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Copy of Ebanking

Copy of Ebanking

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Published by: ashishpuri313772 on Mar 04, 2009
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Chapter 1: - E-Banking
1.1 Introduction of E-Banking
1.2 Meaning of E-Banking
1.3 Functions of E-Banking
1.4 Types of E-Banking
1.5 Advantages of E-Banking
1.6 Limitations of E-Banking
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1.1Introduction of E-Banking: -
The acceleration in technology has produced an extraordinary effectupon our economy in general has had a particularly profound impact inexpanding the scope and utility of financial products over the last tenyears. Information technology has made possible the creation,valuation, and exchange of complex financial products on a global basis and even that just in recent years. Derivatives are obviously themost evident of the many products that technology has inspired, but thesubstantial increase in our calculation has permitted a variety of other  products and, most beneficially, new ways to unbundled risk.What is really quite extraordinary is that there is no sign thatthis process of acceleration in financial technology is approaching anend. We are moving at an exceptionally rapid pace, fueled not only bythe enhanced mathematical applications produced by our ever risingcomputing capabilities but also by our expanding telecommunicationscapabilities and the associated substantial broadening of our markets.All the new financial products that have been created in recent yearscontribute economic value by unbundling risks and reallocating themin a highly calibrated manner. The rising share of finance in the business output of India and other countries is a measure of theeconomic value added by the ability of these new instruments andtechniques to enhance the process of wealth creation. The reason of course, is that information is critical to the evaluation of risk. The lessthat is known about the current state of a market or a venture, the less
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the ability to project future outcomes and, hence, the more those potential outcomes will be discontinued.
1.2 Meaning of E-Banking: -
E-bank is the electronic bank that provides the financial service for theindividual client by means of Internet.
1.3 Functions of E-Banking: -
At present, the personal e-bank system provides the following services:-
Inquiry about the information of account: -
The client inquires about the details of his own account informationsuch as the card’s / account’s balance and the detailed historicalrecords of the account and downloads the report list.
2.Card accountstransfer: -
The client can achieve the fund to another person’s CreditCard in the same city.
3.Bank-securities accounts transfer: -
The client can achieve the fund transfer between his own bank savings accounts of his own Credit Card account and his owncapital account in the securities company. Moreover, the client caninquire about the present balance at real time.
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