Future Generations.
In future articles, more insight into thehistory and legacy of the
MillionWoman March
and the divine sevenyear mission of its Universal Movements(which include the development of anindependent school for girls, community based holistic health a healing center,specific programs for women and girlswho have been abused and/or are presently being violated (which include womenthat are incarcerated and those who arenow out), special projects to fight for thefreedom of our political prisoners,campaigns for greater communityeconomic development and self-determined financial advancement, etc.), but for now we invite you all to join us inOctober 2013 for the(Power) Convention that will take placefrom
October 21-24, 2013
, the installationof the MWM
“Sistah Saints”
and the
 Justice Now Rally
in front of the JusticeDepartment on Friday October 25, 2013and the
“SWEET 16” Mass Assembly
Sat. October 26, 2013,
all in Washington,D.C.Your support and participation willmake assure an even greater success aswe make HERSTORY Again !!!
Event Coordinators (to assist in thecoordination for your city & state),Volunteers, Presenters, Exhibitors,Ujima-Ujamaa Business and SpecialSessions Partners are wanted.
 Numerous MWM (Support & Active) Memberships are also now available
Financial donations and in-kindservices contributions are also veryhelpful and greatly appreciated.For more information e-mail
:nationalmwm@aol.com or postal mail at:
National Million WomanMarch/Movement P.O. Box53668 Philadelphia, PA 19105
Attention: “Sweet 16” Reunion

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