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Legislative Tracker - January 2013

Legislative Tracker - January 2013

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Legislative tracker for January 2013
Legislative tracker for January 2013

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Arangkada Philippines on Mar 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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as of 3/11/131
Ctte2nd R3rd RCtte2nd R3rd RCommittee/sBills FiledFloorFinalCommittee/sBills FiledFloorFinal
1. Agri-Agra Amendments &
1. Agriculture and FoodHB 4465pending
MSME Magna Carta
(Chair: M. Mendoza)L. Villafuerte
3/23/111. Economic AffairsSB 1525pending(Chair: M. Villar)M.Santiago2. Banks, Financial Institutionsand Currencies(Chair: S. Osmeña)
2. CARP Reform3. Farm Land as Collateral H
1. Agrarian ReformHB 825TWG1. Agrarian ReformSB 1946pending(Chair: P. Teves)D. Arroyo(Chair: G. Honasan)M. Santiago7/5/102. Justice and Human Rights7/22/10(Chair: F. Escudero)
4. Land Administration P, H
1. Gov't ReorganizationHB 44Approved by1. Env't & Nat. ResourcesSB 142hearing
Reform Act (LARA)
(Chair: C. Jalosjos)R. RodriguezMother Ctte/(Chair: F. Escudero)P. Cayetano2. Natural Resources7/1/10Pending w/7/1/10(Chair: F. Matugas)HB 408Appro. Ctte.SB 6433. JusticeJ. AngaraJ. Estrada(Chair: N. Tupas)HB 826SB 1366D. ArroyoL. LegardaHB 2620SB 1914D. ArroyoM. SantiagoHB 2970SB 2032S. Escudero IIIE. AngaraSB 2114C. EscuderoSB 2776P. Lacson
5. Rice and Corn Trade
draft bill available
Amendment (PD 194)
6. Cybercrime ActH
1. Info. & Comm. Tech HB 85CR filedpassedpassed1. Science & TechnologySB 14CR filedpassedpassedBicam RA 10175(Chair: S. Tinga)S. Yap2/9/115/9/125/21/12(Chair: E. Angara)A. Trillanes5/10/111/24/121/30/12report 9/12/127/1/10CR 18182. Constitutional Amendments, 7/1/10CR 30ratifiedHB 167HB 5808Revision of Codes and LawsSB 52SB 27966/5/12E. Singson Jr.(Chair: M. Santiago)E. AngaraHB 364SB 134M. TeodoroJ. EnrileHB 383SB 665G. ArroyoA. TrillanesHB 511SB 828J. AngaraJ. EstradaHB 3376SB 983M. VelardeL. LapidSB 1081M. Villar SB 2214M. SantiagoSB 2451M. Villar SB 2534F. MarcosSB 2674M. SantiagoSB 2721
as of 3/11/132
Ctte2nd R3rd RCtte2nd R3rd RCommittee/sBills FiledFloorFinalCommittee/sBills FiledFloorFinal
R. RevillaCybercrime Law amendments1. Info. & Comm. Tech HB 6613pending1. Science & TechnologySB 3288pending(Chair: S. Tinga)R. Palatino(Chair: E. Angara)F. Escudero10/1/122. Constitutional Amendments, 10/2/12HB 6616Revision of Codes and LawsSB 3295 A. Tinio(Chair: M. Santiago)L. LegardaHB 663010/8/12W. BelloSB 3297HB 6631P. Cayetano A. Palmones10/9/12HB 6648SB 3301J. EjercitoA. Cayetano10/9/12SB 3302 A. Cayetano10/9/12
7. Data Privacy ActH
1. Gov't ReoganizationHB 890CR filedpassedpassed1. Science & TechnologySB 355CR filedpassedpassedBicam RA 10173(Chair: C. Jalosjos)S. Yap2/7/112/8/113/9/11(Chair: E. Angara)A. Trillanes9/19/113/13/123/20/12report 8/15/122. Info & Comm. Tech7/28/10CR 05542. Constitutional Amendments, 7/1/10CR 58ratified(Chair: S. Tinga)HB 1554HB 4115Revision of Codes and LawsSB 29656/6/12R. Romulo(Chair: M. Santiago)SB 22363. FinanceM. Santiago(Chair: F. Drilon)
8. Department of Info. &H
1. Gov't ReorganizationHB 16CR filedpassedpassed1. Science and TechnologySB 50CR Filedpassedpassed
