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Messages From Japan to India on Fukushima anniversary

Messages From Japan to India on Fukushima anniversary

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Published by Kumar Sundaram
Messages From Japan to India on Fukushima anniversary
Messages From Japan to India on Fukushima anniversary

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Published by: Kumar Sundaram on Mar 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Messages from Fukushima
2 years of living in a nuclear disaster From ordinary people in Japan to ordinary people in India 
 Ayano Yoshida Fukushima native Resident of New Delhi 
Embassy of Japan warned Japanese people in India (especially inDelhi, Mumbai and other big cities) about Air Pollution. I know that this act is necessary to protect Japanese life, but Governmentof Japan has never warned Fukushima citizens for radioactivecontamination. They need Fukushima citizens to stay and live life as usual.Even if Nuclear Plant was totally safe, plant workers are exposedto radiation every day.I feel anger and shame that we, Japan, have such discriminationbecause Japan is the only country where Atomic Bomb wasdropped. Japan must be against all nuclear energy as a leader.If we call Japan an advanced nation, why we can't be a leaderagainst nuclear?I'm from Fukushima and my family and friends are still living there. After 11 March, our life has been changed. We can't see the
radiation so we can’t' judge which food is safe. Some of them try 
to believe Fukushima/products of Fukushima are safe. I amagainst it, but I can understand that they don't want to think theirhometown is unsafe.Earthquake is a disaster, but to be a victim of radiation is a MANMADE DISASTER.
From a middle-aged lady working at a post office Koriyama City, Fukushima 
I have been determined to accept the facts as they are. Thesefacts include that nuclear powers have been considered to benecessary for the Japanese economic development, and that a big accident happened.In retrospective, as a Japanese living in this country, I must haveaccepted that.However, the effect of radiation has completely changed thesceneries around me. I can no longer see with joy the smallchildren playing outside freely without any worries.I have to admit I am also responsible to have benefitted fromnuclear power.I remember reading in some book, "An ordinary person learnsfrom experiences, and a wise person learns from history." And I suppose human beings don't learn their lesson no matterhow many times they fail. What I am going to choose from now on and what I will hope for will depend on how I can throw my hands on things and betotally responsible for myself and the society I belong to. And Isincerely hope we will be doing our best.
(Translated by Kaoru Sasaki)

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