Communications Tech.
(Chair: C. Jalosjos)R. Golez2/7/1110/12/1112/5/11(Chair: E. Angara)E. Angara8/11/112/23/122/28/12
2. Info & Comm. Tech7/1/10CR 9182. Civil Service and 7/1/10CR 53(Chair: S. Tinga)HB 64HB 4667Government ReorganizationSB 50
See also EO 47 (June 23. 2011)
3. AppropriationsL. Villafuerte(Chair: A. Trillanes)SB 178(Chair: J. Limkaichong)HB 4983. FinanceA. TrillanesJ. Angara(Chair: F. Drilon)HB 1230SB 1040W. CasteloL. LapidHB 1508M. TeodoroSB 1352HB 1896L. LegardaB. Evardone
9. Holiday Rationalization
1. Revision of LawsHB 4081pending(Chair: M. Agabas)S. Escudero1/31/11
10. Nightwork Prohibition P
1. Labor & Employment HB 589CR filedpassedpassed1. Labor, Empl. & HumanSB 859CR filedpassedpassedSB AdoptedRA 10151
for Women
(Chair: E. Ong)R. Rodriguez11/9/103/8/113/23/11Resources Dev'tJ. Estrada2/15/115/24/115/30/11HB 42766/21/11
(Labor Code Amendment)
7/1/10CR 673(Chair: J. Estrada)7/1/10CR 18HB 652HB 4276SB 2175SB 2701E. AngaraF. Pangilinan
11. Creative Industries
1. Gov't ReorganizationHB 5779CR filedpassedpending1. Trade and CommerceSB 1064CR filedpassedpassed
Development Council/ Design
(Chair: C. Jalosjos)J. Angara1/29/131/29/13(Chair: M. Villar)M. Villar11/23/1110/17/1211/5/12
2. Trade and Industry2/8/12CR 26302. Local Government7/8/10CR 84(Chair: A. Garcia)HB 6513HB 6852(Chair: F. Marcos)SB 2930SB 3071J. Banal3. Ways and MeansT. Guingona(Chair: R. Recto)
12. Practice of Profession byForeigners
as of 3/11/133
Ctte2nd R3rd RCtte2nd R3rd RCommittee/sBills FiledFloorFinalCommittee/sBills FiledFloorFinal
See also PRC Reso 2012 -668(June 21, 2012)a. Criminology
1. Civil ServiceHB 3852CR filedpassedpassed1. Civil Service andGovernment ReorganizationSB 1488pending(Chair: A. Salvacion)R. Rodriguez12/4/1212/11/1212/19/12(Chair: A. Trillanes)M. Santiago12/13/10CR 24922. Finance7/15/10HB 6736
b. Environmental Planning
HB 228CR filedpassedpassed(Chair: F. Drilon)SB 1401CR filedpassedpending A. Bagatsing5/23/115/31/116/6/11L. Legarda2/27/121/30/137/1/10CR 9427/13/10CR 127HB 4692SB 3138
c. Forestry
HB 2731CR filedpassedpassedSB 2056pendingR. Rodriguez7/24/127/25/128/6/12E. Angara8/24/10CR 22577/26/10HB 6342
d. Pharmacy
HB 3019CR filedpassedpendingSB 746CR filedpendingS. Escudero 1/30/131/30/13J.Estrada2/27/12SS-2/28/129/6/10CR 26587/1/10CR 129HB 3389HB 6879SB 2163SB 3140R. RodriguezEscuderoHB 4052J. CastroHB 4825D. Arroyo
e. Radio and Xray Technology
HB 1641pending SB 923pendingR. RodriguezJ.Estrada7/22/107/8/10
13. WIPO Copyright Treaty/
1. Trade & IndustryHB 47CR filedpassedpassed1. Trade and CommerceSB 2431CR FiledpassedpassedBicam
IP Act Amendments
(Chair: A. Garcia)R. Rodriguez12/8/105/11/115/23/11(Chair: M. Villar)E. Angara5/25/1110/17/1211/5/12report7/1/10CR 4218/23/10CR 38ratifiedHB 267HB 3841SB 2487SB 284212/11/12J. AngaraHB 2040I. Tieng
14. BOT Law AmendmentsP, H
1. Gov't Enterprises &HB 759TWG1. Public WorksSB 2710pendingPrivatization R. Antonino(Chair: R. Revilla)R. Recto(Chair: E. Fabian)7/5/102. Local Government2/23/11HB 4151(Chair: F. Marcos)SB 3090F. Belmonte3. Ways and MeansE. AngaraHB 4374(Chair: R. Recto)R. Acop4. FinanceHB 4919(Chair. F. Drilon)R. DazaHB 5238F. Belmonte

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